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Naoto Ohshima's Facebook = God Damn Amazing!

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37 minutes ago, VEDJ-F said:

Oh, here's something interesting. 

See this image? Recognise the pictures? You would if you own a PAL version of Sonic 1; they're on the cover!

This isn't the first time I've seen obscure Japanese art pop up randomly in European media, then. 

As someone who owns a copy of the original PAL version (two copies in fact) I recognise those designs:

I just took a quick picture of the boxart and game manual:



Also this...

...and this


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So I was just looking at some Sonic videos when I came across a video on the Japanese Sonic 3 promotional VHS and I saw that there was some drawings shown in a book that haven't seem to shown up in Ohshima's accounts yet.

Here's some pictures just to have a better look at some of them.

This one is the Christmas themed Screensaver art:


There's a page that shows many poses for Sonic and Tails but the only two I could visibly see are these:


I don't think I've seen these before but I do recall at least seeing the one of Sonic and Tails yawning on a shirt.

Here's a different version of the Christmas Screensaver art that seems to be bigger and more bold:


Sadly, this one is obstructed but it's clearly the Screensaver art where Sonic is waiting in a bus stop:


Maybe Ohshima will eventually upload these as well if he still has them.

EDIT: Please note the following reply below my post that just says "This makes me uncomfortable" is not referring to my post but rather a tweet from Ohshima that has been since deleted that contained an image from the Sonic Material Collection. I'm not sure why Ohshima deleted it.

It was a drawing of a person wearing a Sonic costume. I suppose it was just to show a concept of how a costume could look that could be used at events like trade shows. 


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Want some color key sheets?

And I checked, the 'new' Classic Sonic we're seeing in Gens, Mania, Forces etc. is accurate:


And here I thought this newer key reference was a re-tool to differentiate Classic from Modern. I was mistaken.

Fun little factoid Oshima-san just acknowledged, his blue was originally going to be a smidgen deeper (C:60) but they ended up changing it to C:40 to match the Sega logo's CMY value.


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Very cute art. Though looking at it you can see the flickies are proportionally more like Sonic here.

Kind of makes me wonder if the original intention, or at least one of the ideas put down on paper before they settled on something final, was for flickies to be the "people" of Sonic's world. And Sonic just happens to be the biggest, baddest, toughest of them all. 

I've always seen flickies as just normal wildlife, no different to little tiny birds and squirrels we'd see every day in our own lives. Just innocent little creatures that Sonic wants to protect. So seeing them a little larger, more capable of being close friends with Sonic is really interesting.

I thought about this way too much and it could very well not mean anything but I'm sleep deprived and tired from work so this little tangent seemed plausible in the moment lol

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They're always called the collective term of at least "animal friends" if not just outright friends, they spoke plain English (uh, Japanese) in the Sonic 1 promotional manga and even nowadays they're shown as having the same thought processes as a regular person. I'm pretty sure it was very much intentional. 

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Awesome! Thanks, VEDJ-F!

Now, for that tweet that's gone unnoticed round these parts:

I don't know if this is just fan art Oshima's doing for Mania, or if he's actually doing promotional art for the game, but I'm happy to see him drawing Sonic again all the same! Can't wait to see what the final illustration looks like! (Also, those drawings of Blinx are so adorable - man, I wish his design stayed that way instead of taking on that weird 'American Kirby' look in the final games)

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