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Any Voice actors?

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I searched and couldn't find a thread so I thought I'd start one.

anybody thinking about doing voice acting? I sure have. I really want to make a demo reel or something for it but the darn stuff to record is so expensive....

but anybody else doing voice acting? It could be for YouTube or just recording for fun. Thought it be a first fun topic on this forums.

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I did it pretty regularly as a hobby on YT. Still would if I could make videos right now, though my passion for it has lessened a bit in the last couple of years in favor of writing and making Let's Plays. That's not to say I don't still want to get back into it pretty bad. :P

Most of what I've done is impressions of the Sonic cast, Sonic being my favorite voice to do. I owe pretty much any and all attention my channel has gotten to being Big on SonicSong182, which was fun to do.

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6 hours ago, Haalyle said:

It's something I'd like to do, yes.

I was Amy for a project... that got cancelled. (But I uploaded the lines I did do before it was officially cancelled.)

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But I kinda want to also just act as well, like in theater.

Cool video! I was going to do something like this with a friend, he cast me as Sonic and Wario before he canceled it. https://youtu.be/46804cIwDoA

this was my audition over skype that he put in a video announcing cast members. You only need watch up until Wario, mine are the first two.

i do theater work all the time and I have to say it's soooooooo fun. I've done 19 plays in my time and I recommend it fully. This is why I really want to get into voice acting, I've been training as an actor in school for years! It would be so fun!

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12 hours ago, speedhog58 said:

I like to do voice sketches whenever I get the chance, sometimes they're funny enough to upload to Youtube!

I've also been auditioning for roles on CastingCallClub.



funny stuff! i didn't know about CastingCallClub! just checked it out. some cool stuff! may audition for some stuff on their as well! 

I want to start  focusing my Youtube Channel, all my channel is right now is Smash Bros uploads or MK 8 highlights haha

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