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The General 'Murican Politics Thread

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The head of Florida's Democratic Party has resigned due to inappropriate behavior towards women. The behavior includes suggestive remarks, leering towards younger women, and routinely inviting women onto his private jet. It became an informal policy that no woman was allowed to be left alone with him.

It really is Douchebag Takedown Season.


Trump has added five possible nominees to his list of Supreme Court pick choices. This is in spite of no justices announcing retirement, but it's possible he's trying to encourage conservative justices to step down and replaced.


Massachussetts, one of the most liberal states in America, passed a criminal justice reform bill in its state House. The state Senate has included an amendment in its criminal justice bill that turns police officers into a protected class, establishing a mandatory minimum of one year (and maximum of ten years') imprisonment for assaulting an officer. What few Democrats dissented raised the concern this will complicate police brutality rallies.

This is why the left needs to pay attention to primaries and not just general elections.


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In what surprises no one, the Alabama Governor has said she will vote for Roy Moore even though she has zero reason to disbelieve his accusers. She insists on waiting for the facts of the case (so, yes, you DO disbelieve the accusers you stupid shit) and also says a Republican is needed in the Senate no matter what.

What the fuck, Alabama.


The 11 GOP Governors eligible to seek re-election next year are contemplating how to best handle Trump in light of the New Jersey and Virginia races. They're unsure whether to embrace him fully or to stay quiet on him.

Maine Governor LePage (who is disqualified from running next year), gave the tone deaf "he's our leader so we have to stand by him" take.


States in bright red have term-limited Republican incumbents, states in dark red do not. There are decent odds for the GOP being wiped out in Nevada, New Mexico, Florida, Maine, and Michigan, while incumbents running for another term in New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, and Arizona also have a tough road ahead. Even red states like Kansas could be tossups, as the last Democrat to run for Governor actually came fairly close against the Republican.

Georgia and Tennessee will be interesting races. Georgia's been steadily shifting more Democrat, while Tennessee might have a popular former Democratic Governor running for its Senate seat, which could deliver downballot votes to any Democrat running for Governor.

The GOP has used its control of Governorships nationwide as a bragging point the last 8 years, but the fact many of them can't run for re-election and that Trump is an unpopular President could see the situation radically reversed the day after November 6, 2018.

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The Justice Department is set to sue to block AT&T's acquisition of Time Warner.

It's an unusual move for the government to block mergers that don't have demonstrable harm to consumers, but Time Warner owns CNN.

Naturally, everyone's assuming Trump's personal drama with CNN has a hand in this.


Just a reminder that despite Trump's war on the media, all major media outlets have a higher net credibility rating than him. CNN has a net rating that is higher by 2 percentage points.

So we can be thankful that while Trump has emboldened the worst of the right to froth at the mouth that the biased media is just now outright fake, most Americans don't buy into that. They buy into the more reasoned take that all media outlets have their biases and so it's useful to follow multiple.


Rundown of the key Senators on the tax bill. Ron Johnson is a no so far, while Rand Paul has become a likely yes, but routine defectors Murkowski and Collins haven't said where they stand, though Collins has reservations. McCain, Flake, and Corker, the first unlikely to reach re-election and the latter two not seeking re-election, are wild cards who have it out for Trump.

A provision that is costing the support of many Senators is the fact the tax cuts expire in 2025, something included to meet reconciliation (e.g. simple majority) requirements. Add in the fact Trump regularly burns bridges with several Senators who have nothing to lose (3 who aren't interested in re-election and 2 who are extremely popular because of their moderate approach to politics), and this bill has a shaky future.

Even moreso if Jones pulls off an upset in next month's Senate race. A 51-49 Senate will basically toast the Trump Presidency, because now moderates like Collins and Murkowski are in a position to be kingmakers on any law.

He really is a dipshit with his alienation tactics, to say the least.

Also lol at the fact he cites polls when they agree with him.

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Odds are not in our favor if Trump's puppet Ajit Pai has his way.  Hopefully there is enough outrage to stop him from causing the lack of said Net Neutrality that Portugal is going through otherwise it was nice knowing you guys.

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7 minutes ago, Cobalt_Bolt said:

Odds are not in our favor if Trump's puppet Ajit Pai has his way.  Hopefully there is enough outrage to stop him from causing the lack of said Net Neutrality that Portugal is going through otherwise it was nice knowing you guys.

I don't understand. Does that literally mean getting cut off?


Some slightly better news. A second US federal judge has blocked the ban on transgender troops in the military.

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