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=SSMB's= Top Sonic Songs 2017 Voting Thread (CLOSED)

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Sonic Drift 2

  1. Spoiler


    1. Death Egg
    2. Ice Cap
    3. Milky Way
    4. Rainy Savanna
    5. Emerald Hill
    6. Credits
    7. Final GP
    8. Quake Cave
    9. Mystic Cave
    10. Casino Night



Knuckles' Chaotix

  1. Spoiler


    1. Door into Summer (Isolated Island)
    2. Midnight Greenhouse (Botanic Base)
    3. Seascape (Marina Madness)
    4. Just Another Day (Good Ending)
    5. This Horizon (Main Theme/Title)
    6. Evening Star (World Lobby, Sunset)
    7. Speed of Sound (Speed Slider)
    8. Tube Panic (Special Stage)
    9. Combination (Practice Mode)
    10. Tribute (Chaos Ring)



Tails' Sky Patrol

  1. Spoiler


    1. Rail Canyon
    2. Ruin Wood - First Half
    3. Bearenger
    4. Credits
    5. Ruin Wood - Second Half
    6. Metal Island
    7. Witchcart
    8. Dark Castle
    9. Carrotia
    10. Fockewulf



Tails Adventure

  1. Spoiler


    1. Poloy's Forest
    2. Polly Mountain/Green Island
    3. Sea Fox/Lake Crystal
    4. Lake Rocky
    5. Credits
    6. Final Boss
    7. Tails' House
    8. Boss
    9. Battle Fortress 2
    10. Coco Island



Sonic Labyrinth

  1. Spoiler


    1. Credits
    2. Bonus Stage
    3. Level Theme 1
    4. Level Theme 2
    5. Level Theme 3
    6. Final Boss
    7. Boss
    8. Title



Sonic the Fighters

  1. Spoiler


    1. Death Egg's Eye ~ Never Let It Go
    2. Giant Wing ~ Fire Stone
    3. Sunset Town
    4. South Island ~ Lovers
    5. Aurora Icefield ~ Black Bed
    6. Sonic vs Knuckles ~ North Wind
    7. Canyon Cruise ~ Blue Garden
    8. Death Egg's Hanger ~ Hurry Up
    9. Advertise ~ K.I.Y.O.
    10. Mushroom Hill ~ Come On Mr. Sonic



Sonic 3D Blast (Mega Drive)

  1. Spoiler


    1. Volcano Valley Zone Act 1
    2. Diamond Dust Zone Act 1
    3. Volcano Valley Zone Act 2
    4. Rusty Ruin Zone Act 2
    5. Credits
    6. Panic Puppet Zone Act 1
    7. Diamond Dust Zone Act 2
    8. Rusty Ruin Zone Act 1
    9. Green Grove Zone Act 1
    10. Boss 2



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Figured I'd throw my hat into the ring, so to speak. Here are my choices for my five favorite Sonic games (In no particular order):

I. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Genesis)


1. Ending Theme (Sweet Dreams)

2. Casino Night Zone

3. Emerald Hill Zone

4. Chemical Plant Zone

5. Hill Top Zone

6. Death Egg Zone

7. Special Stage

8. Mystic Cave Zone

9. Wing Fortress Zone

10. Sky Chase Zone

II. Sonic Colors (Wii) 


1. Aquarium Park Act 1

2. Nega-Wisp Armor Phase 2

3. Area- Aquarium Park

4. Area- Asteroid Coaster

5. Vs. Orcan and Skullian

6. Cutscene- Yacker's Goodbye

7. Sweet Mountain Act 2

8. Starlight Carnival Act 1

9. Reach for the Stars

10. Game Land Tropical Resort

III. Sonic Generations (Console)


1. Chemical Plant Act 2

2. Sky Sanctuary Act 2

3. City Escape Act 1/ Escape from the City Classic

4. Seaside Hill Act 2

5. Crisis City Act 2

6. Door Into Summer (Collection Room)

7. For True Story (Vs Shadow)

8. Stardust Speedway Bad Future JP (Vs Metal Sonic)

9. Open Your Heart remix (Vs Perfect Chaos Act 1)

10. Green Hill Act 1

IV: Sonic Unleashed HD (PS3/Xbox 360)


1. Dear My Friend

2. Super Sonic vs Perfect Dark Gaia

3. Boss Battle Night

4. Arid Sands Night

5. Eggmanland (The level, not the HUB) Night

6. Endless Possibilities

7. The World Adventure

8. Jungle Joyride Day

9. Rooftop Run Night

10. Dragon Road Day

V. Sonic Heroes


1. Sonic Heroes (Main Theme)

2. We Can

3. Bingo Highway

4. Seaside Hill

5. Emerald Challenge

6. Team Chaotix (theme)

7. Egg Fleet

8. Final Fortress

9. Frog Forest

10. Casino Park


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I've got a case of the Dimps for Round 3.

Sonic Advance


1. Cosmic Angel Zone - I really like how peppy the song feels and strangely upbeat for a final platforming level when they are usually dramatic.
2. Secret Base Zone Act 2 - Really fitting for the location like a 1960s spy theme.
3. Egg Rocket Zone
4. Secret Base Zone Act 1
5. Ice Mountain Zone Act 1
6. Ice Mountain Zone Act 2
7. X-Zone Mini Boss 2 (Sonic 2 Boss)
8. Casino Paradise Zone Act 2
9. Staff Roll
10. Casino Paradise Zone Act 1
x. Neo Green Hill Zone Act 1
x. Angel Island Zone Act 2
x. X-Zone Mini Boss 1 (Sonic 1 Boss)

Sonic Rush


1. Ethno Circus (Blazy Mix) - My favorite song out of the game but hard to decide between the Sonic and the Blazy Mix versions due to the instruments and the lyrics that are hard to understand making them sound like taco meat on my plate even though it's not really that. The Blazy Mix just slightly favors it as it even sounds like something out of Popeye at times.
2. Right There, Ride On
3. Bomber Barbara - Really like this boss theme in the game. Also like the unusual lyrics that are a bit strange for a Sonic game and unfitting for the character. "Gotta be with a girlfriend, I'm lonely."
4. What U Need (Blazy Mix)
5. Back 2 Back
6. Wrapped in Black
7. Jeh Jeh Rocket (Blazy Mix)
8. Get Edgy
9. Ska Cha Cha
10. A New Day
x. Raisin' Me Up
x. Vela-Nova
x. Metal Scratchin'

In terms of the Sonic Rush songs, I quite like both the Sonic and the Blazy Mix of the level themes however to make the voting more fairer the favorite of the two were chosen. It was actually quite hard to choose from as it had a strong soundtrack and the positions can easily change between listening apart from the first 3, even then number 1 could also be the Sonic version.

Sonic Rush Adventure


1. Boss - Big Swell - Love how dramatic the song is and another favorite boss theme in the entire series.
2. A New Venture - In the actual game, you don't get to hear much of the song 45 seconds at most. A shame really as I found it a lovely vocal song in the series and quite uplifting to hear.
3. Hidden Island - Pretty much an instrumental version of A New Venture and like it just as much.
4. Plant Kingdom
5. Training - Not often a training level has good music as this in a game.
6. Boss - Whisker & Johnny - I really like how swanky in terms of tone like something from the early 20th century.
7. Hovercraft
8. Blizzard Peaks
9. Windmill Village Mode 4
10. Boss - The closest song to Sonic Rush in terms of style.
x. Coral Cave
x. Machine Labyrinth
x. Haunted Ship
x. Pirates Island
x. Sky Babylon
x. Waterbike
x. Boss - Deep Core - This sounds a lot like Sonic Colors and would have easily fit in that game as a level theme nevermind a boss.

Way too many honorable mentions as this is one of my favorite soundtracks and my favorite of the Dimps games. Anything past 3 could have been in any position. The main difference here between the voting choices and the versions that I listen to is that the Acts are seperated (the OST is different compared to rips out of a ROM). Out of the Act 1-Act 2 versions, I prefer the Act 1 version except Sky Babylon. It is also why I took a bit longer to vote just in case of any changes. Also on the non-voting options, I also really like the PSG version of Windmill Village Mode 5 (listed as Select Wifi Mix) and Haunted Ship Invincible that sounds like something out of Point Blank.

Sonic 4: Episode 1


1. Lost Labyrinth Zone Act 2 - Easily my favorite song out of the entire game and really like the pace of it. It really captures both the adventuring, daring side of Sonic and the setting extremely well.
2. Splash Hill Zone Act 1 - Really like that it sounds like a cheesy 80s song and gets into my head easily.
3. Casino Street Zone Act 2 (Mobile) - I feel like grabbing some Popcorn from a machine.
4. Casino Street Zone Act 1
5. Casino Street Zone Act 3 - This song has a hint of Spring Stadium but not quite.
6. Title Screen
7. Boss - Dr. Eggman
8. Mad Gear Zone Act 3 - It sort of sounds like this came from the arcade game Mad Gear that is more commonly known as LED Storm, a soundtrack to a game that I quite like however if it sounded more like that game it would have higher up the list. I prefer the Speedup version more than the normal version.
9. Splash Hill Zone Act 2
10. Lost Labyrinth Zone Act 3
x. Mad Gear Zone Act 2
x. End Roll Melody
x. All Clear

Sonic 4: Episode 2


1. Death Egg mkII Zone Act 2 - My favourite song out of the game, as it that it sounds like it has to get this out of the door type of thing due to its pace. I really like the intro to the song very much.
2. Sky Fortress Zone Act 1
3. A Duel with Metal Sonic - Stardust Speedway RMX
4. Death Egg mkII Zone Act 1
5. Sky Fortress Zone Act 2
6. Boss Metal Sonic
7. White Park Zone Act 2
8. White Park Zone Act 1
9. Sylvania Castle Zone Act 1
10. Oil Desert Zone Act 2 - Those poor ducks at the intro...
x. Sylvania Castle Zone Act 3
x. Sky Fortress Zone Act 3

With Episode 2 the last two zones have the strongest music out of the game and apart from number 1, the positioning is very close between 2 to 8. For some reason this soundtrack took quite a bit of time to warm up to even have favorites at first but it is growing on me.


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First modern game time. Unleashed! Not much commentary today because I'm tired. I'll probably add more + some links later since I feel like I'm not doing the game a lot of justice here. 

Sonic Unleashed
Cool Edge Night
Jungle Joyride Day
Rooftop Run Day
Jungle Joyride Night
Shamar Hub
Savanah Citadel Day
Windmil Isle Night
Skyscraper Scamper Day
The World Adventure Piano Version
Endless Possibility

-I listened through the game's OST for this and have come to the conclusion that this is prooobably the most "consistent" OST in the series? I had the hardest times with the rankings because I didn't really hold one song over the others. Def a good thing.

- Cool Edge Night is the fucking best. low key and mysterious just the way I like it. It fit's the night level's slow, careful treks through dangerous ice caves too.

- Jungle Joyride Day's pretty blatant Sonic R reference made me shit bricks when I first heard it. THe song in general and it's nighttime counterpart are some of the most effective themes for the game's best levels though. A mad dash to the last temple with more environmental hazards and enemies than ever? They could have capped off the game with this and I would have understood. 

- The piano version of World Adventure hits the soft spot I have for those calm arrangements of the main themes that these games sometimes do. You'll see more of that on my other lists probably.

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Well, here I go :v


Sonic 1 (Genesis)

1. Starlight Zone

2. Green Hill Zone

3. Marble Zone

4. Spring Yard Zone

5. Labyrinth Zone

6. Credits music

7. Boss music

8. Final Zone

9. Scrap Brain Zone

10. Special Stage


Sonic 2 (Genesis)

1. Mystic Cave Zone

2. Aquatic Ruin Zone

3. Chemical Plant Zone

4. Casino Night Zone

5. Emerald Hill Zone

6. Boss music

7. 2 Player: Casino Night

8. 2 Player: Mystic Cave

9. Sky Chase Zone

10. Final Boss

x. Final Stage

x. Oil Ocean Zone

x. Special Stage


Sonic CD (JP)

1. You Can Do Anything (this song is so cheesy and upbeat it's hard not to love it lol)

2. Cosmic Eternity (same with this one)

3. Quartz Quadrant: Good Future

4. Collision Chaos: Good Future

5. Stardust Speedway: Present

6. Tidal Tempest: Present

7. Stardust Speedway: Bad Future

8. Quartz Quadrant: Present

9. Metallic Madness: Good Future

10. Stardust Speedway: Past

x. Stardust Speedway: Good Future

x. Collision Chaos: Past

x. Collision Chaos: Present

x. Palmtree Panic: Present

x. Wacky Workbench: Past

x. Palmtree Panic: Good Future

x. Boss music


Sonic 3 & Knuckles

1. Ice Cap Zone: Act 1

2. Lava Reef Zone: Act 1

3. Hydrocity Zone: Act 1

4. Hidden Palace Zone/Lava Reef Zone: Act 2

5. Endless Mine

6. Ending

7. Flying Battery Zone: Act 2

8. Azure Lake

9. Angel Island Zone: Act 1

10. Launch Base Zone: Act 1

x. Hydrocity Zone: Act 2

x. Sky Sanctuary Zone

x. Death Egg Zone: Act 1

x. Marble Garden Zone: Act 1

x. Desert Palace

x. Boss music

x. Final Boss

x. Special stage

That's it for now, but I'm gonna come back to list some more games tomorrow.

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Right, guess I should do something here. To break off from the obvious choices for now, I'll go with one of my personal underrated choices.

Sonic and the Secret Rings

1. Blue on the Run

Love the energy and rhythm in this song. It has a great upbeat tempo and speed to it, and I tend to really enjoy that type of music in Sonic games. 

2. The Palace that Was Found

This was my original favourite song from Secret Rings. Ironically, the one that was a huge meme because of the constantly repeating lyrics. Personally though, I love the fact it retains the speed and rhythm of the other songs while mixing it in with music that fits the settings of the game. 

3. Let the Speed Mend It

One of the starting songs of the game happens to be one of my favourites too. One that's got the regular catchy upbeat tone of the series but also really blending in the instruments that fits with the setting.

4. How it Started

I should mention that I really enjoy the boss themes in this game. But yeah, I liked the energy of the song, and the more epic feel of this one. The other boss songs before this I didn't really enjoy for being rather slow paced, but this one really upped the tone that fits for a boss, and fits with the previous song of Palace That Was Found. 

5. Seven Rings in Hand

This is a really interesting one for me. I was listening to this a few days ago when I was listening to the Secret Rings OST on Spotify, and I actually got into the song a good bit, enjoying the rhythm and style of it. But, I'm not going to lie, about a year and a half ago, I fucking despised this song. I had decided to play through Secret Rings for the first time in a very very long time, and actually try to finish it. And SEGA made one critical error with this OST. This song that should've been the epic boss theme with Erazor. They made it the main menu theme, which means when you're playing this broken, repetitive game, every five minutes, you'll be hearing this goddamn song every single time. The end result is by the time you get to the end of the game with this song, it'll have no impact because you've heard it so many times and on top of that, you are just totally sick that you don't even care. As a song itself, it's actually pretty catchy and good. In context of the game, it's horrible. 

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Round 4 is here and I think it may finally be time to get to Sonic Adventure. The soundtrack was very old sounding to me when I first played the game about a year or so after I was obsessed with Sonic Heroes and Adventure 2:Battle. However, that isn't to say I didn't enjoy it a lot. Although, I was shocked to hear the original versions of the vocal songs from Sonic Adventure 2. I don't think I ever got used to the original Sonic Adventure ones. But there were a lot of tunes that sounded either grand or menacing in just the right way.

Sonic Adventure

  1.  Militant Missonary ...Boss: Egg Walker and Egg Viper

  2.   Mystic Ruins

  3.   Egg Carrier - A Song That Keeps Us On The Move

  4.   Welcome to Station Square

  5.   Open Your Heart

  6.   Red Barrage Area ...for Hot Shelter

  7.   Pleasure Castle ...for Twinkle Park

  8.   Theme of "E-102γ"

  9.   Crazy Robo... Boss: E-101β

10.   Red Hot Skull ...for Red Mountain

  x.  Theme of Dr. Eggman

  x.   Danger! Chased by Rock ...for Lost World

  x.  Mechanical Resonance ...for Final Egg

  x.   Lazy Days ~Livin' In Paradise~

  x.   Be Cool, Be Wild & Be Groovy ...for Icecap

I fucking love how atmospheric the hub world themes are. Things that make me imagine the Sonic characters being in a world that feels lived in are the absolute best. However, that menace in that Eggman boss fight is unparalleled.

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Sonic Heroes


Sonic The Hedgehog (2006)

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (ALL GENESIS VERSIONS)



1. Ice Cap Zone - Act 1

2. Hydrocity Zone - Act 1

3. Final Boss

4. Hydrocity Zone - Act 2

5. Azure Lake Zone

6. Angel Island Zone - Act 1

7. Balloon Park Zone

8. Act 2 Boss

9. Special Stage

10. Title



Sonic Generations (360/PS3/Steam)



1. Crisis City - Act 2

2. Seaside Hill - Act 2

3. Challenge/Mission 1 (Super Sonic Racing)

4. Rival Battle: Shadow the Hedgehog

5. Rival Battle: Silver the Hedgehog

6. Sky Sanctuary - Act 2

7. Boss Battle: Perfect Chaos Pt 1

8. Crisis City - Act 1

9. Rival Battle: Metal Sonic

10. Speed Highway - Act 2



Sonic Adventure 2



1. Keys The Ruin... for Pyramid Cave

2. Supporting Me... for Biolizard

3. Live & Learn

4. Boss: Masters of the Desert

5. Won't Stop, Just Go!... for Green Forest

6. That's the Way I Like It... for Metal Harbor

7. Vengeance is Mine... for Radical Highway

8. The Supernatural... for Final Chase

9. The Mad Convoy Race... for City Escape

10. A Ghost's Pumpkin Soup... for Pumpkin Hill


City Escape is not on here because it's way too cheesy.


Sonic Adventure 1



1. Open Your Heart (well it had to be on here didn't it)

2. Crank the Heat Up!!!... for Final Egg

3. Twinkle Cart... for Twinkle Park

4. Azure Blue World... for Emerald Coast

5. Windy & Ripply... for Emerald Coast

6. Mt Red, A Symbol of Thrill... for Red Mountain

7. Tornado... for Windy Valley

8. Windy Hill... for Windy Valley

9. Perfect Chaos Revival!... Boss: Perfect Chaos

10. Welcome to Station Square

x. Twinkle Circuit


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Next up is Sonic Adventure 2



1. Escape from the City

2. Live and Learn

3. It Doesn't Matter

4. Pumpkin HIll

5. Metal Harbour

6. Radical Highway

7. Green Forest

8. Believe in Myself

9. vs Shadow on Space Colony ARK

10. Prison Lane



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Sonic Advance:


1. Neo Green Hill Zone Act 1

2. Angel Island Act 2

3. Ice Mountain Zone Act 1

4. Special Stage

5. Character Select

Sonic Heroes:


1. Sonic Heroes

2. Seaside Hill

3. What I'm Made of

4. Casino Park

5. System 2

6. Ocean Palace

7. Grand Metropolis

8. Special Stage: Bonus Challenge

9. Power Plant

10. Frog Forest


X. Sea Gate (An honorable mention only because Seaside Hill is already pretty similar)

X. Invincibility

X. Hang Castle

X. We Can

Sonic 06:


1. HIs World

2. Solaris Phase 2

3. Wave Ocean - The Inlet

4. All Hail Shadow

5. Aquatic Base - Level 1

Sonic Rush:


1. A New Day

2. Wrapped In Black

3. What U Need

4. Back 2 Back

5. Raisin' Me Up

6. Get Edgy (Ow)

7. Right There, Right On

Sonic Rush Adventure:


1. A New Venture

2. Waterbike

3. Coral Cave Act 1

4. Blizzard Peaks Act 1

5. Pirates' Island Act 2

Sonic Unleashed:


1.  Rooftop Run - Day

2. Savannah Citadel - Day

3. Endless Possibilities

4. Windmill Isle - Day

5. Apotos - Day

6. Holoska - Night

7. Cool Edge - Day

8. Professor Pickle's Lab - Media

9. Dark Gaia Phase 2

10. Empire City - Night


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Here's s'more

Sonic Adventure

1. At Dawn

2. Azure Blue World

3. Welcome to Station Square

4. Red Hot Skull

5. Run Through the Speed Highway

6. Mt. Red: A Symbol of Thrill

7. Theme of E-102ɣ

8. Bad Taste Aquarium

9. Pleasure Castle

10. Be Cool, Be Wild and Be Groovy

x. Believe in Myself

x. Windy and Ripply

x. Crazy Robo (E-101β)

x. Dilapidated Way

x. Mystic Ruins

x. Crank the Heat Up!!

x. The Air

x. Windy Hill

x. Theme of Chao

x. Join Us 4 Happy Time

x. Tricky Maze

x. Sky Deck a Go! Go!

x. Egg Carrier: A Song That Keeps Us on the Move

x. It Doesn't Matter (good cheese)

x. Open Your Heart (also good cheese)

x. Lazy Days (Livin' in Paradise) (this is way to silly to hate) 


Sonic Adventure 2

1. That's the Way I Like It!

2. Live and Learn

3. Bright Sound

4. Escape From the City

5. This Way Out

6. Unknown From M.E.

7. Won't Stop, Just Go!

8. Rumbling HWY

9. Chao Lobby

10. A Ghost's Pumpkin Soup

x. It Doesn't Matter

x. Fly in the Freedom

x. E.G.G.M.A.N.

x. Rhythm and Balance

x. Mr. Unsmiley

x. Vengence is Mine

x. Soarin' Over the Space

x. Hero Chao Garden Theme

x. Chao Garden Theme

x. Highway in the Sky

x. G.U.N. Mobile 


Sonic Heroes

1. Frog Forest

2. Grand Metropolis

3. Power Plant

4. Final Fortress

5. Follow Me (Honestly I'm such a sucker for cheesy early 2000's pop, and this is like the exact flavor I love. Also, "Follow me inside, outside, through the stratosphere" has been stuck in my head ever since I was a kid. Like sometimes I'll just be going through my day and that just pops into my head lol)

6. Egg Fleet

7. This Machine

8. Sonic Heroes (Main Theme)

9. Ocean Palace

10. Team Chaotix

x. What I'm Made Of

x. Mystic Mansion

x. Bullet Station

x. Seaside Hill

x. Casino Park

x. We Can

x. Egg Emperor


Sonic Rush

1. Back 2 Back

2. Vela-Nova

3. Ska Cha Cha

4. A New Day

5. Right There, Ride On

6. What U Need

7. Get Edgy

8. Jeh Jeh Rocket

9. Metal Scratchin'

10. Wrapped in Black

x. Ethno Circus

x. Medley Rush

x. Bomber Barbara

x. Raisin' Me Up 

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Round 5 and Round 6 will be both versions of Sonic Generations. Moving forward these are going to be a lot easier. Feels good getting the ones with the super hard to pick choices out of the way first. I'll do Sonic Generations next because they're all remixes of stuff and it's a luck of the draw whether or not the ones they remixed were my favorites to begin with. 

Sonic Generations

1. Chemical Plant : Act 2

2. Rival Battle : Metal Sonic

3. Boss Battle : Perfect Chaos Pt-II

4. City Escape : Act 1

5. Boss Battle : Time Eater ver.1

6. Boss Battle : Death Egg Robot

7. City Escape : Act 1

8. End Roll Medley ver.1

9. Boss Battle : Perfect Chaos Pt-I

10. Crisis City : Act 1

x. Rival Battle : Silver the Hedgehog

x. Boss Battle : Time Eater ver.2

Now I didn't play the 3DS version so most of these I've only heard a few times. However, I feel the number 1 on the 3DS list is the obvious best choice. A lot of the ones in this game are very ... not good actually. Especially Act 2 of Radical Highway. Holy fuck.

Sonic Generations (3DS)

1. Boss Battle : Big Arms

2. Boss Battle : Biolizard

3. Casino Night : Act 2

4. Radical Highway : Act 1

5. Emerald Coast : Act 1

6. Mushroom Hill : Act 1

7. End Roll Medley ver.2

8. Special Stage

9. Boss Battle : Egg Emperor

10. Water Palace : Act 2


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Sonic 2 time.

ELDER GOD. Chemical Plant




2. Mystic Cave
3. Aquatic Ruin
4. Emerald Hill
5. Casino Night
6. Oil Ocean
7. Ending theme

Let me talk about Chemical Planet.

I have my "favorite" Sonic song that I mentioned back in my Sonic CD post, but goddamn if Chemical Planet isn't the most NOSTALGIC song I don't know what is. Chemical Plant is just the right amount of fast paced insane fun with what I percieved at the time as a bullshit difficulty spike with all the platforming and water at the end. It sticks out in my head, reminding me of the days when me, my brother, my sister, my cousin and my mom would sit around the game. My sister and my brother haven't cared about sonic since SA2 and they still know this song. My Mom and cousin haven't cared about Sonic since THIS GAME and they used to hum this.

It's kind of a perfect song too? Like, this shit is a banger. It slaps. Whatever the kids are saying.

It's just the perfect track for this stage. I don't know how else to describe it. It's so fast paced and has so much fucking attitude. 

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Just some Game Gear ones for now while I've been busy listening to some non-Sonic stuff. I would have loved to put Adventure here but I'm still deciding and remembering what the tracks are called. Oh well, maybe next time.

Sonic Chaos


1. Gigapolis Zone (Gigalopolis Zone) - What makes it my favorite is that I really like the intro starting tense then starts to get slowly more calmer when its gets towards nearly the end of the loop point. Also fitting for a city level.
2. Mecha Green Hill Zone - Lovely You Can Do Anything arrangement/Green Hills Zone remix.
3. Aqua Planet Zone (GG)
4. Gigapolis Zone (GG)
5. Sleeping Egg Zone
6. Turquoise Hill Zone
7. Electric Egg Zone
8. Final Boss
9. Boss
10. Electric Egg Zone 3

Out of the non-voting ones, really like Character Select (Master System version) and the Game Gear only Sunset Park Train that was unused. Also out of the Master System and Game Gear versions, I prefer the Master System versions to Turquoise Hill and Sleeping Egg while for the Game Gear it was just Aqua Planet. They are slightly different due to that the Game Gear versions were more complete however sometimes I don't like the extra instruments or the changed intro that happened.

Sonic Spinball (Game Gear)


1. Final Showdown - I really like how menacing it sounds and in terms of pinball how close it feels towards either getting the jackpot, an extra ball or a multiball despite the game being a different type of pinball game; the tense moments are often my second favorite in the genre next to the main theme.
2. The Machine
3. Toxic Pools
4. Bonus Level
5. Lava Powerhouse
6. Title Screen

Weirdly the Game Gear version sounds more like pinball music just in PSG rather than the YM2151 soundchip or a sample based system. Lava Powerhouse is that low down on the list is because it is a mangled version of the original song rather than a different song like the other tables.

Sonic Blast


1. Green Hill Zone - My clear favorite and it fits not just for the level but the entire game as well. It even sounds a bit depressive and normally Green Hill is more cheerful.

2. Final Boss - Unusually too happy for a Final Boss theme but also pleasant to hear.
3. Blue Marine Zone
4. Silver Castle Zone
5. Staff Roll
6. Special Stage
7. Boss
8. Red Volcano Zone
9. Yellow Desert Zone
10. Ending

My favorite song out of the entire game and one of the very few that I actually like is the Character Select however in terms of voting choices, there isn't as much to choose from.


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Sonic 1 (MS/GG):


1. Bridge Zone

4. Jungle Zone

3. Ending

4. Bonus Stage

5. Sky Base Zone

Sonic 2 (MS/GG):


1. Green Hills Zone

2. Bad Ending

3.Crystal Egg

4. Underground Zone

5. Title Screen

6. Sky High Zone

Sonic CD (US):


1. Sonic Boom

2. Palmtree Panic Zone - Present

3. Wacky Workbench - Present

4. Stardust Speedway - Present

5. Tidal Tempest Zone - Present

6. Quartz Quadrant - Good Future

7. Collision Chaos Zone - Good Future

Sonic Chaos:


1. Mecha Green Hill Zone (It's funny how almost every version of You Can Do Anything made it to the top of these lists)

2. Aqua Planet Zone

3. Good Ending

4. Special Stage 2

5. Gigalopolis Zone

6. Intro/Electric Egg Zone 3


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Round 7 here might actually be harder than previously thought. Shadow the Hedgehog actually has a lot of music in it that I love. I accidentally stumbled into falling in love with my first pick a lot. Listen to that song and get to the part where the dude starts the inaudible rapping and then start stomping your feet and bobbing your head to the music. You will be tired out by the end of it.

Shadow the Hedgehog

1. The ARK

2. E.G.G.M.A.N. (Doc Robeatnik Remix) (Theme of Eggman)

3. Black Comet

4. All Hail Shadow (Pure Good Ending)

5. Title/Main Menu

6. I Am (All of Me) (Main theme/Devil Doom)

7. G.U.N. Fortress

8. Digital Circuit

9. Mad Matrix

10. Waking Up (Neutral Ending)

x. Final Haunt

x. Almost Dead (Dark/Pure Dark Ending) (Because it's fucking funny)

x.  Sky Troops

x.  Bue Falcon

x.  Black Bull

x.  Never Turn Back (True Ending)


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Sonic 3D: Flickies' Island (Saturn/PC)

  1. Spoiler


    1. Rusty Ruin Zone Act 2
    2. Panic Puppet Zone Act 2
    3. Panic Puppet Zone Act 1
    4. Gene Gadget Zone Act 1
    5. Special Stage
    6. You're My Hero
    7. Volcano Valley Zone Act 2
    8. Diamond Dust Zone Act 1
    9. Diamond Dust Zone Act 2
    10. Green Grove Zone Act 1



Sonic Blast

  1. Spoiler


    1. Silver Castle Zone
    2. Green Hill Zone
    3. Special Stage
    4. Boss
    5. Final Boss
    6. Blue Marine Zone
    7. Red Volcano Zone
    8. Yellow Desert Zone
    9. Staff Roll
    10. Title



Sonic R

  1. Spoiler


    1. Livin' in the City (Instrumental)
    2. Can You Feel the Sunshine? (Resort Island)
    3. Diamond in the Sky (Radiant Emerald)
    4. Work It Out (Instrumental)
    5. Can You Feel the Sunshine? (Instrumental)
    6. Diamond in the Sky (Instrumental)
    7. Livin' in the City (Radical City)
    8. Super Sonic Racing (Main Theme/Super Sonic)
    9. Work It Out (Reactive Factory)
    10. Back in Time (Regal Ruin)



Sonic Adventure

  1. Spoiler


    1. Tricky Maze ...for Lost World
    2. Theme of "E-102γ"
    3. Join Us 4 Happy Time ...for CHAO Race
    4. Skydeck A Go! Go! ...for Sky Deck
    5. Dilapidated Way ...for Casinopolis
    6. Azure Blue World ...for Emerald Coast
    7. Windy Hill ...for Windy Valley
    8. General Offensive ...for Sky Deck
    9. Mechanical Resonance ...for Final Egg
    10. Azure Blue World ...for Emerald Coast



Sonic Pocket Adventure

  1. Spoiler


    1. Secret Plant Zone Act 2
    2. Credits
    3. Boss
    4. Aerobase Zone
    5. Gigantic Angel Zone Act 2
    6. Neo South Island Zone Act 2
    7. Secret Plant Zone Act 1
    8. Aquatic Relix Zone Act 1
    9. Gigantic Angel Zone Boss
    10. Aquatic Relix Zone Act 2



Sonic Shuffle

  1. Spoiler


    1. Summer Mirage (Credits)
    2. Sonic Room
    3. Intro
    4. Seven Forest (Nature Zone)
    5. Sunny Side
    6. Blizzard of Coast
    7. Fun Villian
    8. Wave Taste
    9. From Birth
    10. A Silver Drop



Sonic Adventure 2

  1. Spoiler


    1. Supporting Me ...for Biolizard
    2. Event: The Last Scene
    3. Throw It All Away ...theme of "SHADOW"
    4. That's the Way I Like It ...for Metal Harbour
    5. Fly in the Freedom ...them of "ROUGE"
    6. Escape from the City ...for City Escape
    7. Rumbling HWY ...for Mission Street
    8. On The Edge ...for Eternal Engine
    9. Bright Sound ...for Dry Lagoon
    10. Dive Into The Mellow ...for Aquatic Mine



As usual I have some notes that I'll throw into the discussion thread lol.

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Sonic Adventure 2 time today. Not my favorite soundtrack but it had some great stuff on it.

1. Eternal Engine 
2.  White Jungle 
3. Metal Harbor 
4. Pyramid Cave 
5. Cosmic Wall 
6. Meteor Herd 
7. Green Forest  
8. Supporting Me
9. Prison Lane
10. For True Story

x. Egg Quarters

- Eternal Engine is probably a weird choice for top pick going by the other choices in this thread but I loved the sound they chose for Tails. It's rock like Sonics but with a techno flair. 

- I really miss this sound for Shadow. I'd go as far as to say I wish Rhythm and Balance or For True Story had become his go to theme. It's a cool sound for him that stuck out a lot.

- I felt bad for not giving Rouge any love on this list so Egg Quarters gets an honorable mention. Probably won't change much though. 

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I'm back again.

Sonic Advance


1. Special Stage  (My favourite Special Stage music ever!!)

2. Cosmic Angel Zone  (Great final level music really)

3.  X-Zone: Mini-Boss 2 (Sonic 2 Boss) (years ater and this theme still makes me laugh)

4. Angel Island Zone: Act 1 (I love how this theme makes you feel high up)

5. Egg Rocket Zone

6. Ice Mountain Zone: Act 1

7. X-Zone: Mini-Boss 1 (Sonic 1 Boss)

8. VS Mode (Emerald Hill Zone)

9. Boss

10. Neo Green Hill Zone: Act 1

Sonic Heroes


1. Sonic Heroes (Main Theme)  (Yeah, damn catchy and cheesy too)

2. What I'm Made Of (VS. Metal Overlord)  (All hail Crush 40)

3. Team Chaotix  (Perfect theme that will never be beaten for this team)

4. This Machine (Team Dark)  (Admit it, we all went emo for this tune for a few minutes)

5. Hang Castle

6. Robot Carnival / Robot Storm (Boss)

7. Metal Madness (Boss)

8. Casino Park

9. Bullet Station

10. Mystic Mansion

Sonic Advance 3


1. Chaos Angel Zone: Act 1 (yeah, everyone loves this one.)

2. Nonaggression Zone  (Emerl is BACK baby)

3. Altar Emerald Zone (I don't know, this one seems calm yet threatening)

4. Chaos Angel Zone: Act 2 (Yeah, more Chaos Angel)

5. Cyber Track Zone: Act 2

6. Cyber Track Zone: Act 1

7. Twinkle Snow Zone: Act 1

8. Sunset Hill Zone: Act 1

9. Nonaggression Zone - Pinch

10. Altar Emerald Zone: Final Boss

Sonic Riders


1. Theme of Egg Factory  (One of, if not the best Eggman base musics)

2. Theme of Digital Dimension  (Seeing Hell in a Sonic game was weird)

3. Catch Me If You Can  (ALMOST perfect theme for a team of thieves)

4. Theme of Babylon Garden  (You failed this and had it drilled into your head too)

5. Theme of Sand Ruins

6. Sonic Speed Riders

7. Theme of Splash Canyon

8. Theme of Green Cave

9. Theme of Metal City

10. Theme of SEGA Carnival

Sonic Rivals 2


1. Blue Coast Zone Act 1 / Race to Win  (If only this had been longer)

2. Mystic Haunt Zone Act 3 (Death Ruins? Is that you old buddy?)

3. Chaotic Inferno Zone Act 1 (Crisis City 2.0 is rockin my socks)

4. Blue Coast Zone Act 3 (So many memories on this one)

5. Boss

6. Chaotic Inferno Zone Act 3

7. Frontier Canyon Zone Act 1

8. Blue Coast Zone Act 2

9. Frontier Canyon Zone Act 3

10. Neon Palace Zone Act 2

5 more will do for now.

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Sonic Advance

  1. Spoiler


    1. Egg Rocket Zone
    2. Secret Base Zone Act 1
    3. Ice Mountain Zone Act 1
    4. Angel Island Zone Act 1
    5. Neo Green Hill Zone Act 1
    6. Casino Paradise Zone Act 1
    7. Special Stage
    8. X-Zone
    9. X-Zone: Final Boss
    10. Credits



Sonic Advance 2

  1. Spoiler


    1. Staff Roll
    2. Leaf Forest Zone Act 1
    3. Music Plant Zone Act 1
    4. Ice Paradise Zone Act 1
    5. Sky Canyon Zone Act 2
    6. Techno Base Zone Act 1
    7. Hot Crater Zone Act 2
    8. True Area 53
    9. Boss
    10. VS Mode



Sonic Battle

  1. Spoiler


    1. Colosseum (Phi Stage)
    2. Staff Roll 1
    3. Club Rouge (Rouge's Stage)
    4. Green Hill (Extra Stage)
    5. Battle Highway (Shadow's Stage)
    6. Final Boss
    7. Library (Cream's Stage)
    8. Tails' Lab (Tails' Stage)
    9. Emerald Beach (Sonic's Stage)
    10. Holy Summit



Sonic Heroes

  1. Spoiler


    1. Ocean Palace
    2. This Machine (Team Dark)
    3. Mystic Mansion
    4. Casino Park
    5. City Area (2 Player)
    6. Follow Me (Team Rose)
    7. What I'm Made Of (VS. Metal Overlord)
    8. Final Fortress
    9. Power Plant
    10. Hang Castle



Sonic Advance 3

  1. Spoiler


    1. Chaos Angel Zone: Act 3
    2. Ending B
    3. Ocean Base Zone: Act 3
    4. Nonaggression Zone
    5. Chaos Angel Zone: Act 1
    6. Sunset Hill Zone: Act 3
    7. Special Stage
    8. Ocean Base Zone: Act 1
    9. Route 99 Zone: Act 3
    10. Cyber Track Zone: Act 1



Sonic Rush

  1. Spoiler


    1. Bomber Barbara (Point W)
    2. What U Need (Dead Line)
    3. Back 2 Back (Water Palace)
    4. Metal Scratchin' (Boss)
    5. Right There Ride On (Leaf Storm)
    6. Wrapped in Black (Exception)
    7. Vela-Nova (vs. Sonic/Blaze)
    8. Raisin' Me Up (Ending Theme)
    9. Get Edgy (Altitude Limit)
    10. Ethno Circus (Mirage Road)



Shadow the Hedgehog

  1. Spoiler


    1. Lost Impact
    2. The ARK
    3. The Chosen One
    4. Blue Falcon
    5. Westopolis
    6. Sky Troops
    7. Cosmic Fall
    8. Lava Shelter
    9. I Am (All of Me) (Main Theme/Devil Doom)
    10. Final Haunt



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Back yet again but this time with some more recent games. Lovely games, lovely soundtracks.

Sonic Unleashed


1. Eggmanland - Night - Really like the slower longer pace and that in some parts that it sounds much darker like the fate against you and the world on your shoulders. One of my favorite final level themes in the series.
2. Jungle Joyride - Day
3. Skyscraper Scamper - Day
4. Cool Edge - Night - Beautiful melody for an ice stage.
5. The World Adventure (Piano version)
6. Rooftop Run - Day
7. Savanna Citadel - Day
8. Empire City - Day
9. Skyscraper Scamper - Night
10. Gaia Gate - The best thing to come out of the Wii/PS2 version.
x. Eggmanland - Day
x. Chun-nan - Night

Sonic Colours


1. Area - Starlight Carnival - It makes me want to go to Ibiza and club until 5am no matter whether its the Wii or the DS version of this song.
2. Asteroid Coaster Act 3
3. Tropical Resort Act 1
4. Tropical Resort Act 3
5. vs. Orcan & Skullian - The DS version sounds more crunchier that I prefer but the Wii version is just as good.
6. Aquarium Park Act 1
7. Area - Terminal Velocity
8. Area - Tropical Resort
9. Asteroid Coaster Act 1
10. Reach for the Stars
x. Planet Wisp Act 2
x. Special Stage

Sonic Generations


1. Rooftop Run Act 1 - A remix better than the original but yet captures very well the Unleashed style.
2. Rival Battle: Silver the Hedgehog
3. Rival Battle: Time Eater ver.2 - Closest thing to Richard Jacques ripping off Jesper Kyd's style and that's a good thing due to the mix of electronia and the chants, both that are his strengths.
4. City Escape Act 1 (Escape from the City) - For some reason this sticks to my head more than the original from Sonic Adventure 2.
5. Speed Highway Act 1
6. Green Hill Act 1
7. Chemical Plant Act 1 - Really faithful to the original just with some extra effects added in.
8. Sky Sanctuary Act 1
9. Seaside Hill Act 1
10. Crisis City Act 1
x. Rival Battle: Metal Sonic
x. Rooftop Run Act 2
x. Challenge / Mission 5 - Weirdly at a slower pace than the original.

Notice a pattern? Nearly all from Act 1. This is one of my favorite soundtracks however it is a bit easier for me to choose from due to the soundtrack is often in my head and also half the soundtrack is disqualified (e.g. Sonic 3&K/3D/Spinball/Advance TARGET arrangements, tracks from the original games including SUPER SONIC RACING). If they were allowed, oh boy...

Sonic Generations 3DS


1. Boss Big Arm - This song alone makes the 3DS version worth having. Just fantastic is all I can say.
2. Casino Night Act 1 - Really faithful to the original just with some extra effects added in.
3. Emerald Coast Act 1
4. Casino Night Act 2 (Casino Night DLC on the other versions)
5. Mushroom Hill Act 1
6. Radical Highway Act 1 (Vengeance is Mine)
7. Water Palace Act 1 (Back 2 Back)
8. Special Stage
9. Water Palace Act 2

10. Emerald Coast Act 2


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Round 8 is Sonic 06. A really great, calming soundtrack really. Kind of mystical and mysterious a bit. Some exciting ones but mostly it sounds pretty sophisticated. Except for maybe His World. Also, I forgot Elise had her own theme.

Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

1.  End of the World

2.  White Acropolis ~The Base~

3.  Aquatic Base ~Level 1~

4.  Dreams of an Absolution ~Theme of Silver the Hedgehog~

5.  Crisis City ~The Flames ~ Scyscraper ~ Whirlwind ~ Tornado~

6.  [BOSS] Egg-Wyvern

7.  Kingdom Valley ~Wind ~ The Castle ~ Lakeside ~ Water~

8.  [BOSS] Mephiles Phase 2

9.  His World ~Theme of Sonic The Hedgehog~

10.  [BOSS] Solaris Phase 2

x.  [BOSS] Solaris Phase 1

x.  Soleanna New City

x.   [BOSS] Iblis Phase 3

x.   Flame Core ~The Cavern~


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Sonic Riders

  1. Spoiler


    1. Theme of Babylon Garden
    2. Theme of SEGA Carnival
    3. Theme of Splash Canyon
    4. Theme of Digital Dimension
    5. Catch Me If You Can
    6. Theme of Metal City
    7. High Flying Groove
    8. Sonic Speed Riders
    9. Theme of Sand Ruins
    10. Theme of Green Cave



Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

  1. Spoiler


    1. Flame Core ~Volcano~
    2. Aquatic Base ~Level 1~
    3. End of the World
    4. White Acropolis ~Snowy Peak~
    5. Dusty Desert ~The Ruins~
    6. Dusty Desert ~Quicksand~
    7. Dreams of an Absolution ~Theme of Silver the Hedgehog~
    8. His World ~Theme of Sonic the Hedgehog~
    9. My Destiny ~Theme of Elise~
    10. Wave Ocean ~The Water's Edge~


Sonic Rivals

  1. Spoiler


    1. Meteor Base Zone Act 2
    2. Colosseum Highway Zone Act 1
    3. Sky Park Zone Act 2
    4. Sky Park Zone Act 1
    5. Meteor Base Zone Act 1
    6. Colosseum Highway Zone Act 2
    7. Death Yard Zone Act 2
    8. Death Yard Zone Act 1
    9. Boss
    10. Final Boss


Sonic and the Secret Rings

  1. Spoiler


    1. Unawakening Float (Night Palace)
    2. The Palace that was Found (Evil Foundry)
    3. Poison Spear (Sand Scorpion)
    4. Worth A Chance (Ending)
    5. Seven Rings in Hand (Main Theme/Alf-Wayla-La-Layla)
    6. The White of Sky (Skeleton Dome)
    7. Let the Speed Mend It (Sand Oasis)
    8. High and Broken (Levitated Ruin)
    9. It Has Come to This (Erazor Djinn)
    10. No Way Through (Pirate Storm)



Sonic Rush Adventure

  1. Spoiler


    1. Boss - Big Swell
    2. Boss - Deep Core
    3. Boss - Deep Core - Allegro
    4. Sky Babylon (Act 1&2 Mix)
    5. Boss
    6. End Credits
    7. Blizzard Peaks (Act 1&2 Mix)
    8. Waterbike
    9. Plant Kingdom (Act 1&2 Mix)
    10. Haunted Ship (Act 1&2 Mix)



Sonic Rivals 2

  1. Spoiler


    1. Neon Palace Zone Act 1
    2. Chaotic Inferno Zone Act 1
    3. Chaotic Inferno Zone Act 3
    4. Mystic Haunt Zone Act 1
    5. Blue Coast Zone Act 3
    6. Mystic Haunt Zone Act 2
    7. Mystic Haunt Zone Act 3
    8. Neon Palace Zone Act 3
    9. Neon Palace Zone Act 2
    10. Chaotic Inferno Zone Act 2



Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity

  1. Spoiler


    1. Catch Me If You Can (Team Babylon Theme)
    2. Un-Gravitify (Team Heroes Theme)
    3. Through Traffic (Megalo Station)
    4. Dive Into Gravity (Crimson Crater)
    5. Gadget Round (Meteortech Premises)
    6. The Core (Mobius Strip)
    7. Sealed Ground (Gigan Rocks)
    8. Aquatic Time (Aquatic Capitol)
    9. Spiral Madness (Botanical Kingdom)
    10. Blast Town (80's Boulevard)



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