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SSMB Doesn't Chuckle! 'KNUCKLEHEAD' Theme Returns!

what's the most obscure sonic thing you can find?


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I do have one (and I've seen more but they were so expensive...) Finnish issue of Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog from the mid-90's consisting of mostly StH #3 stuff. Sad (it was kind of fun translation/customisation like for example Rotor imitating a (local) female singer instead of James Cagney (according to the digital version of the story in English I have at least)) or not (I think nowadays it's better to read it in English), they cancelled the translation/publishing translated version at one point. 

The structure was different from the originals, even the covers were first taken from the original mini-series covers. There were different amount of stories inside and a Q&A corner inside in which, for example, some kid was somewhat sad about the fact that in mid-90's people were too poor to buy Sonic comics due to the economical depression ongoing here at that point (caused lot's of jobs and lives lost too). It was pretty funny how the person in charge of writing answers was still trying to convince the kid to continue buying the book since it's Sonic and all.

It's funny how they tried these translations at one point, considering how small (as in user-wise) languages were involved... I recall this was a part of a multi-translating tryout or something.

Is this even that obscure, well except that Rotor part maybe?

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