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Splatoon 2 (Summer 2017)

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12 minutes ago, Meta77 said:

So what comes after this event?

We've been told on more than one occasion that there won't be any new content added to Splat2 post the update that comes out after Final Fest. So we'll just have to wait for Splat3 which the results of this Fest will likely have an affect on.

Unless they're lying and there'll be a surprise for Splat2 depending on the results. I think this is unlikely though.

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Since the announcement of Final Fest, The Squid Research Lab has been releasing posts featuring each of the characters and their thoughts on Final Fest. Some may even be alluding to the future of Inkopolis, winner depending.

Some of these are very ominous...

Will add another bulk once a few more have been released ^^



Here’s the art shown during the announcement of the final Splatfest. If you look carefully, you’ll see the Splatoon 2 characters are divided into Team Chaos, Team Order, and neutral. Let’s dig into why they want their vision of the world to come true!



Callie: Team Chaos
“I might be a pop star, but even I want to pop off every now and then!” She can be a handful for Marie with her carefree and adventurous attitude, but it’s that same free spirit that qualifies her to be a resident of the world of Chaos.



Marie: Team Order
“Someone around here has to keep it together…” Even though Callie’s free spirit has been a good influence on her, Marie still like things to be nice and neat. Even a bit of idle chit-chat needs a solid one-liner to stitch things up, which is why she’s a solid candidate for the world of Order.



Sheldon: Team Neutral
“Go on! Give it a shot!” So long as the Turf War battles rage on, so too will Sheldon dedicate his life to crafting ink-based weaponry. This horseshoe crab cares not for the fate of Inkopolis…so long as he can continue to invent new ways to splat.



Spyke: Team Chaos
“Oi, mate. You really fink this festival’s gunna decide the fate of the world, then?” You’ve seen him in the café, fingers dancing across the keyboard of his laptop. Could those same fingers be pulling the strings of society? He may have found a way to exploit the peaceful order of Inkopolis, but make no mistake–at his core, Spyke is an agent of Chaos.



Murch: Team Order
“This new gear I got’ll blow your fins off, for reals!" 

One quick glance into Murch’s eye will tell you where his loyalties lie. This driven street urchin has laser focus and never rests on his laurels. Though he follows in the footsteps of an agent of chaos, he is, without question, ready to take your Order.



Mr. Grizz: Neutral
“Don’t be so worried. The sea answers all questions.”
As far as this mysterious being is concerned, the shallow affairs of Inkopolis are insignificant next to the vast depth of the seven seas. No matter what fate may await the world, the sea watches silently, biding its time.



Annie: Team Chaos
“Umm… Gear abilities are cool and stuff…I guess.”
Items stocked in her online shop provide a flair of eccentricity not available in standard gear. Squidkids everywhere are constantly refreshing their phones for a chance to snag her latest release.



Crusty Sean & Bisk: Team Order
Their shared love for footwear make it natural that they’d end up on the same side. When these neighbors get caught up in shoe talk, it can last until sunup. Is THAT why the lines for Sean’s food truck are so long?



Flow & Craymond: Team Chaos
“Oh, friends, what’s a world without wild parties? Join me, won’t you?”
Flow and Craymond set up shop looking to connect with the energies of the universe. They now hope to open a new world’s third eye to the exciting possibilities of chaos.



Jelfonzo: Team Order
“Forsooth, but fashion flourishes or fails on its fundamentals.”
Though a proponent of the idea that fashion is a form of freedom, Jelfonzo is also firm that context is king. One look in his watery eyes confirms his constant commitment to couture.



Salmonids: Team Chaos
Their single-minded drive to get back to their spawning grounds COULD be seen as orderly…if you squint. But who are we kidding? The frenzied, indiscriminate way they stampede over everyone and everything in the way of that goal is chaos to a T.



Octarians: Team Order
“The light that was denied us will be ours.”
Since the Great Turf War drove them below, they have used their technological skill to bring a sort of order to their realm. But deep down, they know true order cannot be fabricated. It must be seized.


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You can now play to unlock a Splatoon theme for Tetris 99 ^^


On 7/9/2019 at 3:04 PM, Meta77 said:

I hope this plays into splatoon 3s theme

I think it will since they're putting a lot of effort into this ^^ Not to mention despite initially asking which world "we" would rather live in Nogami-san ended the announcement by asking us which world would we want for "the Inklings and friends." The game itself stated this quite blatanty in the in-game announcement also ^^

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Here are the results of the Final Fest between Chaos & Order:

  • Votes: 58.05% > 41.95%
  • Normal Clout: 51.39% > 48.61%
  • Pro Clout: 50.34% > 49.66%
  • Final Results: 3 > 0



Pearl: MUAHAHAHAHA! It's time for everything to change... And it starts with Off the Hook.

Marina: ...

Pearl: Marina, these last few years have been amazing... Easily the best years of my life. But I can't shake the feeling that we're missing out on other experiences.

Marina: Pearl, you don't have to do this.

Pearl: Let me finish, Marina. I thought about this for the entire Splatfest. And I've made up my mind.

Marina: ...

Pearl: It's time for Off the Hook to break--

Marina: NO! Don't say it!

Pearl: It's time for Off the Hook to break... into new genres of music. Flip hop. Cuddlecore. You name it! WE GONNA TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

Marina: WHAT? So Off the Hook isn't breaking up?!

Pearl: What?! HECK NO! You and me are gonna rock the mic together until the end of time! Or at least until I can get my solo career off the ground.

Marina: ...

Pearl: I'm just playin', Marina. You know I love you.

Marina: Pearl, I... I... I... I'm so happy right now... *sob*

Pearl: It's you and me against the universe, 'Rina! Let's wake the sleepin' giants with our sloppy sonic science!

Marina: *sniffle* Yeah... *sniffle* Let's bring our bumpin' beats to the oceans and the streets! Big ups to the fans for sticking with us through thick and thin.

Pearl: And big ups to Team Chaos for sticking it to those orderly guppies! Splatfests may be coming to an end, but Off the Hook is just getting started!

Good game, everyone! Guess we'll have to stay tuned to see what awaits the Splatoon universe after this.

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ROFL she actually said she loves her haha. See this is how you do a relationship without shoving it in someones face. There were little hints everywhere but happy to see this outcome. But trying to see how this affects Splatoon 3 since they are not seperating. some new upstarts coming in with some twisted personality trying to wreck the city for no other reason cause they can?

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Nintendo released a Splatfest Video showing official and fanart of the different Splatfests


Thank you to everyone who participated in this Splatfest and all the others, and thank you for supporting Splatoon 2! We hope you’ll continue battling online or running Salmon Run shifts with your friends and rivals!


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I guess Nintendo want to keep the game "alive" even though it's not actually dead. They're opening up the demo in a couple of days too.

Been almost a year since the last major update and this latest news has gotten a lot of people talking. It's exposure.



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On 8/6/2017 at 4:46 AM, Sonictrainer said:



Here are the Results of the Mayo VS Ketchup Splatfest:

  • Popularity: 27% < 73% = 1 Point for Team Ketchup
  • Solo Wins: 52% > 48% = 1 Point for Team Mayo
  • Team Wins: 51% > 49% = 1 Point for Team Mayo
  • Final Results: 2 >  = Team Mayo Wins


Here are the Results of the Mayo VS Ketchup Rematch:

  • Popularity: 44.75% < 55.25% = 1 Point for Team Ketchup
  • Solo Wins: 51.71% > 48.29% = 1 Point for Team Mayo
  • Team Wins: 49.62% < 50.38% = 1 Point for Team Ketchup
  • Final Results: 1 < 2 = Team Ketchup Wins!

Marina: YESSSSSSSSS. KETCHUP! Sweet elixir of life!

Pearl: Gross...

Marina: Team mayo was playing "catch-up" the whole time!

Pearl: Cool joke, Marina.

Marina: Do I detect a hint of bitterness, Pearl? If you want, I'll mix some of my ketchup with your mayo to make some...



It was fun coming back to Splatoon since the Final Fest :)

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To celebrate Splatoon 2's 3rd Anniversary, we're getting another Rematch Splatfest!



Squid Research Lab here, and we’re bringing some surprising news! Like a phoenix rising from the proverbial ashes, we can confirm a bonus Splatfest is on the way! And much like the previous metaphor, it involves a bird and a where it comes from, specifically, chickens and eggs. Yes, it looks like Team Chicken and Team Egg will once again return to the Turf War arena to crack this classic conundrum!

Get ready to pick your side when this 48-hour Splatfest begins 8/21 at 3pm PT!

And be sure to stay fresh SRL readers, because we hear two more bonus Splatfests will be making an appearance before the end of March 2021! Or maybe the fax machine is just acting up?


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Much like with Mayo VS Ketchup, it's cool to be able to participate in Fests I hadn't previously ^^ Will choose Team Chicken probably ^^

As for the 2 remaining Fests, I'm going to assume they're either Halloween or Holiday related or both. March seems late though so one of these Fests could be new. I don't think they will redo Chaos VS Order. Maybe Pearl VS Marina for the lols.

The last line referring to the fax machine is a bit suspicious though. I don't think this is the first time they've referenced the fax machine acting weirdly. Maybe the 2nd fest will have something to do with the message in the image that was posted on Jan 1st.

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On 3/11/2018 at 3:12 PM, Sonictrainer said:


Here are the results of the Chicken VS Egg Splatfest:

  • Votes: 41% < 59%
  • Solo Wins: 53% > 47%
  • Team Wins: 56% > 44%
  • Final Results: 2 > 1

The results of the 2nd Chicken VS Egg Splatfest are in

  • Votes: 41.92% < 58.08%
  • Votes: 52.46% > 47.54%
  • Votes: 52.65% > 47.35%
  • Final Results: 2 > 1


Marina: ...

Pearl: You wanna make an omelet, gotta break a FEW EGGS. The chickens knocked the eggheads down a FEW PEGS! You know what the Splatfest rules, Marina... The chicken officially came before the egg. BOOYAH!

Marina: Actually, I think most scientists would disagree wi-

Pearl: The chicken came first, Marina. The Splatfest proved it.

Marina: I'm just saying that genetic mutations over the course of many generations-


Marina: Whatever...


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Thanks to today's Super Mario Direct, we know the next Splatfest is based on Power-Ups: Super Mushroom VS Power Star



A Super Mario themed #Splatfest is coming to #Splatoon2 in January 2021! Be on the lookout for a special My Nintendo Keychain reward closer to the event. Plus, physical Splatfest T-shirts are available now for purchase!


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The Splatoween Splatfest is coming back for a second round for Halloween Weekend!


Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble, the Splatoon 2 Splatoween event approaches! As befitting the spooky season, this Splatfest pits Team Trick vs. Team Treat!

During the last Splatoween, Team Treat took the cake, proving that there were a lot of sweet-toothed players out there. But what will it be this time? Even a crystal ball couldn’t tell!

This eerie event begins 10/30, 3pm PT through 11/1, 2pm PT!

To celebrate Splatoween, add some ghoulish gear to your wardrobe! The Kyonshi Hat, Li'l Devil Horns, Hockey Mask, and Anglerfish Mask will all be available via a Switch News article on your Nintendo Switch device later this month! Check out the article when it arrives and click the link to claim your gear.


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I’ll probably pick Team Trick again ^^

The results were very close last time but I’m wondering if Team Trick will actually win this time ^^

Hopefully all the Among Us hype will push said team over the edge. Judging from what I’ve seen in the Square since the announcement anyway, haha.

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On 10/21/2018 at 9:43 PM, Sonictrainer said:


Here are the results for the second Halloween Splatfest: Trick VS Treat

  • Votes: 56.85% > 43.15%
  • Normal Clout: 49.89% < 50.11%
  • Pro Clout: 47.55% < 52.45%
  • Final Score: < 2


Here are the Results of the second Splatoween Splatfest:

  • Votes: 58.36% > 41.64%
  • Normal Clout: 49.43% < 50.57%
  • Pro Clout: 47.20% < 52.80%
  • Final Score: < 2

(The dialogue is exactly the same as the last time Team Treat Won)

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Here are the results of the Mushroom VS Super Star Splatfest:

  • Votes: 31.80% < 68.20%
  • Normal Wins: 53.41% > 46.59%
  • Pro Wins: 31.80% > 45.88%
  • Final Results: 2 > 1

Pearl: Super Mushrooms goin' big!

Marina: Dang it...

Pearl: Big ups to all my teammates! So much for "invincible".

Marina: Whatever. I'm proud of my Super Stars! We lost, but we still shined bright.

Pearl: True that. Splatfests are the best!

Marina: You said it, Pearl! That was so. Much. Fun. I'm kinda bummed that I can't call myself a Super Star after today, though...

Pearl: What?! Put a cork in that right now.

Marina: ...

Pearl: You'll always be a star to me, Marina. You light up my life!

Marina: I... I don't know what to say... *sniff* Thank you, Pearl. *sniff* That was really...big of you.

Pearl: I see what you did there...

Marina: Seriously though, Pearl. What would happen to us if I lost my touch?

Pearl: Whoa, whoa. Hold up, Marina. You've ALWAYS had the goods. Your beats are the best! I've never wanted to rap on anything else.

Marina: I appreciate that, Pearl. But what if I wasn't a super DJ anymore... What if I lose my shine?

Pearl: Marina! Get those negative thoughts outta your head. For real! If that happened, we'd work together to power you back up. We're a team!

Marina: Off the Hook?

Pearl: Never shook!

Marina: Win every fight?


...that got a little too real...

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