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Merchandice Trades/Sales!

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As a slightly new Sonic fan (joined the fandom near the end of either May or June 2016, can't remember), I don't really have much Sonic merch. All I have is the 25th anniversary plushies of Sonic and Tails (saving up for Knuckles and Eggman), a GE Shadow plushie, and a random Boom Sonic one. I once had a 3in Boom Tails, but the whole thing broke in less than a week. I've heard that people usually sell and trade merch with each other, so I thought that it would be a good idea to create a discussion about it.

To the SSMB Staff,

I'm still learning the ways of this fourm. Please, if this gets deleted, please give me an opportunity. Zaysho deleted a discussion I made earlier for people to meet each other, and told me that I should rather use status updates for more casual talk and getting to meet people. I have a few complaints about that...

First of all, what do you even mean by status updates?

Second, I much rather prefer to meet people through conversation, and this seems to be the only way.

I'm fine if you delete this if there is already a discussion made for this purpose, or if it doesn't belong in 'Chit-Chat', just have a good reason. Please?


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Whichever mod ends up coming here in the end will almost certainly put this far more succinctly than me but I figured I'd jump in to help you get some forum info just a little bit quicker.

There is already an entire 'Marketplace' sub-forum to discuss a wide range of topics in this particular area. If my memory serves me right, you may not actually be able to see this yet due to a minimum post number requirement needed to access it which prevents people from joining the forum simply to try and flog a bunch of stuff.

The Status Updates can be found on the homepage of the forum on the right-hand side (assuming you're on a PC or laptop) and it's a quick way to get your voice out on whatever you're thinking at a particular time. People can comment on status updates so it's definitely possible to get conversations going there. It's definitely the most sociable part of the forum when not talking in one of the Sonic topics. To get you going, here's the direct link but remember you can just make these from the homepage for convenience!


There's nothing wrong with your topics so far, just that there's already existing threads that literally do the same job so it makes sense to divert any duplicates to those instead. I can see you've already posted in the Introduction Topic so definitely keep looking around in the Personal Discussion section of the Chit-Chat forum for more topics to interact with people in a more personal context.

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I mean.

I didn't delete anything,

I'm sorry if the way I approached your initial topic seemed unreasonable, but I'm just doing my job. If you have concerns about any action I, or other moderators, take, I recommend contacting us or speaking to an administrator (staff directory is here) and we'll do our best to hash things out with you.

Also, what @Joy said.

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