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Sonic Boom Fire & Ice review thread

Badnik Mechanic

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It appears that Sonic Boom Fire and Ice isn't the "just average" or "above-average" game I (and many others) guessed it would be. It looks like an actually decent game that is worth playing, Sonic Boom fan or not. Possibly even a good game. 

What a relief! I'm so happy that there's a good Sonic Boom game I can look forward to playing. This is a good day :D 

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1 minute ago, PC the Hedgehog said:

I'm pleased. It sounds like Fire and Ice is a decent game, if not good. Dunno if it sounds like there's enough content to warrant $40, so I'll probably save it until it goes down in price a bit.

I'll do the same as well. May take a few months, but yeah

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1 hour ago, Ghast06 said:

I'm surprised that IGN gave Fire and Ice a 7.5/10. Whatever happened to "Sonic was never good."?

Actually, IGN backpedeled shortly after the video was posted and tried to claim that they were just goofing around and didn't really mean it. I take that as a sign that we got baited.

As for the reviews themselves, most seem to be in the 6-7 range which is reasonable. Really, it looks pretty decent, certainly not perfect, all that jazz.

Not surprised that Twinfinite hated it-- yet again, its possibly due to bias considering the review starts with the old cliche "Sonic hasn't been doing well in recent years", says that Sonic is the only fun character to play as with no elaboration, speaks as though Sonic's in decline now (now as in, after the announcement of Sonic Mania), not to mention that it cites "no bugs and glitches" as the only positive change despite the fact that SC didn't actually have any major issues with bugs and glitches. :/

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