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Hey, that guitar guy is back.. and he's got a band with him!

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Howdy folks, haven't been here for a while. Not sure who remembers me, but I used to be known for making guitar remixes of.. like, two songs from the Sonic franchise. But people seemed to like them, and I really appreciated the support! 

Well, some time has passed, mainly because I've been focusing on forming a band. Entitled Destiny Never Dies, we are a melodic metal band with alternative rock and hardcore elements. Weird, I know. But it sorta works! We perform songs about a variety topics - political, internal struggles, and (most relevant to this forum), video games. 

While it's not about Sonic, we've released a debut music video about The Legend of Zelda, coinciding with the release of Breath of the Wild. I would love to hear what you guys think! I poured a lot of time and energy working on this song, as I performed all of the guitar, bass, and backing vocals, and I also produced and mixed the track. Eric Burton, our singer, delivered a rock-solid performance to accompany the track. Finally, my friend Luke Highet made an entertaining lyric video for the tune that resembles a retro Zelda game. 

Check out the video here! 


Additionally, please like us on facebook - we're so close to get over 1000 fans! 


Thanks for your time guys!

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