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Your Personal Canon/Timeline

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I have 2 Canons

1: Sonic the Hedgehog 1, Sonic the Hedgehog CD, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic the Hedgehog 3 LE, Sonic 4, Sonic Mania, Sonic 3D Blast, Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Heroes, Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 06, Sonic World Adventure, Sonic Colors, Sonic Generations, Sonic Lost World, Sonic Forces.

2: Sonic the Hedgehog GG, Sonic the Hegehog 2 GG, Sonic and Tails, Sonic and Tails 2, G Sonic/Sonic Blast, Sonjc the Hedgehog Pocket Adventure,  Sonic Advance, Sonic Advance 2, Sonic Advance 3, Sonic Rush, Sonic Rivals, Sonic Rivals 2, Sonic Rush Adventure, Sonic Colors DS, Sonic Generations 3DS(With Heavy Changes), Sonic Lost World 3DS, Sonic Runners.

What are yours?

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2 hours ago, simtek34 said:

I have 2 Canons

1: Sonic the Hedgheog 1, Sonic the Hedgehog CD, Sonic the Hedgheog 2, Sonic the Hedgehog 3 LE, Sonic 4, Sonic Mania, Sonic 3D Blast, Sonic Adventure, Sonic Avdenture 2, Sonic Heroes, Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 06, Sonic World Adventure, Sonic Colors, Sonic Generations, Sonic Lost World, Sonic Forces.

2: Sonc the Hedgehog GG, Sonic the Hegheog 2 GG, Sonic and Tails, Sonic and Tails 2, G Sonic/Sonic Blast, Sonjc the Hedgehog Pocket Adventure,  Sonic Advance, Sonic Advance 2, Sonic Advance 3, Sonic Rush, Sonic Rush Adventure, Sonic Colirs DS, Sonic Generations 3DS, Sonic Lost World 3DS, Sonic Runners.

What are yours?

I mean, just to say these canons technically don't make sense.  They're literally just the main console series and the main handheld series, but if you don't consider one to be canon to the other, it makes no sense that Sonic encounters the extended cast and knows them all in Colours DS, nor that he revisits locations from Sonic 2/3/Adventure/Adventure 2/Heroes in Sonic Generations 3DS.


As for my personal canon, I generally go with the idea that all the main platforming games set in Sonic's own universe are canon, as well as spin-off games that have both storylines and tangible gameplay with contradictions being accepted as just the issue with a lack of rules in the early days.  One also has to consider that what we experience as gameplay might not be canon (like, in Riders ZG, the first stage is representative of Sonic running away from the robots, but it's presented in gameplay as a regular 3 lap race).

The only big major thing I consider non-canon is Sonic Chronicles, due to the plot being left hanging in a major way.  There are also some games I personally like to imagine happening out of order - like CD before 2, or 2006 before Rush (so I can fanon Blaze being sealed away and forgetting her previous life and beginning a new existence in the parallel world).  Also with Colours, Generations and Lost World, I generally consider the console version to be the canon one (and with Unleashed, the HD one - while the main plot is identical, the NPC personalities and storylines are pretty different between versions).

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As far as my own personal canon goes, as long as the game has "Sonic" in it it's pretty canon. Some games are harder to piece together than most but those games tend to just be spin offs. Anyway here's a timeline.

-The Big Bang, Creation of Life itself (go to your science class for this or something)

-Higher beings create light/dark Gaia to give balance, also created the chaos emeralds 

-The dinosaurs go extinct, the modern animals are born, key species would eventually find the Chaos Emeralds and Master Emerald, evolving in small numbers


-The last to grab the emeralds are the echidnas who form to tribes to protect them, but the two most powerful ones would always fight (Nocturnus/Knuckles)

-The Knuckles Clan is victorious and relish in their pride and victory for years, but this catches up to them and in turn creates Chaos

-Chaos throws the Knuckles clan into near extinction, Tikal seals it and herself away in the Master Emerald


-Ivo Robotnik is born, Maria born a few years after

-Gerald Robotnik creates the Biolizard, it sucked, so he created an incomplete Project Shadow

-Black Doom helps Gerald, and then Shadow is complete, who becomes friends with Maria

-Also Gerald found Emerl too

-Gerald and Maria are killed by GUN Agents, Shadow locked in stasis and sent to Earth, Emerl left abandoned on the ARK


-Most of the elder cast is born, including Vanilla, Vector, Rouge, Knuckles, etc.

-Sonic is born on Christmas Island


-Sonic discovers his ability, forms a band

-Sonic discovers Eggman's technological schemes, he decides to take a stand for nature's preservation 

-The younger cast is born around this time


SegaSonic the Hedgehog 

-Robotnik tests his base making skills against Sonic, Mighty and Ray

Sonic 1 (GEN and GG shared)

-He breaks out, Eggman breaks out the big guns, turning nature against Sonic (it doesn't last very long)

Sonic 2 GG

-Sonic meets Tails on Westside Island, where Eggman has another base, said man kidnaps Tails as a ruse for his next plan

Sonic CD

-Sonic meets (and rescues) Amy in a time traveling journey, Metal Sonic is created

Sonic Chaos

-Sonic reunites with Tails to destroy another Robotnik base, also a ruse


Sonic 2 GEN

-Eggman builds Death Egg, Sonic destroys it, hooray!

Sonic 3K

-The Death Egg lands on Angel Island, resting place of the Chaos Emeralds (oh no)

-Knuckles meets Eggman, fights Sonic and gets bamboozled

-Death Egg is destroyed for good

Sonic Triple Trouble

-Knuckles gives Eggman a second chance, bamboozled again

-The Emeralds stolen by Nack/Fang

-Knuckles warms up to Sonic more (as much as he can anyway)

Knuckles' Chaotix (hey he did say personal canon)

-Knuckles meets Sonic's old friends Mighty and Vector, and helps them stop Metal Sonic Kai along with Espio, Charmy, Heavy and Bomb

Sonic Blast

-Knuckles meets with Sonic one more time to stop Eggman's Silver Castle in the sky, as a way of thanks

Sonic Mania

-To be determined

Sonic Generations/Forces (Classic)

-Sonic pulled out of his time and sent into the future to stop Eggman shenanigans 


Sonic Pocket Adventure 

-Sonic and Knuckles go their seperate ways again (monentarily), Sonic on the chase to destroy another Eggman base

Sonic 4 

-Eggman combined two of his older plans into a grander scheme, he takes over and reimagines Little Planet into the Death Egg Mark II, Metal Sonic returns (but is sent in stasis after proving to be too powerful) 

-Little Planet's fate as of current is unknown, but chances are Sonic's already freed it before any damage could be done

Sonic Adventure

-Eggman reawakens Chaos, steals Froggy and creates the E-Series robots, hilarity ensues 

Sonic Advance

-Eggman feels nostalgic, Team Sonic (+Amy) nostalgically kicks his ass

Sonic Adventure 2

-Eggman looks through his grandpappy's plans and blows up the moon (what the fuck)

-Shadow is reawakened, with almost little to no remberance of his past

Sonic Advance 2

-Eggman kidnaps Vanilla, Cream and Cheese join Sonic and pals rescuing her 

Sonic Heroes

-Metal Sonic breaks free and goes haywire, copying everything around him to become some inconceivable monster robot, teamwork destroys him

-Eggman files for identity theft 

Shadow the Hedgehog

-Shadow goes on a heartwarming journey to discover his past, and just forgets about it in the end

Sonic Battle

-Eggman finds Emerl back on the ARK, Sonic stops Emerl after he grew too powerful, Emerl learns the power of friendship 

-Shadow's pretty ok now yeah

Sonic Advance 3

-Eggman uses Emerl's scraps for mechanical body part donation services and creates Gmerl

-Not only is he bad at naming robots but he's bad at keeping check on them because this one goes haywire too

-Eggman is a bad dad

Sonic 06 (present time)

-see now this happened but it just...it just erases it self so why bother

-at least we got blaze and silver out of it tho

Sonic Rush

-Timeline resets but Blaze meets Sonic anyway, Blaze discovers the power of friendship 

-Eggman also has a...relative of sorts that looks just like him for some reason

Sonic Rivals (present time)

-Eggman Nega wants to be better than Eggman, gets his ass kicked in nostalgic fashion (not to him anyway)

Sonic Unleashed (All Versions)

-Eggman destroys the world, Sonic becomes stetch dog, also meets Light Gaia, or Chip


Sonic Rush Adventure 

-Sonic and Blaze in the Sol Dimension vs Robo Pirates...who were created by the now competitive Eggmen for god knows why

Sonic Rivals 2 (present time)

-Eggman Nega has yet to realize lightning doesn't strike twice but at least Sonic and friends are happy to help

Sonic Colors (both versions)

-Eggman basically makes the equivalent of some bullshit apology letter you might get in the mail from state officials except it's a theme park IN SPAAAAACE

-Did I mention slavery?

Sonic Generations (Modern)

-The Time Eater crashes Sonic's birthday(???) party but little did he know the Time Eater was the biggest surprise of all: Two Egg(man)s, one's over easy

Sonic Lost World

-Eggman goes old school, regains sanity and temporarily controls six hellish demons in a distant cousin to Little Planet but Sonic botches everything up, way to go (he fixes everything in the end though and takes a nap)

Sonic Forces (present)



-Silver (and Blaze) is(was) born

-The future is always changing so how good it is really just depends on how bad Robotnik fucks everything up

And that's basically my version of the Sonic timeline/canon/whatever. Spin off games aside at least.

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I like RosaRosaRosalina's timeline. Though personally I place the first two Advance Games before Adventure. Never thought about Rush Adventure and Rivals 2 being between Unleashed and Colors. That's pretty clever.


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I did a timeline once. Everything's more or less in release order, with some exceptions (e.g. Sonic 4).

I dunno I'm bored.

Let's see...


-Basically the backstory stuff -- Gaia, Knuckles Clan, Babylon, Gerald, etc. No need to go over all that again.

-Sonic is born 15 years before Sonic 1 on Christmas Island. As he gets older he moves to South Island (which drifts around the ocean) and forms a band, meets some friends etc. He also travels a lot.

-Tails Adventure: Over on Cocoa Island, young Miles "Tails" Prower lives happily and is learning robotics and stuff. Then Battle Kukkus invade oh no. But Tails stops them yay. Feeling confident, he decides to leave Cocoa Island and travel some more, eventually settling on West Side Island. Once there, Tails gets trolled bullied by others for his twin tails and he becomes sad. :(

-During his travels, Sonic meets Eggman at some point. I like to leave this part vague, but needless to say they become enemies.

-Sonic 1: Eggman attacks South Island to unearth the Chaos Emeralds and captures a lot of animals to power badniks. Not Sonic and Eggman's first confrontation. Sonic manages to collect six Chaos Emeralds and defeat Eggman. Sonic 1 GG is either shortly after this or the same event, whatever.

Now come some early spinoffs, even the silly ones. Sonic is invited to an event to teach kids about traffic safety, and ends up stopping Eggman's road rage (Patrol Car). Eggman captures a bunch of Sonic's South Island friends again, this time bringing them to a space station he's recently conquered. Sonic is given a spaceship by the owners of the station to stop him (Cosmo Fighter). A vengeful Eggman captures Sonic, Mighty, and Ray and brings them to the dangerous Eggman Isle, but they escape (SegaSonic the Hedgehog).

-Sonic CD: Eggman chains Little Planet to a mountain and plans to secure the Time Stones. He places robot generators in the past to build an army, he creates Metal Sonic to match Sonic's speed, kidnaps Amy, etc. until Sonic saves the day.

-Sonic 2 (16-bit): Sonic is travelling in the Tornado, spots West Side Island, and decides to stop by for a visit. He meets Tails and ends up befriending the timid fox, but Eggman soon attacks, this time seeking all seven Chaos Emeralds that can be accessed through West Side Island's star posts. He's been building a massive space station of his own, the Death Egg, and needs fuel. Tails tags along with Sonic to foil this plot. They find all seven Emeralds and learn Sonic can become Super Sonic. Sonic reaches the Death Egg and fights Mecha Sonic, a robot designed with an emphasis on power instead of speed. The Death Egg Robot is destroyed, causing the Death Egg to crash into Angel Island, Sonic wins, yay.

-Sonic 3: Eggman meets the guardian of Angel Island, Knuckles, and tricks him into believing Sonic and Tails stole the Chaos Emeralds, relics of the ancient echidnas. Sonic and Tails arrive, Knuckles fights them and steals the Chaos Emeralds from them, they get them back, the relaunch of the Death Egg is prevented, etc.

-Sonic and Knuckles: Sonic and Tails fight to destroy the Death Egg for good, Eggman steals the Master Emerald, Knuckles learns the truth, Sonic battles an upgraded Mecha Sonic etc. Eggman makes one final attempt to flee with the Master Emerald, but Super Sonic defeats him. Eggman later escapes to his secret, smaller base -- the E.G.G. Station. Some time later an Eggrobo attempts to continue the invasion, but Knuckles stops both it and Mecha Sonic.

-Sonic 4: Episode I: Eggman recycles some old Badniks as a distraction while waiting for Little Planet, Sonic destroys E.G.G. Station.

-Sonic 4: Episode II: Some months pass, and Little Planet at last returns. Eggman brings back Metal Sonic and begins building the Death Egg mk. II as a shell around Little Planet itself. Sonic and Tails manage to disable the station but fail to destroy it. Episode III is never coming out, so we'll just imagine they did go back and restore Little Planet.

Eggman has calmed down after a string of major defeats, so time for some more spinoffs: Tails and other around South Island are kidnapped by Eggman, who demands the Emeralds as ransom (Sonic 2 8-bit). Eggman makes a cheap arcade to distract Sonic, Tails, and Amy (Gameworld). The three have a go-kart race on South Island, but Eggman crashes the party to be a jerk (Drift). Eggman misuses the red Chaos Emerald during an experiment, causing a massive Chaos energy disruption that causes South Island to slowly begin sinking, but Sonic and Tails stop it (Sonic Chaos). Eggman conquers Mount Mobius (pretend the name Mobius is a name for a place, not the entire world in this case) and builds the Veg-O-Fortress, tries to find mysterious power gems he initially thought were Chaos Emeralds, Sonic stops him from robotizing a ton of animals, the day is saved again (Spinball). Eggman then sticks around in Mobius a bit longer to attack a strange village of sentient bean creatures (Mean Bean Machine).

-Knuckles Chaotix: A new island rises from the sea several months after Angel Island's fall, caused by the new island's connection to the Master Emerald. It quickly grows into a paradise, attracting the attention of Eggman. He discovers giant rings similar to those on Angel Island, proving that it was once part of the old echidna civilization. He then discovers that leftover Chaos energy from the Master Emerald had crystallized into six Chaos Rings. Hoping to seize these rings and gain access to the Master Emerald, he turns the island into a base to conduct his research of rings and build a new Badnik army. Soon some travelers show up to the island (Vector believes it's a miracle, Mighty is a wanderer so he just winds up there by chance, Charmy wants to find new flowers, Espio wants to investigate its ties to the echidnas of legend), but Eggman captures them. Knuckles, meanwhile, notices the Master Emerald's reaction to the appearance of the island and, feeling it to be his duty, he reluctantly leaves Angel island to investigate. He frees the others, and together they defeat Eggman and Metal Sonic.

-Triple Trouble: A failed experiment causes the Emeralds Eggman's gathered to scatter all over. Sonic and Tails try to find them first. Knuckles is wandering around, feeling more confident after his Chaotix adventure, when Eggman shows up. He sort of plays on his lingering mistrust of Sonic, convincing him to try and beat the others to the Emeralds. Knuckles decides to give Eggman a second chance and agrees. A villainous treasure hunter from the Special Zone, Fang, also shows up, seeking to sell the Emeralds on the black market. Sonic and Tails save the day, blah blah.

More spinoffs: Sonic and friends host a grand prix on West Side Island, this time inviting Knuckles to mend the rift. Eggman, Metal Sonic, and Fang crash the event, seeking revenge, but everyone has fun regardless (Drift 2). Tails goes on a solo journey to a remote island and fights a crazy witch and her goons (Skypatrol). Reaching an all-time low, Eggman replaces Sonic's shoes with slow-down boots while the hedgehog naps and traps him in a giant labyrinth. Sonic can still roll, and Eggman is foiled (Labyrinth).

-Fighters: Eggman builds a new Death Egg -- unlike the mk. II, this is a completely new design, with six stations connected to the central one. Tails builds a rocket that requires the power of the Emeralds to reach the station. Everyone has one Chaos Emerald and wants a shot at taking down the Death Egg II, so they decide to hold a fun fighting tournament to determine who gets to go. An eighth emerald gets in the mix somehow, maybe it's a fake created by Fang, or maybe it's a real one that showed up because the Chaos Emeralds are bullshit. Sonic wins, the Death Egg II is destroyed, etc.

-3D Blast: During a satellite sweep, Eggman discovers Flickies' Island and its giant rings that Flickies use to move between dimensions. He begins robotizing the Flickies with hopes that they'll retrieve the Chaos Emeralds for him, but Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles arrive and discover his plot. Sonic brings the Emeralds back to South Island for safekeeping.

-Blast: Eggman is having a bad day and he's just so fed up with Sonic, he's just sick of this shit, y'know? He tries to shoot Sonic while he naps but misses, instead hitting the Emeralds and causing them to scatter. Sonic teams up with an adventuring Knuckles (still traveling the world he's missed out on for so long) and destroys Eggman's newest station, the Silver Castle.

More weirdness: Sonic is asked to teach at a local school on South Island for a day. It goes well enough, but it's not something he wants to do ever again (Schoolhouse). Eggman wants the Emeralds again and uses one of his shell companies to host a race. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy join the race, something something Tails Doll (Sonic R). Sonic has become very famous, so he gets a museum built in his honor in Green Hill. Eggman is insulted than Sonic has been named Man of the Year, so he tries to tarnish Sonic's name shortly before the ceremony. (Sonic Jam/Man of the Year short). Eggman finds Gerald's diary and begins learning more about the echidnas of ancient times. He does some smaller attempts at getting the Emeralds (Pocket Adventure, Advance 1), but they both fail. However, Eggman's invasion of Angel Island with Mecha Knuckles makes Knuckles feel guilty about abandoning his duties, so he retreats back to the island for a while.

-Adventure: Eggman just shatters the Emeralds to free Chaos, figuring he can get the Emeralds later. Yadda yadda Gamma, Big, Froggy, Perfect Chaos, etc. It's SA1, you all know this.

-Shuffle: Sonic and friends get summoned to a dream world to help a goddess.

-Adventure 2: Eggman frees Shadow from a GUN base, Rouge steals the Master Emerald, etc. etc. SA2

-Advance 2: Eggman kidnaps Vanilla the Rabbit and Cream, as well as Tails and Knuckles, in a thrown-together scheme. Sonic saves them.

-Pinball Party: Pinball tournament at Casinopolis, Eggman spoils the fun.

-Heroes: Eggman begins production of the Egg Fleet. Metal Sonic gets some upgrades and goes rogue, attempting to take over the world himself. Blah blah Heroes, Shadow gets freed by Rouge but has amnesia. Metal gets his free will removed entirely at the end as punishment.

-Shadow: I'M NOT SAYING IT WAS ALIENS, BUT. Shadow discovers the truth of his past.

-Battle: Eggman finds the gizoid but throws it away out of frustration. Sonic finds the gizoid washed up on the beach and bonds with him, naming him Emerl. He and his friends all have their adventures with him, but in the end he gets destroyed. :(

-Advance 3: Eggman uses data from Emerl to build Gemerl. Eggman then uses Chaos Control to split the world into seven pocket dimensions, Sonic and friends use the Master Emerald to undo it. Gemerl goes rogue but gets defeated and repaired, becoming a friend to Cream.

-Riders: Eggman tries to find the treasure of Babylon with the aid of the Babylon Rogues. He hosts an Extreme Gear tournament through his shell corporation to get the Emeralds and summon the Garden, but the treasure ends up being a flying carpet.

-06: mephiles silver elise flames of disaster oh no

-Rush: Eggman meets Eggman Nega, his "counterpart" from the Sol Dimension. They team up to make an interdimensional Eggmanland, but Blaze and Sonic stop them, yay friendship is nice.

-Rush Adventure: Sonic and Tails wind up in the Sol Dimension through a freak storm, they meet Marine and Blaze, they stop Captain Whisker and stop the Eggmen again. Nega goes berserk in the end and nearly destroys the world in a fit of rage, shocking even Eggman.

-Rivals, Rivals 2: Nega is actually Eggman's descendant from a future where the Robotnik name has been tarnished, much to Nega's dismay. He's been trying to aid his ancestor and redeem the family name to earn some respect, but he's gotten sick of that approach. He turns people into cards with a camera, hoping to change history, but Sonic, Silver, and others stop him. In the end he gets turned into a card himself. He escapes somehow and returns, this time intending to free an interdimensional demon and outright destroy the world. Again, he gets defeated and is trapped in a hellish dimension for a time. Between these adventures, Sonic saves the fictional world of the Arabian Nights.

-Zero Gravity: Meteor crashes at one of Eggman's shell corporations, blah blah Babylonians are aliens.

-Unleashed: Eggman uses the Chaos Emeralds to shatter the planet and free Dark Gaia, using its energy to build Eggmanland at last. Sonic travels with the amnesiac Chip AKA Light Gaia, showing his new friend the world and its people and cultures in a way he'd never seen before. Dark Gaia is defeated, and it and Light Gaia are sealed away. 

-Black Knight: Sonic has another literary adventure and saves the world of Camelot.

-Free Riders: Eggman does a half-hearted scheme to earn some money and distract from the construction of his amusement park, hosting another Extreme Gear gran prix. Metal Sonic "rebels" (maybe it was all an act, idk who cares).

-Colors: Eggman pours resources into a massive space amusement park, which acts as a cover for his true plan of enslaving the Wisps and using their power to power a mind-control cannon. Sonic and Tails show up, suspicious, and save the Wisps. Eggman is left drifting in space.

-Generations: Eggman finds the Time Eater and nearly breaks all of spacetime. Sonic and his past self defeat Eggman and his past self. Younger Sonic gets sent back in time but eventually forgets everything. No split timelines or anything.

-Lost World: Eggman discovers the hidden Lost Hex and enslaves the native Zeti, using them to secretly build a new Badnik army. The Zeti get freed when Sonic kicks away the conch Eggman was using to keep them in line, forcing a reluctant alliance of heroes and villain to stop the vengeful Deadly Six from destroying the world. Eggman betrays Sonic and Tails in the end, but the world is saved regardless. 

-Runners: Eggman reattempts his mind control cannon thing, etc. All that weirdness in Runners.


There's probably some details I mixed up and some stuff I'm missing, like the mobile games. Just imagine Jump takes place after Colors, I guess. Forces obviously goes at the end, dunno about Mania.

ANYWAY, that's that. Sorry if any of that's incomprehensible or anything. 

...why did I write all that what am I doing with my life


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My personal Sonic timeline mostly includes main console and handheld games, so it would go something like this:

Sonic 1 - Sonic CD - Sonic 2 - Sonic 3 & Knuckles - Sonic Mania - Sonic 4 - Sonic Advance - Sonic Adventure - Sonic Adventure 2 - Sonic Advance 2 - Sonic Heroes - Shadow The Hedgehog - Sonic Battle - Sonic Advance 3 - Sonic 06 - Sonic Rivals - Sonic Rivals 2 - Sonic Rush - Sonic Rush Adventure - Sonic and the Secret Rings - Sonic Unleashed - Sonic and the Black Knight - Sonic Colors - Sonic Generations - Sonic Lost World - Sonic Forces

Other stuff like the Game Gear games I place in their own timeline:

Sonic 1 (GG) - Sonic 2 (GG) - Sonic Chaos - Sonic Triple Trouble - Sonic Blast

and spinoffs like Chronicles, SegaSonic Arcade, 3D Blast, etc are all their own thing in their own little bubble. Same thing applies for other Sonic media such as AOSTH, SATAM, Underground, X, Boom, OVA, STC, Archie, Japanese Sonic manga and various novels.

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