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Sonic Forces has create-a-character


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It's an interesting concept, heaven knows we get enough OC art around here.

I say it could actually be a great idea if it's expanded enough, even if you're not interesting in making your own character. Imagine they offer templates to make existing characters like Tails and Knuckles, and thus essentially make multiple previous characters playable again. Hell if they wanted to get REALLY generous they could put in similar attributes of alternate media characters like the Archie or Boom ones.

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It's awful and I hate it.

Even beyond how dull the character creator options look it's purestrain Sonic Team gimmicks-over-quality and gameplay style overload. Can't ever focus on making one good game, gotta make half a dozen shitty ones.

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Boy, I'm sure glad those four years of development time were so well spent on Generations 2.

You know what's really sad? I don't even think the gameplay itself looks bad. You could tether this stuff to Tails and I think it'd be fine, what purpose does a player-generated character have in context of a Sonic game?

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I am honestly lost for words. Gobsmacked. We get to create our own custom character....  Finally my three-tailed fox fan character from many years ago will come to life :P

The custom character has colors-style gameplay, can grapple like Batman or whatever and it looks like the wisps have a genuine purpose in the stages this time unlike in SLW. The custom characters gameplay at least looks more interesting than classic or modern's. I get the impression there will be more 2d than 3d stages in Forces.

Yeah, that's all I've got.


Image result for shrug gif

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So yeah...why the fuck didn't they just use one of the dozen characters we already fucking have?!

On a positive note, it's not entirely what I expected and might not hold the sane weight storywise--it's more an avatar than a new official one.



Wait. Just thought of something-- What if I can make a Conquering Storm character?!!!


I might not be as harsh on this as I was...but still, why not the other characters?

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The only way they can screw this up though is if they make you play the OC character first before the 2 Sonics. Which I have a feeling that might happen. 


As in you time travel or reality warp to recruit Sonic & friends and then you can play as the Sonics.


I hope they don't do that.

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1 hour ago, PerfectChaos said:

Ugh... Not a fan of this decision at all. And I bet the character is going to be equivalent to Fire Emblem's custom characters (i.e. generic, unrealistically perfect, and good at everything)

As someone who is a fan of Fire Emblem your statement really when getting down to it only applies to Chris/Kris from FE12 (Heroes of Light and Shadow) a remake game which started the whole customizable avatar which we didn't get outside Japan and the character is hated on due to the fact he was never a character in the original FE3 (retcon pretty much) and does end up being a gary sue. Robin aka the avatar from FE13 is actually the best avatar in series done right.

He has a more subtle development, especially if you look at the supports. In the supports with the first generation, he is confused and new and just generally average. But in the supports with the second generation (and non-parent first generation), he is reliable, insightful and clever. Robin does have growth, though it is not very obvious unless you look carefully for it. Robin has some serious issues when it comes to self esteem and self worth: due to his amnesia he really doesn't feel like he has a strong identity. This comes across in his supports, where he often gets shut down or talked after and in general not being all that assertive. The thing is Robin actively tries to hide these issues and appear outwardly confidant. He had to look like he is completely sure of himself if he's to get people to look to him for guidance. He is actively hiding his depth, but it is still there. You see it at a few moments of doubt in the story, in his supports, and a few maps like the Wellspring of truth.

Now as for Corrin the avatar from FE14... better than Chris but worse than Robin especially with the whole "chosen one" text which yes is used in the Japanese version and also just how much his families are so concentrating on him full of reverence is the general criticism for them being a sue character.

The thing about the avatars in Fire Emblem yes they are customizable but because they're not silent you can't input or think of their personality hence why I still remember when people thought Robin (includes Corrin and yes even Chris though not in) wouldn't be in Smash because they were customizable despite in promotional and official art work they are in their default looks and are very much their own character.

However, I will say this if anything the customizable characters here are going to me more likely in line with Dragon Ball Xenoverse with the no dialogue but making silent talk replies and gestures. That's where this would be more in line with now.

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When I woke up and saw this I said "NO FUCKING WAY" lol I see a lot of outrage about this. I really like the idea of a custom character, but I rather they not be part of the actual story. More like just able to replay a stage as them or something but oh well. Here is a list of the species to select.

  • Wolf -- Automatically draws in rings when near them

  • Rabbit -- Has longer invincible time after receiving damage

  • Cat -- Keeps one ring after being hit

  • Dog -- Restarts with five rings after the player dies

  • Bear -- Blows away enemies with a homing attack

  • Bird -- Flies high with double jump abilities

  • Hedgehog -- Collects rings when getting damaged

Info from destructoid

I don't think the custom character creation process will be as complex as Sonic Team's Phantasy Star Online 2, its also too bad that they don't allow for other Sonic roster species like crocodiles, chameleons, bats, FOX OR ECHIDNAS. 

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Might as well jump in on this for a bit. 

Cards on the table I'm honestly somewhat excited for what this system can do for the gameplay, I honestly have no interest in actually making a character so I'll just find something streamlined and roll with that. Yes, it's daft Sonic's friends are getting the boot again, no I'm not saying this should be a permanent series mechanic and no I'm not calling people out for not being positive about this.

Assuming the level design opens up like it did in Generations, different character abilities was probably the next thing on the to-do list for the boost gameplay. You could argue that the skill shop in Generations is a kind of precursor to this. If we can have multiple avatars available to swap between then that'll be a great way to add to the replay value of clearing levels in new ways.

I've got a theory though, and I don't think it's actually what they're doing but the footage has me curious. The OC seems to literally just be playing in Modern Sonic's stage. I'm wondering if, for each level, we'll have the choice of playing as either the Sonic the stage is designed for, or the OC. Unless they're doing an SA1 Tails and giving the OC reused but shortened stages I can't see them making us play near enough literally the same stage twice. Hell this might even explain why Classic's stage is so unusually "flat" even compared to Generations; to allow for the variety of OCs to be able to clear them. I don't agree with Classic taking a hit to accommodate this but this would at least be somewhat better explanation than the level design literally just being a bit poop.

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