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Josep's Drawings, Comics and Characters

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Hello everyone,, I'm Josep, a long time character creator.

I like drawing, but not as much as I like my characters.. you can say I like drawing to give life to them....

Also like making comics with my OC's in comical situations.

Like the comic down here!

Sorry about the quality, is a Paint XP drawing with a mouse! ^^"

Anyway, the characters in this comic are Kyle Fay, Luan Martinez and Isaac Ramans.


Kyle Fay is a sheltered, nice boy which lived with his abusive uncle Nicolas since he was 6, when his parents got killed. After discovering that Nicolas was abusing Kyle, a girl named Milla helped Kyle escape from Nicolas's house.Kyle is really naive and innocent, not educated enough, but he is very polite, something that came from his mother and father.



Milla Flayster is a sarcastic, hot headed and strong girl living with her adopted mother Haylla and brother Tyler. Her adoped father got killed when she was 6, accused of trying to make a plan to bomb a school. Milla got traumatized with this event, and now, always carries a gun under her skirt. She is a pervert, but she is also loves Kyle, so sometimes she takes advantage of his innocence.


Luan Martinez is a spanish boy who is really nice, but is also very insecure and clumsy. He is Milla's childhood friend, he says that he has a crush on her, but that is to hide himself in the closet, because he likes Kyle instead of Milla.


Isaac Ramans is a very intelligent and polite boy, he comes from a rich family, but he knows a horrible secret from his father past.


Well, those are the characters! There is WAAAAAAAY more, but if someone asks for more I will show more of my characters and stuff.

If you like it, feel free to replay!


I know my english is terrible, but is not my native language so yeah sorry





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