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Anyone here like LEGO? I sure do.

Anyways, I just posted this to show off my LEGO ideas Project, it's called "Sonic The Hedgehog: The Tornado Vs G.U.N Hunter". You can support it project on the LEGO Ideas site if you want to.

Please use this topic to show others your LEGO Ideas projects, respond to other projects, and support other projects if you want to.


Here is a link to my Lego Ideas page.


Brick On!



The Tornado1.2.1.png


The Tornado7.lxf.png

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I actually think something cool to do would be a 'micro-scale' thing in a similar way to the original Lego Ideas Minecraft set. In fact the Sonic social media guys already made their own recently:


Sure the minifigs wouldn't be in scale but you'd get far more of an 'environment' out of it by going with a scale like this. Definitely more of a display piece than a playset though.

Although, if everybody was down for a display sort of set, you could make an official version of those brick sprite arts people have made in the past:


That's definitely a style of set LEGO themselves haven't done yet and I think Sonic would be a good fit for it, what with the whole emphasis on the retro side of the brand recently.

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They really need to make more Lego Sonic packs for Lego Dimensions. Here are some ideas I'd love to see be made into Lego packs.

Tails with Miles Handheld and Tornado 2/Buzzbomber Badnik/Cyclone

Amy with Hammer and Pink Cabrolet/Zero/E-102 Gamma

Knuckles with Master Emerald, shovel claws, and ATV/Eggpawn/Grounder Badnik

Dr Eggman with Eggmobile/Egg Walker/Giant Mech from Sonic 2

Shadow, Rouge and Omega with Black Sword and motorcycle/GUN Beetle/GUN Hunter

Big with Froggy and Fishing Pole with Chopper(fish badnik)/Octus Badnik/Jawz Badnik

Blaze, Silver, and Marine with Sol Emeralds

Cream, Cheese, Chocola, and Emerl

Vector, Espio, and Charmy

Chaos 0, Tikal, Chao

Metal Sonic, Mecha Sonic, Silver Sonic

Sticks with Boomerang and  Orbot & Cubot


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