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Irish David

Sonic Goes Highbrow with New Fine Art Collection

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The Sonic emblem sculpture and the really nice painting of Sonic standing are blowing my mind, very excellent. The others are nice too, but again, the closeness to official art takes them down a notch. I also have to say, the neon signs aren't really screaming "art" to me, like at all...they just look like signage? I'm not trying to sound like the kind of person who's always questioning whether something qualifies as art just because it's unusual, but compared to the other pieces, they just don't seem to have much creativity. Maybe there's something about them I'm missing.

Overall, this seems really cool both in concept and execution, though the latter could certainly be even better if the artists put in more originality with the poses and looks of the characters. I wonder if they were told to base them so closely on official artwork so they'd be on-model, or something.

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I'm moreso wondering about the one that looks like someone printed out a really low-quality, pixelated image of Sonic 1 artwork and then stuck their name on it.  Is there a small detail I'm missing or what?  Seems like a really odd artistic choice.  Not quite a big fan of the whole Sonic and Amy melting pieces, either, but they're not badly done by any stretch of the word.  The sculpture and the painting are phenomenal, though.  I'd love to have one of those in my collection.

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So I went to the Mayfair one in London this morning. It has all of the art pieces. I was told there wasn't any need to take any photos, so I just took a few on my phone. I also had to downgrade the quality to get it here... Sorry about the quality.

I have to say, a lot of them were really nice. I'm not a large fan of paintings and such, but I could still appreciate the good ones and absolutely loved the sculptures. Particularly this one


Amazing work right there. Some of the paintings were very bland though, and were clearly just copy pastes of the official art with just enough embellishments and fanciness to qualify them as Fine art. The neon Sonic pieces actually looked really cool and nice, although still a bit lazy.  

Melting Sonic and Amy look amazing up close. The detail is pretty increadible. I still found them pretty disturbing, but I had to appreciate the style and detail. Especcially the running Sonic one (Speed of Sound), I really loved that one. It was definitely one of the better, if not the best painting (coming from someone who knows almost nothing about art). Eggman looked really awesome, and the dark background really suited him. He was meant to stand on an emerald, which was shown in the sketch, such a shame they cut out that idea. 


Also, there was a piece of art being sold for £40,000, but I have to say it looked really amazing up close. I loved the style, and I wish it was actually affordable. I asked my Father (who also does oil paintings) and he said it would take 1 month of dedicated work at the very least. I guess that explains the price. It looks absolutely amazing though.


It's quite clear that, while some of the artists were emotionally driven and either already liked Sonic or were willing to research and study the material to make a nice piece of art, a few of the artists were just unambitious. Paul Kenton looks like he had a really appealing style, but he just copied the Sonic official art too closely and ended up just being very boring. 

Although I didn't buy anything, they gave me an awesome 75pg brochure with all the art (with a closeup and a whole shot of each art). It's really high quality too and looks pretty nice. I prefer to treat it as a mini art book, since it does look pretty professional. I'd recommend just going to one of the gallaries and trying to pick one up. Mayfair only had 3 of these left (and I took one) so I'm not sure of its availability. 

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