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Super Mario Flashback

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Super Mario Flashback is a fangame that works to combine the mechanics of 2D and 3D Super Mario titles. It’s being developed by Mors with music composed by Can of Nothing

● 3 different playable characters.
● 8 huge worlds based on older Super Mario games.
● 36 Power Stars.
● Tons of power-ups.
● An unlockable minigame.
● A beautiful soundtrack with awesome visuals.
● 1280 x 720 resolution and 60 FPS frame rate.
● Full Xbox 360 controller support.

The latest demo features only 6 power stars, however later demos will have more Power Stars.






In this game a world is the equivalent of a level in a 3D Mario title. Each world has 3 stars (In this demo atleast.) In the first level of each world, your goal is simply to make it to the end of the level, where you will obtain a Power Star. Then for the remaining 2 stars, you will have to complete unique missions, such as a race, or exploring the level for something, you know, typical 3D Mario stuff. You have Mario's NSMB moveset, but the way running controls is inspired by SMW. You have a health meter, but unlike 3D Mario you replenish it with Mushrooms. The life system is absent in this game, so when you die, you just respawn at the latest checkpoint.

So this game is CRAZY good. The aesthetics are without a doubt one of the major selling points. The screenshots show how great the artstyle is but believe me you don't get the full experience if you don't see this game in action, It's breathtaking! The music is great as well, consisting of both remixed and original tracks. The controls are super smooth and I'm pleased with the choices made for the moveset, and the 3D Mario style of progression is a nice breath of fresh air for the 2D Mario formula.

What is this doing on a Sonic fan game website? Beats me. Anyway, I'm begging all of you to NEVER play this spectacular game, so that you don't get disappointed when Nintendo C&D's the heck out of it.

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Man, I just played this and let me tell you, I don't think I've ever enjoyed a fan game as much as I did playing this one. First off, the sprite work is phenomenal. They're so cute and squishy and pleasant to look at. The colors are really terrific too. It reminds me a lot of the Mario & Luigi games as I've always been really fond of the sprites in those games.

The mechanics are really great. They feel a lot like 3D World, and it feels really natural to move and jump around. It's so fun to just run around at P speed and pull coins towards you, roll around, picking up an enemy and continuously throwing it and catching it, and in general just going fast feels great. The level where you race Lakitu was particularly fun because it sort of forces you to see how you can traverse the level quickly. There were a few glitches I ran into here and there, like I did a charge jump in one of the underground levels and I was shot up off screen to the top of the level, and I fell through the ground once after ground pounding a slope but to be honest I was having so much fun I didn't really mind having to start from the checkpoint again.

Another thing, I've always preferred the life bar system 64 started to the get hit, turn small mechanic so seeing this in a 2D Mario is surprisingly natural and is pretty much ideal for me. Really I had tons of fun, could use a bit more polish but other than that I loved this one and I really look forward to the full release <3

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