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[Roleplay] SSMB Heroes Academy: Protect The Multiverse!

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"I'm only here to help and get this done. How hard can it be?" Blaze says, plainly and simply.



Genji rubs his chin, thinking. "I do agree with him. We could mess up a great many things here and cause unprecedented chaos. We should be careful about what we do here."

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18 minutes ago, Jovahexeon Ace Joranvexeon said:


"Well Thanks OMEGA! You'd be surprised what can fit in these sleeves. Course I could even suck up people like yourself in them and shoot them out with them too! Hmmmm, I can tell you and me are going places with plenty of dakka!", Hsien Ko said, pleased at the thought of such a kindred spirit.





7 minutes ago, Ryannumber1gamer said:


"Look, I know there has been some bad blood between yourself and...my other self, but right now we've got to look at things in perspective. All of us. We're in the past, a world where we have the possibility to change and alter things. I'm sure if LOSE had the chance, they'd be destroying and altering everything as they please". 


"And yes, I get it, you haven't seen Voidica in so long, plus you all know the story of this planet and how it ended..." 


"I'm well aware what some of you are thinking. How we can warn them. How we can change certain events. How we can alter this world. Alter this time, and therefore ensure "hope"..." 

"That hope we think we create now, could create worse disaster in the future. I've heard a theory once that when you alter the past, the timeline doesn't simply get rid of the despair. It simply moves it to a different and sometimes worse place along the line". 


"Going back in time... could make things worse...?" Silver thought.


"I suppose... he does have a point. But still..."


"Look. Let's just focus on beating the bad guy, and preventing a paradox first!" he replied.

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"For someone you guys say is crazy, he's making some very good points..." George bit his lip, "Like I said, you guys need to watch Back to the Future... or any other time travel movie for that matter. I don't want to go back to our time and find that it's become a dystopia of chaos!"

"What else can we do right now?" Pup asked, "We can't just go home and let this disaster happen!"

"He's right... Jessica and her friends are in danger, and there's no way in heck we're gonna let that happen!" Katii folded her arms, "All we can do right now is tread carefully. We don't want to mess things up, true... but at the same time, I can't sit around while all this happens."

"I know that, but..." George sighed, "Man, this is so risky."

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Hey guys, we're locking this topic for reasons explained in this topic. If you read that topic, you can continue role-playing to your heart's content in a new thread (the reasons why this one won't be re-opened are explained as well) as long as you obey the new roleplay guidelines. Hope you understand and that SSMB Heroes Academy can be better than ever as a result. If you have questions, you can PM me or another staff member and ask 'em. But please understand we aren't trying to ruin your fun. We're just trying to increase standards to make things even better. Thanks for your understanding!

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