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[Roleplay] SSMB Heroes Academy: Protect The Multiverse!

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Blaze, who was so entertained by the entire act prevented Sanae from telling everyone else again that she disarmed the bomb. 

"Sanae, let's just watch these panicking buffoons and run off" Blaze Giddily told Sanae

"since when we're you so sadistic? Not that I'm saying no" 

Both Sanae and Blaze enjoyed the nice weather from the ship. It was a pretty nice ship, and Sanae was a little sad to see it go. 

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"Everyone is too panicked to listen to reason" Sanae sighed. 

"What's so scary about bombs anyway? It's just fire." Blaze innocently questioned. 

"You wouldn't understand, your attacks are like a bomb. Let's get moving then" Said Sanae while making a wind Road. 

Sanae flew outside the ship, with Blaze in hand, preparing so that everything will go smoothly with minimal damage. 

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With everyone in the Dreamcast, it blasts away from the ship, with the chained parts of Sayaka's sword being the only thing connecting the Dreamcast to Sonic, who was in the Egg Carrier's control room.

Sonic grabs hold of the steering wheel with his left hand, with Sayaka's sword handle in the other, moving the Egg Carrier up by using as much of it's running thrusters as possible, keeping it away from civilization. "Master Hand, these bombs you gave me better not let me down!"

Just then, the Egg Carrier gets engulfed in a dark orb, sending the Egg Carrier and Sonic into Subspace.

In the dark abyss, Sonic tugs on the sword.

Back in the Dreamcast, Sayaka feels the tug. "He's alive!" She says as she presses a button, reeling Sonic in as the sword's chained segments move to become a whole blade again.

Meanwhile, in Subspace, the Egg Carrier explodes, pushing Sonic out of the Egg Carrier, almost losing grip of the handle. However, he managed to hang on as he's pulled out of a small hole created by the sword's chain, linking both realms together.

Sonic lands back in the Dreamcast and coughs, his body black and burnt. "Hey look, I'm Shadow!" Sonic responds, giving a thumbs up.

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Eggman was on the verge of tears seeing the destruction of his ship. "My baby....."

"Great job Sonic!" Rocku complimented giving him a hi five. "Looks like Eggy will be crashing with us for bit, but I wonder happened to those other guys we faced on the ship." 

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"But now, what to do with Eggman..." Tails thinks out loud.

Sonic grins. "Hey, Eggman. Hope you like Traptanium."

The Dreamcast emerges from a Portal to not see the Academy, but a jail: Cloudcracker Prison.

"Made of pure Traptanium, it's the most impentrable prison in the entire multiverse." Sayaka explains.


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"Yes! We did it! No explosions for us!" Komaru joyed with joy when she survived the ordeal.


Meanwhile in an unknown location...


"That Doctor may have been a loss but its not a compete failure as we have the Sol Emeralds now." Izanami held up the Sol Emeralds and presented it to her minions. "I will have Relius Clover examine them but in the meantime I'm entrusting one to you Yuki Terumi."


"Why thank you Master Imperator, old buddy ol' pal!"


"And I'm entrusting another to you Junko Endoshima." Izanami handed her the Emerald, disregarding Terumi's comment.


"Thank you. I promise I will make good use of it."


"Terumi I have an assignment for you. Consider it a promotion." She hands Terumi a rift engine. "Go out there and investigate the Skylanders and make us more allies with this."


"Hahahaha! This sounds pretty fun! I guess I'll do you a few favors this one time!"


New Storyline: Skylanders Mystery Dungeon!

The Skylanders get sent on a wild goose chase to hunt down Monokuma to stop his reign but who's really causing despair out there?"

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Too late, Eggman was already behind bars before he knew it.

"I hate that not-hedgehog."

And so ends Baldy McNosehair.....for now.

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Rocku & Graff headed off to bed in their dorms.

"Man what a crazy day, I'm glad Eggman's defeated but I'm still wondering what happened to that Pigma guy." Graff wondered.

"Probably off looking to get a job or something, I wouldn't worry too much about him, now let's get some shut eye." Rocku assured. 

Graff agreed as the brothers feel asleep.


A small ship was seen flying far in the sky, in the cockpit revealing to be a fat anthropomorphic pig. It was definitely Pigma Dengar who was last seen battling the Skylanders on the Egg Carrier.

"HA HA! I can't believe I managed to get away! Boy what a lousy boss what-his-face Professor Poultry or whatever turned out to be. I wonder if the gang made it out alright....HA! I sure hope not! Otherwise I would be automatically promoted as leader of Star Wolf!.....oh wait, then I'd be the only one.....better make a call."

Pigma then reached his multiverse communicator and called up some "friends".

"Hello? Yeah I got a deal to make.....NO NO DON'T HANG UP!......no you can't talk to someone else, my crew isn't here......how should I know what happened to them?.....what's in it for you? By working for your's truly of course....NO DON'T GO I'M BEGGING YOU!....OK fine fine! I'll work for you so do we got a deal or WHAT?!.....Name? Pigma Dengar......World? Lylat System.....OK..OK...You won't regret it..ok bye!" Pigma hung up.

"Heheheheh, this alliance will make me a billionaire in no time! Let's see what you have against my NEW team, SkyLOSERS! HAHAHAHAHAAAA *snort*!" Pigma gloated as he flew away to his plan.

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Tails sighs as he opens a Portal and returns to his real home in the Golden Skylands.

"Tough day?" Drobot asks, using his eye lasers to weld an object together.

Tails sits down on a chair. "Yeah, but it beats sitting around in a lab all day. Metarex activity?"

"Pretty slow today. Thank goodness." A Clone Trooper responds, looking at a tablet which contains the day's records. "Oh, and by the way, another Disciple is going to join you in your little Academy."

"Eh?" Tails asks, before he is ambushed with a yell.

"Surprise!" A young looking girl yells.


Tails, startled, jumps up. "Wah! Neptune!"


Neptune (Hyperdimension Neptunia) - Supporting Character






Battle Class:




Embedded with the knowledge of ther canontical self which is the human personification of Sega, the Disciple Neptune was born as a Golden Skylander destined to be a Disciple. However, she recieved below-average grades for the studying parts of her Skylanders Academy training course, only excelling in the more battle-oriented fields. As the leader of the Neptunia division of the Disciples, Neptune in her base form isn't the best leader, but will take her role incredibly seriously when in her Purple Heart persona. Energetic and a ditz. Neptune can be lazy and a bit scatterbrained, but is extremely passionate about what she likes. Such as games and pudding. However, if she really needs to take action, she will do so to the best of her ability. However, she does not usually enjoy switching to her other form. She can be somewhat reckless and carefree. When transformed, Neptune is someone else entirely. Responsible, determined, stoic and mature, Purple Heart will ensure the safety of whoever or whatever she needs to protect to the absolute best of her ability. However, she can be rather hard on herself if things go too wrong. A strong leader, Purple Heart knows how to command her troops. She can also be rather prideful of her abilities as the franchise's protagonist and with her Skylander powers.

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A young, timid pair walked into the academy. One was somewhat more confident than the other, but the other felt stronger and more intimidating. 

"Hello, my name is Natsume Takashi. I am the scribe, and will be writing down the details of all the enemies we face and any major events that occur. I can discern the strengths and weaknesses with my eyes, which may also be usefull".


Natsume Takashi: 


Battle class:

Sorcerer Class


(incapable of combat)




Description: Natsume Takashi is a young, talanted boy. He's had an unfortunate past of having both his parents die at a young age and being passed around like a hot potato. However, despite the turmoil he's suffered, he is timid, kind and polite. Very respectful and tries to understand the situation to the best of his ability. His rare ability made others call him a lier, until the Academy found his abilities very useful as a scribe for enemies and hired him. 


Natsume continued to explain, "As I am incapable of fighting or defending myself, I have a hero to help me deal with tough situations, and remain safe."

The young girl beside him quitely intrdoduced herself: "H-hello. I am Sengoku Nadeko. I am Natsume's bodyguard. I uh... hope we can get along and please take care of me and um...". 


Nadeko Sengoku: 


Battle class: 

Sentinel Class





Background: A hero that has a strange background, similar to Sanae. She was brought from another dimension, where her strength was seen as terrifying, due to being increadibly strong. Nevertheless, she is a strong and determined hero, albeit quite shy. She is easily amused and took a liking to Natsume after he found her and helped her. She understands how important her role is and will strongly stand against any dangers against Natsume. Has the ability to control snakes, and conjure any kind of weaponry from them. 

Sanae chuckled a little and told them "No need to be so tense. Why don't you sit down and talk? It's always nice to have more newcomers"

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Rocku & Graff have awoken from bed, brushed their teeth and bathed. Rocku was ready for another day of adventure but Graff just wanted to relax for now.

They were walking in the hallway discussing about their current plans.

"Welp I'm heading out to the cafeteria for breakfast, you coming?" Graff asked.

"Nah, maybe later, I could some fresh air for some training. Catch you later." Rocku said as soon he headed outside.

"All right, see ya."

Rocku walked out the front door of the Skylanders Academy and took a fresh whiff of the air. 

"Time to train!" Rocku said excitedly, he bout to head off until he noticed a strange looking house that resembled a skull and had 3 red feathers on it that was not too far from him.

"What the heck? I never seen that house before, better check it out and be on guard." Rocku noted as he cautiously walked over to the house.

"Who lives here anyway?" Rocku questioned. 

"Mumbo Jumbo." answered a new voice, Rocku turned around to see the new figure.

It appeared to a short looking person, with a giant skull for a head with three large red feathers on it, a pink body with arms and legs and a brown cloth around his waist. He also seemed to be holding a skull headed staff with red eyes and red feathers at the bottom of it.

"Who are you?" Rocku asked.

"Mumbo already told red bear, name is Mumbo Jumbo, very skilled shaman who use very powerful magic, much better shaman than lousy Humba Wumba."


Mumbo Jumbo (Banjo-Kazooie) - Supporting Character  



Battle Class:latest?cb=20160718232124

Biography: Mumbo Jumbo is a shaman who specializes in magic which has the ability to turn anyone into any animal or sentient object at will to aid them at their quest, Mumbo is long time friends with a bear & bird duo known as Banjo & Kazooie, word has it that his skull was a curse from an evil witch named Gruntilda Winkyburton who the same person he taught magic to, so he vowed his goal to stopping her for good and is rivals with fellow shaman Humba Wumba. Mumbo was summoned to the Skylanders Academy to assist the heroes in any hope to stopping the villains.

"For your information, I'm a rock cavy, not a bear....name's Rocku! So what brings you here anyway Mumbo?"

"Mumbo not sure, red cavy. Mumbo must have been summoned to different world for reason, something must be up, mind telling Mumbo what's going on?" The shaman wondered.

"Sure, I'll introduce you to everyone and they'll explain everything, follow me." Rocku said.

Rocku and Mumbo went back inside the Academy for the new shaman's welcome.

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Sayaka wakes up, only to be notified of the newcomers through her room's monitor.


"Guys? We got some newcomers at the Academy. I think you better take a look."

Sayaka nods. "Alright, I'll get read- wait, you can watch us from our rooms?"


"Y-Yeah, kinda."

"Hey, hey, hey! Privacy!" Sayaka exclaims.

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"Hello everyone! I just transferred! I'm Celestia Ludenberg! Please call me Celes."


Name: Celestia Ludenberg

Element and Battle Class: DarkSymbolSkylanders.pngFireSymbolSkylanders.pngSorcerer_symbol.png

Personality: Celestia Ludenberg is the Ultimate/Super High School Level Gambler from Hope's Peak. She has been infamously known as the Queen of Liars in the underground scene and is quite capable in her field, winning a million yen in gambling alone. She however died in the 2nd Mutual Killing Game but was resurrected by the Link Joker giving her their power over Lock. While originally an antagonist against the Multiverse, with the Link Joker's defeat she reformed and now recently transferred to the Academy to repent for her past sins. Her nickname has been spelled both as Celes and Celeste.


"Great the Queen of Liars is here..."


"My reputation seems to reach even here I must say. This is feeling of nostalgia I'm having."


"Let's try not to kill each other again."


"Y-yes let's try not to think about it..."

Suddenly an intruder walked in the room.


"I don't mind to intrude but I'm in a good mood today to learn."



Someone sneaked from behind and held the man at knife point.


"Who are you?"


"First thing right after I walk in I get questioned by everyone without letting me finish. Sheese you people are rude. I'm former Captain Hazama of L.O.S.E. I just lost my job over there so I don't have any loyalties with them anymore. No hard feelings from the past and I'm here to reform my ways."


Name: Hazama

Element and Battle Class: DarkSymbolSkylanders.pngMagicSymbolSkylanders.pngNinja_symbol.png

Personality: Hazama is a smooth criminal and a major troll. Every role he plays is often him gathering intelligence for his group. His last job was with The League of Super Evil (L.O.S.E.) who were threats to the Multiverse but it seems like Hazama defected from them. He fights with his magical snake like knife known as Ouroborus which can be used as both a cutting tool and a way to get around the battlefield. He also tends to use underhanded tactics to gain an advantage of his opponents. Being a major magic user for the Skylanders will be a great use for the Academy.


"How can we trust you?"


"Easy now Rags. I'm done with those losers so you can trust me. Anyways I'm going to have to talk to your computer buddy in private since I have nice juicy info about our enemies they don't want us to know." Hazama walked into the briefing room, leaving everyone in silence for a while.


"So uhhh who are you supposed to be?"


"Mukuro Ikusaba. Don't wear it out."


Name: Mukuro Ikusaba

Element and Battle Class: DarkSymbolSkylanders.pngTechSymbolSkylanders.pngQuickshot_symbol.png

Personality: Mukuro is the Ultimate/Super High School Level Soldier who used to be a part of Ultimate Despair. who helped organized the previous Killing Games. However this Mukuro is time displaced and defected from Ultimate Despair after being convinced by the Disciples to fight for good. She has a ton of experience of fighting on the battlefield and can any firearms at will, though she's not shy from close quarters with her knife as she defeated Peko the Ultimate Swordswoman with it and didn't seem to tire. She's however very good at following orders.


"Wow! We got ourselves some powerful new allies! I can't wait to see them in action!"

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"Celes, Mukuro! Good to see you again!" Sonic says. "And welcome too, you three! I'm Sonic The Hedgehog, Disciple extrodinaire and Sensei of the Knight Class!" He says to the other three newcomers.

"Neptune? You're joining the Academy?" Sayaka asks.

Neptune laughs. "Yeah! Buzz said I need to improve my grades because my knowledge of Fiction is a teensy-weensy bit small."

"Tell me about it. You didn't even know what Cybertron was when we had to fight Kaos there a couple years ago." Sonic chuckles.

"I know what Cybertron is!" Neptune responds. "It's where the Go-Bots are from, right?"


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NEWCOMER INCOMING...ER: (He will be the only one I'm using)




Terriful is an anthropomorphic cat-person from the year 2248 in our current world's timeline. He lives among his fellow cat-people in Sphnyx City. He fights his nemesis Sigfread. He is 20 and likes to make puns and... EVEN BREAK THE FOURTH WALL! <That's right I do!> Oh look, he's here before he's even in the story.



<As you can see by the sword in my hand in the picture, I use swords. So obviously I'm a knight class. No elemental powers though...>

NOTE FOR ANYONE ELSE WRITING DIALOGUE WITH TERRIFUL: Breaking the fourth wall indicated by <[insert line here]> and is italicized. All other talk uses "".



Suddenly, a portal opens in the air. <Kinda like the Genesis Portals> And through it comes... TERRIFUL!!!

"Well, I knew Primal's portal worked. But where am I?"

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Terriful get's up off of the table.

"Oh. Sorry about the table bro. If you want, I can go back and get a new one."

The portal closes.

"Oh. I take that back. So, uh... I'm suck with you guys for awhile. So, what's going on here exactly?"


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"Oh you know, group of superheroes, recovering from a day with two world-threatening villains, nothing new for me." Sonic explains. "I travel from dimension to dimension every day. Name's Sonic The Hedgehog."

"I'm Sayaka Miki, his partner." Sayaka introduces herself with a smile.

"Tails The Fox, one of Sonic's brothers." Tails speaks up.

"And I'm Neptune! CPU of Planeptune and Japan's personal Deadpool!" Neptune waves.

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Terriful looks around him.

"Huh. Neat. Well, sorry to interrupt you on whatever was going on. I'll just fade to the background for now and eat snacks until you need me or something."

Terriful pulls out a pizza slice out of his pocket and starts eating it. <Cheesy, I know>

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"Hi there" said Sanae cheerfully 


Energetically, Sanae approached Terriful and began to talk to him "Welcome! It's great that we have more people now! I really don't want to be at the bane of Blazes need for speed ever again..." 

Blaze turned to Sanae and looked at Terriful and Sanae after hearing her name. Realising that another new person came by, she approached Terriful and greeted him 


"Hello, nice to meet you. I hope we get along" Blaze then turned around, coldly but gracefully, before there was any chance for further communication. 

Sanae nervously laughed "Sorry about her, she's a good person at heart, just quite aloof. Anyway, which game are you from?".

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