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Hairclipz's Art Thread! [ Requests OPEN! ]

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@Mightyray Thank you!!! 

@TCB Someone's gotta keep the jet set radio fan work flowing and that someone is me, because I am desperate.

Thank you though!!!! I do tend to stick to rounder shapes and softer colors out of personal preference, I'm glad you like it.

@Monkey Destruction Switch First off: Good pun. Second: Thank you!!! Every time I look at rouge's outfit in game I always feel like its missing something, so I wanted to try and play with that while still trying to stress that shes a cool spy bat. But thank you very much for the style compliment!! I love a lot of western animation.

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Havent updated in a while, sorry! Video games and work consumed my life

none of these are sonic or even sega related, and none of them are finished! sorry. send requests though!




Started doodling a Regular OC as a sonic character and liked the results. her name is Pico and she is a Greedy ringleader


Emboar pro wrestler girl from years ago, I'll finish this one day. i wanna give her a fire boa


I named my litten totinos and hes a killing machine (hes totinos the incineroar now though. I was stuck between Randy Savage the Litten and Hulkamania the Litten when I saw my totinos hat in my corner and I knew what I had to do.)


I dont know if anyone here is into shin megami tensei, but god I love all of the games in the series. Jinana and Argilla are my favorite digital devil saga characters


3a482474a301b2c144e9dcfd84019d13.png not_dio.png

I have loved touhou with all my heart since junior high

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I moved and had to pack my tablet, soooo......I Havent been able to do any digital stuff in a good long while. But hey, I've got a sketchbook and a pencil still and the world is my oyster. Here's some stuff I just havent put up here yet.

Sonic Stuff:



These are definitely the most recent. Happy Sonic Mania Release!!



Ok this has jsr and space channel 5 plus the character I already made for forces but it still goes here.








Terra, from FF6 (The best one)



Paz and Strangelove from MGS Peace Walker







Sorry I dont have more right now, but if you have a sonic oc, throw em at me, I might draw them!


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