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Multiple Sonic & Sega 2016 Style Guides discovered

Badnik Mechanic

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A few of those obscure-ish Classic Sonic arts had been used in Sonic's Twitter this year, coincidentally, including:


The one used as Mania's official art.


These are really cool, would love on a t-shirt.


And I'm all over 2D Boom!Sonic.

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*Sigh* What could had been.

It's crazy to see how Sega really wanted Sonic Boom to become this Mega Smash Hit. It's just too bad Rise of Lyric's failure and Cartoon Network's currently large fetish for Teen Titans Go smashed all chances of that happening. Also some of those T-Shrit designs do look cool, (The glitch and the surfing themes especially.) Maybe we'll see them in 2017 perhaps?

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