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=SSMB's= Top Sonic Songs 2017 Voting Thread (CLOSED)

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Next up is Sonic the Hedgehog (Mega Drive/Genesis)



1. Opening

2. Green Hill Zone

3. Final Zone

4. Credits

5. Special Zone

6. Scrap Brain Zone

7. Labyrinth Zone

8. Starlight Zone

9. Marble Zone

10. Boss Battle



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I reeeeeeally need to catch up on this, so without further ado:


Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (MD)


1. Mystic Cave Zone

2. All Clear (Sweet Sweet Sweet)

3. Staff Roll

4. Chemical Plant Zone

5. Sky Chase Zone

6. Wing Fortress Zone

7. Aquatic Ruin Zone

8. Oil Ocean Zone

9. Death Egg Zone 2

10. Casino Night Zone

x. Death Egg Zone 1

Sweet Sweet Sweet is an appropriately emotional and uplifting song to follow the successful destruction of that infuriating Eggbot and Sonic's descent towards his two-tailed buddy. 14 hits that big bastard took. 14. With no rings. How did I keep going back to do it all over again...

Mystic Cave remains my top pick of the bunch though, because I like spooky things, ok? OK.


Sonic the Hedgehog 3


1. Ice Cap Zone - Act 1 (MD)

2. Final Boss

3. Angel Island Zone - Act 2

4. Endless Mine Zone

5. Hydrocity Zone - Act 2

6. Launch Base Zone - Act 2 (MD)

7. Staff Roll (MD)

8. Act 1 Boss

9. Act 2 Boss

10. Chrome Gadget Zone

S3&K together makes up one of my favourite soundtracks in the series, but now I realise that even separated they are just as impressive. Plunging down that steep incline, complete with a conveniently placed snowboard, was such a highlight of the game after some gruelling moments in Carnival Night. This is only compounded by a fantastic track that really stands out among other similarly themed stages across the franchise and other platformers.

For me, most music in the trope often sounds too familiar. All that said, Final Boss would be in equal stead had the ballot allowed it. It has to be one of the most intimidating boss themes in any game. I love the build up at the beginning sooooo much. It fittingly conjures up the image of a giant hand or spider descending from the darkness or a monster emerging from beneath the ground. I'd better move on before I start checking the corners of my room...

Anyway, I adore the voice clips and sound effects added to these tracks. They really help to give the game an identity all of its own.


Sonic and Knuckles


1. Sandopolis Zone - Act 2

2. Doomsday Zone

3. Flying Battery Zone - Act 2

4. Death Egg Zone - Act 2

5. Lava Reef Zone - Act 2

6. Sky Sanctuary Zone

7. Lava Reef Zone - Act 1

8. Act 1 Boss

9. Knuckles' Theme

10. Staff Roll

As with the previous two, a foreboding tune reigns supreme or comes close. Sandopolis Act 2 is the spookiest of all spooky tunes and I love it. The music gives the impression that it echoes off the walls, resulting in a particularly strong sense of place. With that sound, it's a wonder there aren't mummified Eggmen running amok.

Doomsday, on the other hand, is heart-pounding, catchy and a super exciting way to heighten the drama of the final showdown. Looking at the next two choices, it would seem that most of my choices are dominated by a kind of eerie and/or frantic melody...by a kind of eerie and/or frantic melody...


Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball (MD)


1. Toxic Caves

2. Lava Powerhouse

3. Boss

4. Title Screen

5. The Showdown

6. The Machine

7. Bonus Stage


Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine


1. Exercise Mode

2. VS Mode

3. Stages 9-12

4. Stages 1-4

5. Staff Credits

6. Ending

7. Stage 13

8. Danger!

9. Opening Theme

10. Stages 5-8


Sonic Triple Trouble


1. Nack/Fang's Theme

2. Sunset Park Zone - Train

3. Tidal Planet Zone

4. Sunset Park Zone

5. Atomic Destroyer Zone

6. Great Turquoise Zone

7. Robotnik Winter Zone

8. Meta Junglira Zone

9. Final Boss

10. Special Stage 1


Sonic Drift 2


1. Death Egg

2. Dark Valley

3. Quake Cave

4. Milky Way

5. Ice Cap

6. Mystic Cave

7. Desert Road

8. Iron Gate

9. Final GP

10. Balloon Panic


I'm surprised that so much from Triple Trouble and Drift 2 felt so familiar when the rest of the Game Gear games fail to elicit a strong reaction in me. I suppose they were my preferred handheld experiences prior to Pokémon.

Oh, and holy shit; I'd forgotten all about Mean Bean Machine's Exercise Mode! What a catchy melody. The VS Mode also brings back memories of battling it out with my sister. I have to say that being given a reason to revisit all of these has been great and I've still got many more to get through!

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Oh, this topic exists. I've been listening to Sonic Adventure's OST as of late, so I guess this would be the perfect time to gush about it.

Sonic Adventure

1. Azure Blue World (Emerald Coast)

2. Boss: CHAOS ver. 6

3. It Doesn't Matter (Sonic's theme) 

4. Red Hot Skull (Red Mountain 2)

5. Open Your Heart (Main theme) 

6. Unknown from M.E. (Knuckles` theme) 

7. Lazy Days Living in Paradise (Big's theme) 

8. Crank the Heat Up (Final Egg 2)

9. Crazy Robo (Beta boss theme) 

10. Egg Carrier.




I mostly listed the songs that first popped in my head, but I figured that's the best way to do it. Might have to re listen to some songs to remember which are good :V

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Round 9 and Round 10 will be the storybook games. I had a select few that I easily put on my list for Secret Rings and just re-listened to it all to put stuff in the last three  spaces. Did something similar for Black Knight. It's actually hard to remember some of the tracks in that game specifically for me even though I think it sounded quite good.

Sonic and the Secret Rings

1.  Unawakening Float (Night Palace)

2.  Seven Rings in Hand (Main theme/Alf-Layla-wa-Layla)

3.  The Palace That Was Found (Evil Foundry)

4.  The White of Sky (Skeleton Dome)

5.  It Has Come to This (Erazor Djinn)

6.  The Wicked Wild (Dinosaur Jungle)

7.  Let the Speed Mend It (Sand Oasis)

8.  How It Started (Ifrit Golem)

9.  No Way Through (Pirate Storm)

10.  Poison Spear (Sand Scorpion)


Sonic and the Black Knight

1.  With Me (VS. Dark Queen)

2.  Fight the Knight (VS. King Arthur - Vocal Version)

3.  Knights' Passage

4.  Knight of the Wind (Main theme)

5.  Through the Fire (VS. Knights of the Roundtable)

6.  Live Life (Ending)

7.  Misty Lake

8.  Shrouded Forest

9.  Fight the Knight ~Strings Mix~ (VS. King Arthur - First battle)

10.  Dragon's Lair


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I was surprised to see this thread, so I might as well participate in this one as well. I'm gonna start off with the first five Sonic games that came to my mind at the moment:

Sonic the Hedgehog CD (Japanese):



1. Palmtree Panic – Good Future

2. Stardust Speedway – Present

3. Metallic Madness – Good Future

4. Tidal Tempest – Present

5. Stardust Speedway – Bad Future

6. Cosmic Eternity

7. Final Fever

8. Quartz Quadrant – Good Future

9. Collision Chaos – Good Future

10. D. A Garden

x. Tidal Tempest – Good Future

x. Boss

x. You Can Do Anything


Sonic Advance 1:



1. Egg Rocket Zone

2. Casino Paradise Zone Act 1

3. Angel Island Zone Act 1

4. Secret Base Zone Act 1

5. Cosmic Angel Zone

6. Ice Mountain Zone Act 1

7. Neo Green Hill Zone Act 1

8. Casino Paradise Zone Act 2

9. Secret Base Zone Act 2

10. Angel Island Zone Act 2

x. Special Stage

x. X-Zone Third Boss


Sonic Adventure 1:



1. At Dawn – Speed Highway

2. Mt. Red, A Symbol of Thrill – Red Mountain

3. Be Cool, Be Wild, and Be Groovy – Ice Cap

4. Tricky Maze – Lost World

5. Letz Get This Party Started – CHAO Race

6. A Song That Keeps Us on the Move – Egg Carrier

7. Dilapidated Way – Casinopolis

8. Red Barrage Area – Hot Shelter

9. Crank Up The Heat!! – Final Egg

10. Azure Blue World – Emerald Coast

x. Invincible… No Fear!

x. Welcome to Station Square – Station Square

x. It Doesn’t Matter

x. Pleasure Castle – Twinkle Park

x. Sky Deck A Go Go! – Sky Deck


Sonic Adventure 2:



1. That’s the Way I Like It – Metal Harbor

2. Soarin’ Over the Space – Cosmic Wall

3. Space Trip Steps – Meteor Herd

4. Deeper - Death Chamber

5. I'm a Spy - Security Hall

6. Trespasser – Lost Colony

7. Suitable Opponent

8. On the Edge – Eternal Engine

9. A Ghost’s Pumpkin Soup – Pumpkin Hill

10. Escape from the City – City Escape

x. Scramble for the Core – Cannon’s Core Ver. 1

x. Chasing Drive – Kart

x. Vengeance is Mine - Radical Highway


Sonic Heroes:



1. Frog Forest Zone

2. Mystic Mansion Zone

3. Egg Fleet Zone

4. System Select

5. Bingo Highway Zone

6. Special Stage: Bonus Challenge

7. Power Plant Zone

8. Ocean Palace Zone

9. Hang Castle Zone

10. Boss – Egg Albatross

x. Lost Jungle Zone

x. Casino Park Zone

x. Grand Metropolis Zone



Edited by Mania Pipe
Fixing some spaces

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Some more choices & Knuckles.

Sonic CD (US)


1. Sonic Boom - Opening Theme Out of all the songs in game, I always liked this one even when originally I didn't like the soundtrack. I do find it strange that the lyrics are refering to an aircraft fighter (or even the obscure Sega game of the same name, the shmup one) rather than the blue hedgehog himself however aircraft can create sonic booms so it does make sense.
2. Quartz Quadrant Present - What does badum mean?
3. Wacky Workbench Present - The intro is so from Moon Patrol then switches to pop and is quite fitting for a level with a massive bounce floor.
4. Stardust Speedway Good Future - Really like the actiony tone of the song. I can imagine this song fitting with Batman Returns on the Mega CD even though both are from the same composer and both involve races.
5. Tidal Tempest Present
6. Stardust Speedway Present - I actually prefer the CashCash/Jun Senoue remix of this song due to being more upbeat yet capturing the style well and would have been higher on the list however the original has its merits.
7. Quartz Quadrant Good Future - A surprising nice song.
8. Special Stage
9. Metallic Madness Present
10. Palmtree Panic Present
x. Stardust Speedway Bad Future
x. Metallic Madness Bad Future

Now to be honest, in the past I haven't heard much of the US soundtrack apart from a few songs due to its original dislike that it played the wrong version on Sonic Gems Collection even though I always liked Sonic Boom from it. So for years I didn't get to hear much of it and after recently hearing more (as well as Batman Returns from the same composer), it is a good soundtrack in its own right. Spencer Nilsen has done a good job with the songs and considering the tight deadline as well.

Knuckles Sonic Adventure 2


1. A Ghost's Pumpkin Soup ...for Pumpkin Hill
2. E.G.G.M.A.N. - In the actual game, you only hear the first 45 seconds and its a crime. A crime I tell you. Easily my favorite character theme in the game.
3. Space Trip Steps ...for Meteor Herd
4. Escape from the City ...for City Escape
5. Dive Into the Mellow ...for Aquatic Mine
6. GUN Mobile (Boss 1)
7. Rumbling HWY ...for Mission Street
8. Won't Stop, Just Go! ... for Green Forest - Why does this sound like Crazy Taxi in my head? It's full of energy.
9. Vengeance is Mine ...for Radical Highway
10. Live and Learn - A bit cheesy but loveable at the same time.
x. Deeper ...for Death Chamber
x. Kick the Rock! ...for Wild Canyon
x. Scramble for the Core (Cannon Core 1)
x. Cooperation (Cannon Core 2)
x. Deep Inside of... (Cannon Core 5)
x. Trespasser ...for Lost Colony - I can hear the influence of Lost Labyrinth from Sonic 4.

Adventure 2 was easier for me to choose from than the first Adventure game as most of my favorites are the in game vocal songs. Knux sure does have some great music in this game...

Sonic Riders


1. High Flying Groove (S25)
2. Survival Step - Love it when it starts getting menacing from 0:50 to 1:12 and its dark influence near the loop point having a call back to No Mean City for some reason.
3. Theme of Metal City (S1)
4. Theme of Splash Canyon (S2)
5. Theme of Egg Factory (S3)
6. Theme of Digital Dimension (S7)
7. Theme of Green Cave (S4)
8. Theme of Sand Ruins (S5)
9. Theme of Babylon Garden (S6)
10. Theme of Sega Carnival (S8)

Fun fact, the choices apart from 1, 2 and 6 sort of follow sound test order. This game doesn't even sound like a Sega game to me but more of a Namco one, something more fitting with Ridge Racer and would have worked beautifully in that series (also doesn't help that Namco's lackey Now Production worked on this game). My favorite song is actually the Main Theme from Hang-On funnily enough, as for original tracks then its S60 (the event where Eggman announces the Grand Prix to Sonic and Tails) and all the menu themes.

Sonic 3


1. Ice Cap Zone Act 1 (MD) - Hard Times happiest days of my life, Hard Times come by.
2. Final Boss
3. Hydro City Zone Act 1
4. Hydro City Zone Act 2
5. Azure Lake Zone
6. Marble Garden Zone Act 1
7. Chrome Gadget Zone
8. Balloon Park Zone
9. Act 1 Boss - Very Michael Jacksony that I quite like, it's only because the soundtrack is so strong that it ended up being low on my choices.
10. Launch Base Zone Act 1 (MD) - Go! go! Go! Go Hedgehog! The lyrics and the little samba like ding are the only things that keep the song going but at least they are good enough for me to like a basic song.
x. Carnival Night Zone Act 1 (MD)
x. Angel Island Zone Act 2
x. Staff Roll (MD aka Stranger in Moscow)

Sonic & Knuckles


1. Flying Battery Zone Act 1
2. Flying Battery Zone Act 2
3. Death Egg Zone Act 2 - One of the very few Sonic levels where I prefer the Act 2 rather than the Act 1.
4. Mushroom Hill Zone Act 1
5. Sky Sanctuary Zone
6. Lava Reef Zone Act 2
7. Lava Reef Zone Act 1
8. The Doomsday Zone
9. Act 1 Boss
10. Bonus Stage Slot Machine
x. Sandopolis Zone Act 1
x. Sandopolis Zone Act 2

Sonic Pocket Adventure


1. Cosmic Casino Zone Act 2 (Slot Machine) - The song was handled very well via the PSG (due to being a simplier song meaning less compromises when switched to a less capable soundchip and oddily enough better sound quality due to no scratchy instruments) yet also fits with a Casino Night styled level. Strange how it is my lowest choice on the Sonic & Knuckles soundtrack yet my highest here.
2. Last Utopia Zone (Final Boss) - Even in PSG, this song is great and fitting for a boss theme with its menacing tones.
3. Secret Plant Zone Act 2 (Hydro City Zone 2)
4. Cosmic Casino Zone Act 1 (Gumball Machine)
5. Special Stage
6. Aquatic Relix Zone Act 2 (Hydro City Zone 1)
7. Sky Chase Zone (Azure Lake)
8. Neo South Island Zone Act 1
9. Aerobase Zone (Death Egg Zone 2)
10. Knuckles Boss (Flying Battery Zone 2)
x. Gigantic Angel Zone Act 2 (Chrome Gadget)
x. Aquatic Relix Zone Act 1 (Mushroom Hill Zone 1)

Pretty much Sonic 3 & Knuckles in PSG with a couple of original songs and a Sonic Jam one yet some questionable placements regarding the songs. Rather like the 8 bit Sonic soundtracks that come from one source then people upload it from there to Youtube, this is the same even down to the same file format but rather from a different source that deals with arcade, consoles and some computers too. This is one of the 4 Sonic soundtracks that are on the site and the only one that I voted 5 stars. It is also the highest rated pack out of the Sonic games there too.


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Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

  1. Spoiler


    1. Intro Theme
    2. Ix: Final Boss
    3. Battle 3
    4. Mini Boss
    5. Ix: Mini Boss
    6. Metropolis
    7. Battle 4
    8. Battle 1
    9. Boss Battle
    10. Battle 2



Sonic Unleashed

  1. Spoiler


    1. Endless Possibility (Vocal Theme)
    2. Tornado Defense - 1st Battle
    3. Skyscraper Scamper - Day
    4. Rooftop Run - Day
    5. Spagonia - Day
    6. Dear My Friend (Ending Theme)
    7. Tornado Defense - 2nd Battle
    8. Rooftop Run - Night
    9. Dragon Road - Day
    10. Super Sonic vs. Perfect Dark Gaia



Sonic and the Black Knight

  1. Spoiler


    1. Live Life (Ending)
    2. Deep Woods
    3. Molten Mine
    4. Crystal Cave
    5. Misty Lake
    6. Shrouded Forest
    7. With Me (VS. Dark Queen)
    8. Knight of the Wind (Main Theme)
    9. Great Megalith
    10. Dragon's Lair



Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I

  1. Spoiler


    1. Splash Hill Zone Act 3
    2. Lost Labyrinth Zone Act 1
    3. Splash Hill Zone Act 2
    4. Mad Gear Zone Act 1
    5. Mad Gear Zone Act 2
    6. Mad Gear Zone Act 3
    7. End Roll Medley
    8. Lost Labyrinth Act 3
    9. Splash Hill Zone Act 1
    10. Casino Street Zone Act 1



Sonic Free Riders

  1. Spoiler


    1. Theme of Final Factory
    2. Theme of Metropolis Speedway
    3. Theme of Rocky Ridge
    4. Theme of Magma Rift
    5. Free - Theme of Sonic Free Riders
    6. Theme of Dolphin Resort
    7. Theme of Forgotten Tomb
    8. Theme of Frozen Forest



Sonic Colours

  1. Spoiler


    1. vs. Nega Wisp Armor - Phase 2
    2. Aquarium Park - Act 3
    3. Aquarium Park - Act 2
    4. Aquarium Park - Act 1
    5. Terminal Velocity - Act 1
    6. Speak With Your Heart - Ending Theme
    7. Tropical Resort - Act 2
    8. Planet Wisp - Act 1
    9. Planet Wisp - Act 2
    10. Sweet Mountain - Act 2



Sonic Generations (360/PS3/PC)

  1. Spoiler


    1. Rooftop Run: Act 2
    2. Crisis City: Act 2
    3. Crisis City: Act 1
    4. Challenge / Mission 5
    5. City Escape: Act 1
    6. Rival Battle: Metal Sonic
    7. Boss Battle: Death Egg Robot
    8. Speed Highway: Act 1
    9. Chemical Plant: Act 2
    10. Collection Room



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5th Soundtrack for me is Sonic and Knuckles: -



1. Flying Battery Zone Act 1

2. Opening

3. Mushroom Hill Zone Act 1

4. Sky Sanctuary Zone Act 1

5. Death Egg Zone Act 1

6. Flying Battery Zone Act 2

7. Lava Reef Zone Act 1

8. Sandopolis Zone Act 1

9. Final Boss Battle

10. Boss Battle



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Sonic Generations (3DS)

  1. Spoiler


    1. Boss Battle: Big Arms
    2. Radical Highway: Act 1
    3. Radical Highway: Act 2
    4. Casino Night: Act 2
    5. Special Stage
    6. Tropical Resort: Act 2
    7. Boss Battle: Biolizard
    8. Mushroom Hill: Act 2
    9. Emerald Coast: Act 1
    10. Emerald Coast: Act 2



Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II

  1. Spoiler


    1. Boss - Metal Sonic
    2. Death Egg mk.II Zone Act 1
    3. Sky Fortress Zone Act 3
    4. Sylvania Castle Zone Act 2
    5. Sylvania Castle Zone Act 3
    6. White Park Zone Act 2
    7. White Park Zone Act 3
    8. Sky Fortress Zone Act 1
    9. Sylvania Castle Zone Act 1
    10. Oil Desert Zone Act 1



Sonic Lost World

  1. Spoiler


    1. Tropical Coast - Sea Bottom Segue
    2. Sky Road - Zone 1
    3. Sky Road - Dragon Dance
    4. Dr. Eggman Showdown
    5. Windy Hill - Zone 1
    6. Special Stage
    7. Frozen Factory - Zone 1
    8. Windy Hill - Zone 2
    9. Boss Rushes (Guitar Ver.)
    10. Desert Ruins - Zone 1



Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric

  1. Spoiler


    1. Lyric's Weapon Facility
    2. Lyric's Weapon Facility (Battle)
    3. The Pit (Inside 2/Speed)
    4. The Pit (Inside 2)
    5. The Pit (Inside 2/Battle)
    6. Slowpoke Isle (Cave/Battle)
    7. Slowpoke Isle (Cave)
    8. Abandoned Research Facility (Amy & Knuckles)
    9. Bygone Island (Speed)
    10. Shadow (Boss Battle)



Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal

  1. Spoiler


    1. Shadow Canyons 1
    2. Robot Facility 2
    3. Worm Tunnel
    4. Seaside Jungle 1
    5. Robot Facility 1
    6. Seaside Beach
    7. Ancient City 1
    8. Ancient City 2
    9. Air Fortress 2
    10. Seaside Beach 2



Sonic Runners

  1. Spoiler


    1. Magical Snow Day
    2. End of the Summer
    3. Spring Emotions
    4. Strange Parade
    5. Beyond the Speed Of...
    6. Go Quickly!
    7. Theory of Attack
    8. Power Ride
    9. Fiery Passion
    10. Fly Away



Woo, all done!  I'll come back to this thread to write some thoughts on my fave tracks in the series as supplementary material I guess.  I edited my last post in the discussion thread as well with the final issues I found on the eligible song list - most just nitpicks and technicalities but one or two pressing issues too (namely there's a duplicate song in Shattered Crystal's list, and menu music in Runners).

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I'll go with 4 this time.

Sonic the Hedgehog (16-Bit)

Spring Yard is my go-to whenever I listen to Sonic 1 music, it's just that good. For a watery temple or ruins level, Labyrinth Zone sure has an interesting rhythm, which -
- makes the level pretty neutral for me , since the cool track evens out the infamous design of the level for me.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-Bit)

Emerald Hill is the first thing that comes to mind whenever I think of Sonic 2, and it's upbeat to boot, so I put it on first for it's sound and memorability.
Sky chase feels great after Metropolis - like a break after it's challenge and hell, to ease you before the coming Wing Fortress and Death Egg.

Sonic the Hedgehog 3

Sonic & Knuckles

Flying Battery Act 1 would've been my pick, but Act 2 was just so much better for me, it just feels more urgent.

also fuck it here's Knuckles Chaotix too for good measure .


- probably will edit the post with more thoughts later

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Round 11 is going to be Sonic Colors. Nice soundtrack but definitely not one of my favorites. The kind of music it has just isn't up my alley.

Sonic Colors

1.  vs. Rotatatron & Refreshinator

2. Aquarium Park - Act 1

3.  Sweet Mountain - Act 1

4.  Speak With Your Heart - Ending Theme -

5.  Asteroid Coaster - Act 3

6. Planet Wisp - Act 1

7.  Terminal Velocity - Act 1

8.  Area - Asteroid Coaster

9.  vs. Orcan & Skullian

10.  Aquarium Park - Act 3



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Came right back here to put five more here:

Sonic the Hedgehog (SEGA Genesis):


1. Star Light Zone

2. Labyrinth Zone

3. Scrap Brain Zone

4. Spring Yard Zone

5. Green Hill Zone

6. Credits

7. Boss

8. Final Zone

9. Marble Zone

10. Special Stage

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (SEGA Genesis):


1. Mystic Cave Zone

2. Aquatic Ruins Zone

3. Chemical Plant Zone

4. Emerald Hill Zone

5. Credits

6. Final Boss

7. Sky Chase Zone

8. Casino Night Zone

9. Hidden Palace Zone

10. Mystic Cave Zone - 2P Race

x. Boss

x. Wing Fortress

Sonic the Hedgehog 3:


1. Launch Base Zone Act 1

2. Hydrocity Zone Act 2

3. Final Boss

4. Chrome Gadget

5. Special Stage

6. Angel Island Zone Act 1

7. Data Select

8. Mini Boss

9. Azure Lake

10. Balloon Park

x. Ice Cap Zone Act 1

x. Competition Menu

x. Endless Mine

Sonic and Knuckles:


1. Lava Reef Zone Act 1

2. Credits

3. Death Egg Zone Act 1

4. Major Boss

5. Flying Battery Zone Act 2

6. Mushroom Hill Zone Act 2

7. Knuckles' Theme

8. Bonus Stage: Gumball Machine

9. Lava Reef Zone Act 2/Hidden Palace Zone

10. Sky Sanctuary Zone

x. Sandopolis Zone Act 1

x. Flying Battery Zone Act 1

Sonic 3D Blast (SEGA Genesis):


1. Rusty Ruin Zone Act 2

2. Volcano Valley Zone Act 2

3. Gene Gadget Zone Act 1

4. Puppet Panic Zone Act 2

5. Credits

6. Boss

7. Diamond Dust Zone Act 2

8. Green Grove Zone Act 1

9. Diamond Dust Zone Act 1

10. The Final Fight

x. Spring Stadium Zone Act 1

x. Special Stage


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Sonic Lost World

  1. Doctor Eggman Showdown (Final Boss)
  2. Dragon Dance (DAT FLUTE OPENING)
  3. Windy Hill Act 1
  4.  Frozen Factory: Snowball Waltz
  5. Sea Bottom Seague (This sounds sad and soothing at the same time...)
  6. Wonder World (The main theme)
  7. Battle With Zavok
  8. Careening Cavern

Sonic Colors

  1. Nega Wisp Armor (Part 2)
  2. Nega Wisp Armor (Part 1)
  3. Reach For the Stars (vocals)
  4. Aquarium Park Act 1 (I liked the piano and tune here!)
  5. Planet Wisp Act 1
  6. Tropical Coast Act 1

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Round 12 is Sonic Lost World. After this I'm gonna go from the beginning and blitz through all the rest because, quite frankly, I haven't played or heard the music to a lot of the ones on there due to never owning a handheld and not being able to get past certain stages from the classics. And if I did, I played through it once and then never again. But Lost World surprised me. It has a fair amount of tracks that I actually really enjoy despite also having a few bland ones.

Sonic Lost World

1.   Silent Forest - Midnight Owl

2.   Dr. Eggman Showdown

3.   Sky Road - Dragon Dance

4.   The Deadly Six Theme (Violin ver.)

5.   Desert Ruins - Zone 1

6.   Desert Ruins - Honeycomb Highway

7.   Wonder World - Title Theme -

8.   Boss Rushes

9.  Lava Mountain

10.   Tropical Coast - Sea Bottom Segue

X.   Battle With Zavok


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Knuckles Chaotix


1. Door into Summer (Isolated Island)

2. Midnight Greenhouse (Botanic Base)

3. New Moon (Amazing Arena - Lights On)

4. Seascape (Marina Madness)

5. Oriental Legend (Final Boss - Metal Sonic Kai)

6. Evening Star (World Lobby, Sunset)

7. Electoria (Techno Tower)

8. Speed of Sound (Speed Slider)

9. Crystal Nightmare (Techno Tower Boss Fight)

10. Surprise! (Metal Sonic Boss Fight)

x. Child's Song (Speed Slider Boss Fight)


Sonic 3D (MD)


1. Rusty Ruin Act 2

2. Volcanic Valley Act 1

3. Panic Puppet Act 2

4. Volcanic Valley Act 2

5. Diamond Dust Act 1

6. Panic Puppet Act 1

7. Rusty Ruin Act 1

8. Boss 2

9. Diamond Dust Act 2

10. Green Grove Act 2


Sonic the Fighters


1. Death Egg's Eye ~ Never Let It Go

2. Aurora Icefield ~ Black Bed

3. Death Egg's Hangar ~ Hurry Up

4. Casino Night ~ Here We Go

5. Flying Carpet ~ Back To Soul

6. Sonic vs Knuckles ~ North Wind

7. Giant Wing ~ Fire Stone

8. Canyon Cruise ~ Blue Garden

9. Advertise ~ K. I. Y. O.

10. Dynamite Plant ~ Try Again


Sonic R


1. Livin' in the City (Radical City)

2. Can You Feel the Sunshine? (Resort Island)

3. Super Sonic Racing (Main theme/Super Sonic)

4. Work it Out (Reactive Factory)

5. Back in Time (Regal Ruins)

6. Diamond in the Sky (Radiant Emerald)

7. Number One (Credits)

8. Super Sonic Racing (Instrumental)

9. Livin' in the City (Instrumental)

10. Can You Feel the Sunshine? (Instrumental)


From my point of view, Knuckles Chaotix has one of the most memorable soundtracks in the series. For a game I played nowhere near as much as S3&K or the Adventures, the music is very easy to recall. Door Into Summer is my favourite opening song in a Sonic game and one of my most loved in any video game. While I often enjoy a slow build up in later levels, I tend to prefer the first level to launch briskly into a lively musical jaunt.

To touch on Sonic 3D a little; I found it hard to choose between the top three. The dramatic Panic Puppet Act 2 might have won out had there been a touch more meat to it, while Volcanic Valley's super catchy melody leaves me head-bobbing from start to finish. Neither can boast an intro as outstanding as that of Rusty Ruin Act 2, however. It's a pity that the level didn't have an equally bombastic set piece to go with it. I could easily see Sonic rushing through a crumbling cave and bouncing from wall to wall, until dropping into the starting area as the music slows down.

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While I have been busy with another music voting thing, it still give me a enough time to vote for Sonic soundtracks. While some have been in my head and easier to vote, some that I've only heard a few times and getting a refresher. With Zero Gravity, it is the case of having the game but yet played it so it was more of a recent listen apart from Un-gravitify where I've heard from a certain stream and in a store a few times. It's getting very close to what I'm voting for as it's better to vote for what you are familar with rather than rush out to vote for soundtracks that you haven't heard of and they are pretty long (there's a difference between voting for a short 1980s/1990s game soundtrack and one from the mid-2000s that has 3 or 4 CDs worth of content). Anyway:

Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine


1. VS Mode - Love its intenseness of the song.
2. Exercise Mode
3. Stage 13
4. Danger!
5. Theme of Mean Bean Machine
6. Stages 9-12
7. Stages 1-4
8. Ending
9. Staff Credits
10. Stages 5-8 - Just a sped up version of 1-4 and is a bit lazy considering that the other themes were original.

I also like the Master System/Game Gear version of the soundtrack too.

Knuckles Chaotix


1. Door Into Summer - So relaxing, so jazzy and easy to remember. If there's a song that describes the strength of the soundtrack, it is this one. No wonder for a lot of people, it's their favorite song out of the game and mine too.
2. Electoria - Really like the instruments and the melody, it is relaxing yet has some power as well. Also one of the earliest composed songs in Chaotix considering that it was also in Sonic Crackers (aka Sonic Stadium, not here!).
3. Hyper Hyper
4. Speed of Sound
5. Midnight Greenhouse
6. This Horizon
7. Evening Star
8. New Moon
9. Trial and Error
10. Seascape
x. Tube Panic
x. Combination

One of the best soundtracks on the 32X period with only Virtua Fighter and Virtua Racing Deluxe being in the same league.

Sonic the Fighters


1. Flying Carpet - Back to Soul Just love the energy that this song has.
2. South Island - Lovers
3. Casino Night - Here We Go
4. Advertise - K.I.Y.O
5. Aurora Icefield - Black Bed
6. Mushroom Hill - Come on Mr. Sonic
7. Canyon Cruise - Blue Garden
8. Death Egg's Eye - Never Let It Go
9. Super Sonic - Everything
10. Dynamite Plant - Try Again

Sonic Drift 2


1. Rainy Savanna
2. Dark Valley
3. Emerald Ocean
4. Emerald Hill
5. Desert Road
6. Balloon Panic
7. Hill Top
8. Ice Cap
9. Milky Way
10. Mystic Cave
x. Quake Cave

A much better soundtrack than the first as this time only a couple of songs were out of tune or cacophonic, most of it is in tune and sounds okay. I also really liked that Saori Kobayashi worked on the soundtrack, despite that she only did one voteable tune (Emerald Ocean).

Sonic 3D (Saturn/PC)


1. Title Screen - It's so calming and relaxing to listen to.
2. Green Grove Zone Act 2
3. Green Grove Zone Act 1 - Also really like how its sort of an upbeat instrumental to "It Doesn't Really Matter" from Metropolis Street Racer.
4. Bad Ending
5. Gene Gadget Zone Act 2 - This song is so Jesper Kyd like but then again rave and electronia music were a big thing in the mid 90s in nightclubs and parties.
6. Spring Stadium Zone Act 1
7. Special Stage
8. Panic Puppet Zone Act 1
9. Boss
10. Spring Stadium Zone Act 2
x. Rusty Ruin Zone Act 2
x. Panic Puppet Zone Act 2

Sonic Heroes


1. Battle: Casino Area
2. Bingo Highway
3. Special Stage: Type A (Bonus Challenge) - One of the best Special Stage themes in the entire series for me as I really like the instruments and the happy tone.
4. Ocean Palace
5. Grand Metropolis
6. Bullet Station
7. Special Stage: Type B (Emerald Challenge) - If this was the prototype version it would be higher on the list and would have been above the other Special Stage however I'm not keen on the new instruments that were added in the final version.
8. This Machine - Really like how rocking and dark in terms of composition, really captures Shadow's personality.
9. Battle: City Area
10. Hang Castle
x. Sonic Heroes - Really cheesy but gets into your head easily.
x. We Can - Very cheesy like a song from Grease and can see this working if there was ever a Sonic musical.

My favorite song out of the soundtrack is actually the early version of Casino Park as featured in prototype versions of the game and for some reason the OST that is slightly different with an extra instrument. Usually I listen to a prototype version of the soundtrack so its a bit weird choosing the finals to vote. The final version does have better menu music though.

Sonic Rivals


1. Forest Falls Zone Act 1 - My favorite song happens to be one of the few songs that sticks into my head after a play and tries its best to sound not as repetitive. All thanks to Sonic Generations for highlighting the song.
2. Forest Falls Zone Act 2 - Nice Act remix.
3. Sky Park Zone Act 1
4. Crystal Mountain Zone Act 1
5. Colosseum Highway Zone Act 1
6. Meteor Base Zone Act 1
7. Death Yard Zone Act 2
8. Final Boss
9. Boss
10. Happy (Credit Roll)

My biggest complaint is that the soundtrack is pretty short in terms of its loops so it gets repetitive fast as like the game itself it shows some promise. I still find it weird that the Retro City Rampage developer worked on this game.

Sonic Rivals 2


1. Blue Coast Zone Act 1 (Race to Win) - Crush 40 has done a pretty good job with the song making it memorable with its lyrics and fast pace plus the Sonic Generations version of the song is looped badly. It makes me want to play a Burnout game and would have fitted there greatly.
2. Neon Palace Zone Act 3 - That Gran Turismo 1 style intro!
3. Neon Palace Zone Act 1 - Very 1970s style with its funk and would have fitted in Driver very well.
4. Frontier Canyon Zone Act 1
5. Sunset Forest Zone Act 1
6. Blue Coast Zone Act 3
7. Mystic Haunt Zone Act 2 - Mario Kart anyone?
8. Blue Coast Zone Act 2
9. Chaotic Inferno Zone Act 2
10. Sunset Forest Zone Act 2
x. Chaotic Inferno Zone Act 3
x. Mystic Haunt Zone Act 3

Really enjoyed listening to this soundtrack and it's a pleasent surprise too. The composer learnt his lessons from the first game by making them more memorable and easier to stick into your head, it's still short and repetitive however works into the songs favor. Also really like that this soundtrack is nodding towards racing games that usually have some pretty great music.

Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity


1. Un-gravitify
2. Blast Town - For some reason this sounds like that this would fit into Space Channel 5 due to its jazzy feel.
3. Catch Me If You Can - I actually prefer this version compared to the Sonic Riders version due to better clarity by the new lyrics and a different take, hearing more of the music, the weird intro that was offputting to me has gone and more enjoyable to listen.
4. Spiral Madness
5. Multi-Attack
6. Aquatic Time
7. Dive Into Gravity
8. Gadget Round
9. The Core
10. Sealed Ground
x. Through Traffic

Again my favorite song out of this is the Hang-On Theme done by good old HIRO. I kept thinking that there was also an arranged version in the game but not used or it might be the case of misplaced memory.

Sonic Lost World


1. Tropical Coast Zone 1
2. Hidden World - Completely different when compared to most of the soundtrack with its more synthy take.
3. Frozen Factory Zone 1 - Really had that Winter Wonderland feeling to the song and like it.
4. Windy Hill Zone 1
5. Tropical Coast Zone 2 (Juice Archipelago) - Reminds me a lot of Super Mario Sunshine due to its instrument choice. I can imagine Sonic running around Delfino Plaza.
6. Frozen Factory Zone 2 (Snowball Waltz)
7. Sky Road Zone 1
8. Desert Ruins Zone 2 (Honeycomb Highway)
9. Hidden World - Tornado Time - Sonic 4 meets Sonic Adventure pretty much.
10. Wonder World
x. Sky Road Zone 2 (Dragon Dance)
x. Dessert Ruins Zone 3 (Sugar Lane)

Out of the non-votables, I really like the stage select and Circus Caravan.

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Let's get to do some song rating!!! i'll start with the following two:

Sonic Colors:


1. Theme of Sonic Colors

2. vs. Nega-Wisp Armor - Phase 2

3. vs. Nega-Wisp Armor - Phase 1

4. Asteroid Coaster - Act 1

5. Planet Wisp - Act 1

6. Area - Asteroid Coaster

7. Area - Aquarium Park

8. Terminal Velocity - Act 1

9. vs. Orcan & Skullian

10. Area - Sweet Mountain

x. Area - Planet Wisp

x. Aquarium Park - Act 1

x. Reach For The Stars - Opening Theme -

x. Sweet Mountain - Act 1


Sonic Adventure:


1. Open Your Heart

2. Red Hot Skull ...for Red Mountain

3. It Doesn't Matter

4. Boss: CHAOS ver.6

5. Run Through the Speed Highway ...for Speed Highway

6. Snowy Mountain ...for Icecap

7. The Dreamy Stage ...for Casinopolis

8. Skydeck A Go Go! ...for Sky Deck

9. Crank the Heat Up!! ...for Final Egg

10. Windy and Ripply ...for Emerald Coast

x. Believe in Myself

x. Unknown from M.E

x. Mystic Ruins

x. Dilapidated Way ...for Casinopolis

x. Welcome to Station Square

x. At Dawn ...for Speed Highway

x. Tricky Maze ...for Lost World

x. Leading Lights ...for Lost World

x. Bad Taste Aquarium ...for Hot Shelter

x. Azure Blue World ...for Emerald Coast

x. Theme of Dr. Eggman

x. Lazy Days ~Livin' In Paradise~

x. My Sweet Passion

x. Theme of "E-102γ"


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Round 13. Alright. I did pretty much all the ones I'm familiar with. Now to start at the very beginning and go down the list of stuff that I'm NOT familiar with. This will be interesting for me. I just got done listening to all the songs from Sonic 1 and the only thing I can think of is how the Staff Roll's beginning sounds exactly like the goddamn Flintstones theme. 

Sonic the Hedgehog (Mega Drive)

1.    Marble Zone

2.    Final Zone

3.    Green Hill Zone

4.    All Clear

5.    Boss

6.    Labyrinth Zone

7.    Scrap Brain Zone

8.    Title

9.    Spring Yard Zone

10. Special Stage


Round 14. The Game Gear music is all stuff I'm hearing for the first time so here is what I've deemed the best of that set from my first (and probably only) impression.

Sonic the Hedgehog (Master System/ Game Gear)

1.  Bridge Zone

2.  Jungle Zone

3.   Scrap Brain Zone

4.   Sky Base Zone

5.   Boss

6.  Labyrinth Zone

7.  Green Hill Zone

8.   Ending

9.   Special Stage

10.  Title Screen


Round 15. Sonic 2 has a much better soundtrack than the two before and I recognized more than I thought I would. Even still, going into it I knew Chemical Plant would be number 1. Immediately.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Mega Drive)

1.   Chemical Plant Zone

2.   Boss

3.   Emerald Hill Zone

4.   Mystic Cave Zone

5.   Casino Night Zone

6.   Aquatic Ruin Zone

7.   Death Egg Zone 2

8.   Metropolis Zone

9.   Oil Ocean Zone

10.  Sky Chase Zone


Round 16. All of these sounded the same. Gimmick Mt. Zone was the only one that I feel I'll remember properly.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Master System/ Game Gear)

1.   Gimmick Mt. Zone

2.   Under Ground Zone

3.   Boss (GG)

4.   Green Hills Zone

5.   Aqua Lake Zone

6.   Sky High Zone

7.   Scrambled Egg Zone

8.   Good Ending

9.   Boss (MS)

10.  Crystal Egg Zone



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Yeesh, time to get back to doing these. Guess it's time for a marathon. I'll get most, if not all the classic stuff done.

Sonic the Hedgehog (MD): 

Yeah, as you can probably guess, I'm not the biggest fan of the original Sonic game or it's OST. A lot of it's themes aren't very memorable to me and I just can't really get into them. And unpopular opinion time, I can't stand Green Hill's OST for how overused it is, and not really loving it to begin with. 

Sonic the Hedgehog (MS): 

The Master System, ironically might be my favourite of the two versions of Sonic 1. A lot more of the themes are basic, but have more energy and fun little rhythms to them. It's not great or anything though and they don't come near my favourite OSTs.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (MD): 

This one was thankfully a lot more easier to handle than the last two because I actually really like a lot of Sonic 2's OST, even if I don't like the game itself. A lot of it has some really catchy beats and a variety of rhythm. 

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (MS):

Sonic 2 MS has a mixed OST for me. I like the MD version better, but a lot of the MS songs are catchy in their own right, and the regular ending you get for beating the game without emeralds is one of my favourite Sonic OSTs of all time. 

Sonic CD (US): 

Sonic CD US is a mixed bag for me. On one hand, a lot of the songs are serviceable and pretty good, and Tidal Tempest is one of my favourite Classic era songs, but on the other hand, I enjoy the JP soundtrack way more and am more familiar with that.

Sonic CD (JP/EU):

Yeah, so not going to lie. CD's JP OST is one of my absolute favourites in the series. Love a lot of these songs and all five of these songs jump near my favourite songs in the entire series. A lot of jazzy themes, a good blend of atmospheric and upbeat. I love this one. Believe in Yourself and Stardust Speedway especially. 

Sonic Chaos: 

This one was relatively tricky for me as I'm not really that big a fan of Chaos' OST. There isn't any songs in here that really stick out much for me and leave an impact on me. 

Sonic Spinball (MD): 

To be honest, this is one of the OSTs I dislike in the series so a lot of these are meh, to bad for me. There isn't a lot, a lot of them sound samey, and just don't have the same rhythm as the normal titles.

Sonic Spinball (MS):

I don't like the MD OST and this one manages to suck even more, all with the exception of The Machine, which I like better than several of the MD tracks.

Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine:

Another pretty meh soundtrack in my opinion. Although I'm not the biggest fan of this game to begin with.

Sonic the Hedgehog 3:

Sonic 3 is one of my personal favourite Classic soundtracks, with some tracks like Hydrocity being contenders for some of my favourite tracks in the series. As to be expected considering who had a hand in creating some of them.

Sonic Drift:

For as bad a game Sonic Drift and it's sequel were, the soundtrack for this one is actually pretty decent with some catchy tunes in it. Not great or anything, but good. 

Sonic & Knuckles: 

Sonic & Knuckles has a pretty good OST. Keeps up the really good standard set forth by it's first part, Sonic 3. 

Sonic Triple Trouble

If there seems to be one common thing about the Game Gear titles, I'm not a huge fan of their OSTs. Only real memorable one for me in this is Sunset Park Zone 3.

Sonic Drift 2 

To be honest, a step down from the original's soundtrack in my opinion. Some decent tracks but again, a lot unmemorable. 

Knuckles Chaotix: 

Knuckles Chaotix is a soundtrack I'm totally unfamilar with since I've never played it. From what tracks I've heard though, I think it has a pretty awesome OST.

Tails Sky Patrol 

I hate this soundtrack. I fucking despise this soundtrack. All of the themes sound like crappy generic fluff, the music itself is just fucking ear-grating, and it is quite frankly one of the worst game soundtracks I've ever heard.

Tails' Adventure: 

Nothing particularly great, but serviceable. It's not Sky Patrol at least and sometimes, that's all you need.

Sonic Labyrinth: 

One of the absolute worst Sonic games of all time has an equally as bad soundtrack. Go figure. Really generic, really ear-grating after a few seconds, and overall just pretty bad. 

And with that, we are out of the shitstorm that is the Game Gear titles. 

Sonic the Fighters: 

I'm just going to point out that I love the soundtrack to Fighters and it's one of my favourites in the series, and leave it at that. Each one of these are a gem. The entire soundtrack as a whole is really damn solid.

Sonic 3D: Flickies Island 


1. Rusty Ruins Zone Act 1

2.  Boss

3. Special Stage

4. (Not sure this is cheating...) Puppet Panic Zone Act 1 (MD)

5. Title


An alright soundtrack, although one that's not entirely memorable to me. I can see the appeal for others though.

Sonic Blast: 

OH NO, IT'S THE RETURN OF GAME GEAR. I guess this soundtrack is pretty damn meh. It's nowhere near as bad as something like Sky Patrol or Labyrinth, it's not as good as Drift or Sonic 2. It's just alright. 

Sonic R: 

So fun fact. I actually love a lot of Sonic R's soundtrack. All of these songs are pretty good in my opinion, and the first three tracks actually rank really damn high when it comes to my favourite Sonic songs of all time. I get some people might see it as cheesy, but I really do enjoy these songs.

AAAAAAAANNNNNNDDDDDDD That's the Classic games complete. Join me next time for a marathon as I go through the Dreamcast stuff up to Shadow. 

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here's 4 soundtracks.

sonic unleashed


my favorite sonic soundtrack.

1. jungle joyride (night) - an absolutely beautiful track. it's just straight-up heavenly.

2. endless possibility - one of the best lyric themes... ever.

3. savannah citadel (day) - it really fits the location, and reminds me of sonic rush.

4. rooftop run (day) - it just sounds really "sonic-y".

5. arid sands (night) - saxual content may be a turnoff for some.

sonic colors


1. terminal velocity - act 1 - it sounds dire, but really cool at the same time!

2. aquarium park - act 1 - unfathomable amounts of yes!

3. tropical resort - act 4 - if you looked up "earworm" in the dictionary, the definition would just be this song.

4. asteroid coaster - act 2 - the guitar, the drums, the bass... EVERYTHING about this song is just wonderful.

5. orchestral theme - this theme is so good it almost gives me a bit of faith in humanity. almost.

sonic runners


1. end of the summer - animu man

2. strange parade - wanna listen to the best credits theme ever while playing an endless runner? SEGA's got your back.

3. beyond the speed of... - the fantastic theme of the game. it just screams "sonic the hedgehog"!

4. where to today - quite possibly the best menu theme... ever.

5. firey passion - everything about this track is great! it really gets you pumped up! i LAVA this song.

sonic adventure 2


1. that's the way i like it ...for metal harbor - it sounds like they made sonic's personality into a song.

2. live and learn - this theme is well-known by almost every sonic fan, for a very good reason.

3. rumbling HWY ...for mission street - quite possibly one of the most "tails" music tracks ever.

4. mr. unsmiley ...for sky rail - looks like shadow stole sonic's stage! but seriously, this is a really good track.

5. space trip steps ...for meteor herd - pretty much the only knuckles rap not made out of cheese. the instrumentation is very space-like.


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Sonic Adventure


1. At Dawn ...for Speed Highway

2. Red Hot Skull ...for Red Mountain

3. Azure Blue World ...for Emerald Coast

4. Militant Missionary ...for Egg Walker and Egg Viper

5. Egg Carrier - A Song That Keeps Us On The Move

6. Crazy Robo... Boss: E-101β

7. Theme of "E-102γ"

8. Dilapidated Way ...for Casinopolis

9. Pleasure Castle ...for Twinkle Park

10. Theme of Tikal

x. Run Through the Speed Highway ...for Speed Highway

x. Be Wild, Be Cool & Be Groovy ...for Icecap

x. Tricky Maze ...for Lost World

x. Open Your Heart

Probably my most favourite soundtrack of them all and as such, the order above would likely be different tomorrow. Still, there's no doubt in my mind that At Dawn is one of the best upbeat tracks in the franchise. Few make me feel as happy or nostalgic as this one. It was just so unexpected; to walk out that door and - BAM! - daylight and a song that perfectly evokes a crisp morning air. The piano is so beautiful, but that last minute in particular gives me maximum feels.

Red Hot Skull is a decidedly different tune and one more typically up my alley. As Sonic plunges straight into the heart of the volcano, so does the music into an amazing sample from Super Cat's Ghetto Red Hot (Hip Hop Remix). It's a suitably spine-chilling* sound when paired with that whining guitar and one that adds a ton of character to a stage already teeming with Sonic-sized spiders and anomalous apparitions.

* ;P


Sonic Adventure 2


1. For True Story ...for Sonic vs. Shadow

2. Supporting Me ...for Biolizard

3. A Ghost's Pumpkin Soup ...for Pumpkin Hill

4. Rhythm and Balance ...for White Jungle

5. Highway in the Sky ...for Final Rush

6. Space Trip Steps ...for Meteor Herd

7. The Supernatural ...for Final Chase

8. E. G. G. M. A. N. ...theme of "DR. EGGMAN"

9. Won't Stop, Just Go! ...for Green Forest

10. Throw It All Away ...theme of "SHADOW"

x. Live & Learn ...main theme of "Sonic Adventure 2" (VS. Finalhazard)

x. Soarin' Over Space ...for Cosmic Wall

Ah, For True Story! There are sooo many reasons why I love this song. It's the climactic battle that ends both Hero and Dark storylines but, more importantly, the final clash between Sonic and his formidable rival. Fumi Kumatani is an absolute goddess here. I barely know how to explain what I'm hearing in this song (which is, to be fair, partly because I'm ignorant when it comes to such things); however I will say that the intro is etched into my brain. It packs such a goddamn punch and the brief vocal interlude works very well to provide a break between knockouts.

I'm a big fan of Fumi Kumatani's work on Shadow in this game, as you can probably tell from my chosen line-up, but that doesn't mean I've forgotten about everyone's favourite echidna. A Ghost's Pumpkin Soup and Space Trip Steps aren't just here for shits and giggles (even if I do get a chuckle - don't tell Knuckles - out of the vocals at times). The ominous piano, theremin and samples used in the former really encapsulate the essence of Halloween; a haunting yet fun atmosphere. The theremin seems to finds its way into Meteor Herd's jam too, but here it reinforces that eerie feeling that you're alone in the vastness of space... with Omochao.


Sonic Shuffle


1. Dark Sharpener

2. Blizzard Coast

3. Fourth Dimension

4. Seven Forest

5. Tense Thread

6. Summer Mirage

7. Battle of Bloom

8. Sombrero

9. Heart of Heat

10. Fun Villain

Well, that was one hell of a ride down memory lane. I wasn't sure how much I would enjoy revisiting this one, yet the waves of nostalgia crashing in from Blizzard Coast alone made the journey worth it. That said, it doesn't quite make it to number one because I also remember hearing it a lot when waiting for the game to... you know... do something? I played Shuffle with my dad and sister back in 2000... for as long as they could tolerate the exhaustive loading screens, I guess.

Oh and I should mention my top pick, Dark Sharpener, which has a very sleepy, dreamlike melody to it. The track is very reminiscent of a more recent game, Catherine (by Atlus), which of course takes place in a dream world too.

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Round 17. Sonic CD has a very interesting sounding soundtrack. It kind of makes me more assured of myself when I feel that the direction Colors took wasn't the proper one. In my opinion of course.

Sonic the Hedgehog CD (US)

1.    Sonic Boom - Opening Theme

2.    Palmtree Panic - Bad Future

3.    Tidal Tempest - Present

4.    Boss!!

5.    Quartz Quadrant - Good Future

6.    Quartz Quadrant - Bad Future

7.    Stardust Speedway - Good Future

8.    Wacky Workbench - Bad Future

9.    Stardust Speedway - Bad Future

10.   Final Fever


Round 18. The Japanese soundtrack sounds even better! My goodness. Some of these are even haunting when you get to the bad futures. But still in a rockin', metallic, awesome kind of fun way. And the Stardust Speedway tracks are excellent. A good amount of this soundtrack sounds like what you'd get if you crossed Sonic with Kingdom Hearts. And the rest sounds like disco.

Sonic the Hedgehog CD (JP/EU)

1.    Boss!!

2.    Palmtree Panic - Bad Future

3.    Stardust Speedway - Bad Future

4.    Tidal Tempest - Present

5.    Tidal Tempest - Bad Future

6.    Stardust Speedway - Present

7.    Wacky Workbench - Bad Future

8.    Stardust Speedway - Past*

9.    Metallic Madness - Bad Future

10.   Quartz Quadrant - Bad Future



Round 19. I could barely tell the difference between the tracks so this was a lot of "I think this sounds better" and "Maybe I like this one more..."

Sonic Chaos

1.    Boss

2.    Final Boss

3.    Mecha Green Hill Zone

4.    Aqua Planet Zone

5.    Aqua Planet Zone (GG)

6.    Electric Egg Zone 3

7.    Sleeping Egg Zone

8.    Gigapolis Zone (GG)

9.    Turquoise Hill Zone

10.   Electric Egg Zone


Round 20. I was able to tell the difference between songs here. Cool. Plus I got the whole soundtrack on here... I mean obviously, since there's only 8...

Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball (Mega Drive)

1.    Toxic Caves

2.    Boss

3.    Title Screen

4.    The Showdown

5.    Intro

6.    Bonus Stage

7.    Lava Powerhouse

8.    The Machine


Round 21. Still somehow sounds better than Sonic Chaos. Weird.

Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball (Master System/ Game Gear)

1.    The Machine

2.    Final Showdown

3.    Lava Powerhouse

4.    Title Screen

5.   Bonus Stage

6.   Toxic Pools


Round 22. The Mean Bean Machine is a little samey but it still manages to have it's own charm and flavor to it.

Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine

1.  Stages 1-4

2.  Ending

3.  Theme of Mean Bean Machine

4.  Stage 13

5.   Stages 5-8

6.   Stages 9-12

7.   Danger!

8.   VS Mode

9.  Exercise Mode

10.  Staff Credits





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Okay, this is my final round of Sonic songs from left over Game Gear games, the only time Sonic used a Kinect to my two favorite Sonic soundtracks. For Sonic CD and Adventure, I found them the hardest to choose from as they are great soundtracks. Well more like fantastic soundtracks.

Sonic Labyrinth


1. Level Theme 2 - A track that sounds quite complex but not towards the point of cacophony and has a nice melody towards it. It is also the easiest to get into my head.
2. Bonus Stage
3. Final Boss
4. Level Theme 3
5. Level Theme 1
6. Boss
7. Credits
8. Title

Out of the non-votables, I really like the Menu theme and Level Theme 4 (listed as Act 4). Unusual that a relation to the president of the company that also programmed the game did the music. Normally they have a team, a known musician or sound programmers but not a family member. By PSG standards, its a decent soundtrack.

Tails Skypatrol


1. Rain Canyon
2. Training Area
3. Ruin Wood - First Half
4. Metal Island
5. Fockewolf
6. Ruin Wood - Second Half
7. Dark Castle
8. Credits
9. Wendy Witchcart
10. Carrotia
x. Title Screen
x. Bearenger

Half of the music in this game sounds like it comes from a carnival ride and wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't an influence to this soundtrack. Sadly most of the music I just forget after listening to them but they are not horrible.

Tails Adventure


1. Poloy Forest
2. Polly Mountain/Green Island (Polly Mountain 1) - Catchy ditty.
3. Volcanic Tunnel/Cavern Island
4. Caron Forest
5. Boss
6. Credits
7. Final Boss
8. Sea Fox/Lake Crystal
9. Coco Island - Sounds like something from Legend of Illusion.
10. Battle Fortress
x. World Map
x. Title Screen

Fun fact: I actually ripped one of the songs from the game a long time ago way back in 2006 and its still there used on Youtube by many others. As mentioned on Pocket Adventure, most of the rips comes from the same source. It was my only time VGM ripping but quit because I wasn't good at it like a lot of failed attempts over the years and the only reason why was because the songs did not loop. It was the Intro (1-4) however it happens to be the moment that it is disqualified from voting.

Sonic Free Riders


1. Free - Strangely feels more relaxing and uplifting for a vocal compared to the rest of the Riders series and perhaps why it's my favorite song in the game.
2. Frozen Forest
3. Final Factory
4. Dolphin Resort
5. Forgotten Tomb
6. Magma Rift
7. Metropolis Speedway
8. Rocky Ridge - Very strange song, perhaps one of the strangest in the entire series. It's like someone mixed house music with Moo Moo Ranch from Mario Kart 64.

Weirdly most of this soundtrack was my first time of listening to it because it was short enough and just wanted to know what it sounded like. Do find it odd that there was no Catch Me If You Can song like the first two. It was a curiousity but really glad that I've managed to do so since it is a lovely and an underrated soundtrack. If it wasn't a Kinect only game, I would have gave it a try myself.

Sonic Adventure


1. At Dawn ...for Speed Highway (Speed Highway 3) - Powerful instrumental and it really gets me emotional but not in a bad way, no other song from the game does this and the only song to me that has a similar feeling is Everybody Wants to Rule the World (the Tears for Fears one). This is one of my favorite songs in the entire series, yet one that I don't hear much people talk about either.
2. Tornado Scramble ...for Sky Chase (Scramble)
3. Run Through the Speed Highway (Speed Highway 1)
4. Dilapidated Way (Casinopolis 2) - One of the best sewers theme in a game that I've ever heard and doesn't really deserve it.
5. Mechanical Resonance (Final Egg 1)
6. Be Wild, Be Cool and Be Groovy ...for Ice Cap (Ice Cap 3)
7. Unknown From M.E. (Knuckles Theme) - I wish more Sonic songs use more soul even though this song has a mixture of soul and rap.
8. Pleasure Castle (Twinkle Park 2) - If there's a song that describes late 1990s Sega, it is this one by its mostly cheerful and a strong melody. It even has a sense of sadness just before the loop knowing that the good feeling won't last.
9. Theme of Dr. Eggman
10. Mt. Red: A Symbol of Thrill (Red Mountain 1) - Really captures the adventure side of Sonic Adventure.
x. Open Your Heart
x. Tornado (Windy Valley 2)

The soundtrack is one of the best that I've ever heard and found it one of the hardest to vote from having to change positions at multiple times, even then I don't think that I'll ever be satisfied with the positioning. I didn't realize how good the vocal tracks were until having a recent relisten even though my preferences are the instrumentals. Also doesn't help most of the time, listen to via the files so I had to get the correct OST names to vote from when it is something like BOSSTRGT or SCRAMBLE and only remembered a few from memory (e.g. My Sweet Passion, It Doesn't Matter, Open Your Heart), one of them have problems spelling.

Also really like Message from Nightopia that was a song from NiGHTS into Dreams (the Attract Mode from the game), Hedgehog Hammer, Super Sonic Racing (already voted for Sonic R, my favorite track in the game but it is cut off on here for some reason) and Palmtree Panic...

Sonic CD (JP/EU)


1. Metallic Madness Bad Future
2. Wacky Workbench Present
3. Special Stage - Only question that I want to know, why did Sega shorten the song in the final?
4. Quartz Quadrant Present
5. Boss - Just plain crazy for a boss theme and I love it.
6. Quartz Quadrant Bad Future
7. Collision Chaos Present
8. Palmtree Panic Bad Future
9. Stardust Speedway Good Future
10. Tidal Tempest Present
x. Metallic Madness Present - The Eggman rap makes it from a good song to a great song.
x. Metallic Madness Past
x. Palmtree Panic Present
x. Tidal Tempest Bad Future
x. Palmtree Panic Past
x. Collision Chaos Bad Future
x. Final Fever
x. Wacky Workbench Past
x. Collision Chaos Good Future
x. Stardust Speedway Past
x. Quartz Quadrant Past

Oh yeah! Absolutely beautiful. This was a very hard one to choose from as I really like the soundtrack so much that I can never be pleased with the positioning. I like the prototype tracks, I even like the unused loops. I don't even have a number one favorite it's that hard!

So that's my entries to the contest. Most of the songs I enjoyed listening to, even ones that others might not be keen on and are an acquired taste. From soundtracks that I heard hundreds of times to some that are pretty much my first time and was surprised to hear how good they were. I have the Catch Me If You Can from Zero Gravity in my head now thanks to this thread.

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Round 23. Sonic the Hedgehog 3. Wasn't as impressed with this one as I was Sonic 2 but not a bad one. I hate that Carnival music.

Sonic the Hedgehog 3

1.   Icecap Zone - Act 1 (MD)

2.   Hydrocity Zone - Act 1

3.   Desert Palace Zone

4.   Act 1 Boss

5.  Act 2 Boss

6.   Marble Garden Zone - Act 1

7.  Angel Island Zone - Act 2

8.  Final Boss

9.   Hydrocity Zone - Act 2

10.  Angel Island Zone - Act 1


Round 24. Good God. This is all just a bunch of noise! Ugh!

Sonic Drift

-1.   Labyrinth

-2.   Spring Yard

-3.   Marble

-4.   Title

-5.   Green Hill

-6.   Scrap Brain

-7.   Star Light

-8.   Credits


Round 25. I liked this one more than Sonic 3 actually. I recognized some more tracks from here too.

Sonic & Knuckles

1.   Sandopolis Zone - Act 1

2.   Flying Battery Zone - Act 1

3.   Sandopolis Zone - Act 2

4.   Mushroom Hill Zone - Act 1

5.   Death Egg Zone - Act 1

6.   Title

7.   The Doomsday Zone

8.   Sky Sanctuary Zone

9.   Act 1 Boss

10.  Lava Reef Zone - Act 1



Round 26. It's really hard listening to the ones that sound like this. It's not bad for what it is. It just blends together too often.

Sonic the Hedgehog: Triple Trouble

1. Sunset Park Zone - Train

2. Final Boss

3. Nack/Fang's Theme

4. Meta Junglira Zone

5.  Tidal Planet Zone

6. Boss

7. Great Turquoise Zone  

8. Atomic Destroyer Zone

9.  Sunset Park Zone

10.  Robotnik Winter Zone


Round 27. Much better than the first one. More distinct for sure.

Sonic Drift 2

1.  Rainy Savanna

2.  Milky Way

3.  Quake Cave

4.  Mystic Cave

5.  Death Egg

6.  Casino Night

7. Ice Cap

8.  Desert Road

9.  Balloon Panic

10.  Hill Top

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