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Pokémon Spoilers Topic (Current Info Leaks: Sword & Shield)

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So uhhh...


I'm incredibly creeped out by the new fossil Pokemon. Its clear that they're mixed matched but also suffering at the same time. See the Zolt head on the Artico body? It has a runny nose! 😧


I'm in love with the Hatterene line. Its middle evo looks like Toadette.

Also I love the new Ghost/Dragon too. These might be my favorite Pokemon design wise.


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55 minutes ago, Sonictrainer said:

and here's one of the Fossils



It seems Zolt & Vish are the top while Draco & Arcto are the bottom

...Y'know, when they said that the top and bottom halves of fossils could be mixed and matched, I can't say I was expecting the results to look so... oddly disproportioned. I mean, the Arcto combos don't seem too bad (ArctoVish might even be a combination of the same fossil type) but those Draco combos are just bizarre!

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