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Sonic UnderStream (Every Saturday at 10pm GMT/5pm EST on Motobug)


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"They made a vow their mother would be found" 

Well, we've hit that point, it looks like it's finally time for it. After Sonic XStream and Sonic FriPM, it's now time for *gulp* Sonic Underground. This wonderful series is one of the more infamous Sonic shows, possibly even more than Sonic X, and it's time for SSMB to riff on it. Join Sonic, his brother Manic, and his sister Sonia as they start up a Freedom Fighter unit against the evil Dr. Robotnik, and try to find their missing mother Queen Aleena and restore her power to the throne. This is one of the more interesting Sonic shows, so I'm sure it should most certainly be a fun time watching it and pointing out it's antics, and hey, it's the first time Knuckles gets his debut in a full TV series right? That's something!

So for those who need a reminder, here's the Q/A:


Q: Seasons?

A: The full series will be shown due to all episodes being on YouTube

Q: How Many Episodes A Night?

A: It will be four episodes a night this time around.

Q: Is everything XStream/FriPM related going to be gone?

A: Nope. Thanks to @The Deleter amazing coding skills, you may have noticed that our main stream, Motobug has a theme selection. Because of this, the three themes created specifically for XStream (Sonic XStream, Sonic XStream Classic/Old, and Eggman XStream) will remain in our theme selection for usage. Anything we've had previously from older streams will still be selectable, including themes and emotes.

Q: Why the delay between FriPM and UnderStream?


1. I've been extremely busy over the last few months, and haven't had time to host a stream as of yet.

2. It was a Christmas surprise.

Q: Will Adventures of Sonic be shown?

A: Yep.

Q: Boom?

A: Again, SEGA's removed all uploads off YouTube, sorry.

Other than that, two things. 

The series will be debuting during Motobug's Christmas Countdown, specifically on Friday 23rd, where it will be airing alongside the Sonic Christmas Blast special, and a few AVGN Christmas specials, which you can find more information here:

Secondly, and this is important: 


Sonic UnderStream, unlike Sonic XStream and Sonic FriPM will be airing on Saturday Night at 5:00pm EST/10:00pm GMT! The usual Sonic Musical Hour will be on beforehand at 4:00pm EST/9:00pm GMT!

Current Episodes: 


Episode 5: To Catch a Queen

Episode 6: Mobodoon

Episode 7: The Price of Freedom

Episode 8: Underground Masquerade 

Where to Watch: Motobug

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Apolgies for the late update, but just to confirm, UnderStream's schedule is gonna be slightly different than the last two streams of X and SatAM. Underground's gonna be on every Saturday at 10pm GMT/5pm EST.

Next Episodes:


Episode 5: To Catch a Queen

Episode 6: Mobodoon

Episode 7: The Price of Freedom

Episode 8: Underground Masquerade 


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