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What kind of question was that? Fang and Mighty? We're not even seeing the ones who are supposedly still around.

And it's certainly not happening with Forces here. I figured that at the reveal trailer when I saw Classic Sonic but hearing about Wisps made that a certainty. 


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This was a fantastic event!  I will post this non time sensitive thank you to @RubyEclipse and I hope that other people will chime in too. ^_^  We are not all on twitter to be able to say thank you there!

I was not able to be there in person, but almost!  The format of the TSSZ and Tails Channel streams added to the experience; this was really a panel where it was perfect to feel like we were in the audience.  ^_^:)  The on screen reveals were somehow that much more exciting to see and feel from a crowd perspective; the lack of SXSW stream seems to have been a blessing in disguise.  

I do wonder if the video message from Christian and the Mania team will be uploaded some time unless of course it was meant to be exclusively played at the panel! 

Here is a song from 20 years ago that could represent all of the support from people who appreciate Sonic, either who already know about Sonic Mania or who will find out any time in the future, from around the world!  Together we are deeply honored by and grateful for the patience and hard work, creativity and joy that the team is sharing with eachother while creating this new game! 

It feels like it could have been the vocal theme music or credits music to the 1997 Saturn version of Mania!  It does feel like a bridge from the Sonic CD to the Adventure vocal music styles! 




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