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Deadpool 2 - "A Merc's Work is Never Done"

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It's great that after the rubbish which was X-Men's Origins: Wolverine, both the Deadpool & Wolverine franchises have redeemed themselves thanks to last years hilarious movie and 2013's The Wolverine. Having just watched "Logan" earlier today which was absolutely fucking fantastic (very rarely does a film reduce me to tears, but it was a real tearjerker and some of the audience were clapping at the end of the movie, lol) I hope they continue the trend with the Deadpool franchise. Deadpool reacting to Stan Lee was pure gold!

I think a Hugh Jackman/Wolverine cameo in the next Deadpool movie would be awesome considering the references made to him in last years movie.

Looking forward to Deadpool 2!

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Was going to leave the teaser till I see Logan tomorrow, but I watched it a few hours. Couldn't pass it up and man oh man, it was amazing. I love how in his Movie, Stan Lee wasn't cameoing as some random character, but just Stan Lee. But the "Fuck you Stan Lee" line had me choking with laughter. Loved the little "LOGAN" poster in the background too :P

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