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=SSMB's= Top Sonic Songs 2017 Voting Thread (CLOSED)

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Just now, Ryannumber1gamer said:

I do wonder what those hidden badges are. Any chance they'll be revealed soon to give people a chance to shoot for them quickly?

They'll be revealed in the results thread that will be made afterwards!

As for shooting for them, well, so long as you followed all of the rules and suggestions per soundtrack, you might be able to earn a few!.... Might. That set of badges isn't based on any tallies. >D

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Just now, Nepenthe said:

They'll be revealed in the results thread that will be made afterwards!

As for shooting for them, well, so long as you followed all of the rules and suggestions per soundtrack, you might be able to earn a few!.... Might. That set of badges isn't based on any tallies. >D

Well. Only one thing to do.

One final gamble...

the best OST ever...

Hidden in a remix...


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Gonna hit the last few main games.

Sonic Colors
1. Planet Wisp Act 1
2. Planet Wisp Act 2
3. Planet Wisp Act 3
4. Terminal Velocity Act 2
5. Aquariam Park Act 1
6. Aquariam Park 2
7. Tropical Resort Act 3
8. Asteroid Coaster Map
9. Sweet Mountain Act 2
10. Starlight Carnival Map

Sonic Generations
1. Door Into Summer(Collection Room)
2. Mission 5(Sonic 3D Blast Remix)
3. End Credits
4.Sky Sanctuary Modern
5. City Escape Modern
6. Crisis City Classic
7. Rooftop Run Modern
8. Stardust Speedway 
9. For True Story Remix
10. Balloon Park Remix

Yeah I'm surprised by how much I wasn't feeling the stage remix but they're largely worse versions of songs I've listened to pretty recently and it stuck out more lol. 

Left 06 and Lost World out because I have no emotional attatchment to those games.

Sonic Rush
1. Wrapped in Black
2. Back 2 Back 
3. Wat U Need 
4. Vela Nova
5. Metal Scratchin
6. A New Day
7. Ska Cha Cha
8. Raisin Me Up

Sonic Rush Adventure
1. Machine Labrynth Act 1
2. Plant Kingdom Act 1
3. Blizzard Peaks Act 1
4. Pirates Island Act 2
5. Haunted Ship Act 1

Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity
1. Aquatic Time
2. Sealed Grounds
3. Dive Into Gravity
4. Catch Me If You Can
5. Gadget Round
6. Ungravitify 
7. Blast Town


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just making sure i get 20.

sonic 3 & knuckles


1. hydrocity zone act 1

2. marble garden zone act 1

3. angel island zone act 2

4. mushroom hill zone act 2

5. special stage

sonic CD (USA)


eurgh, this soundtrack.

1. palmtree panic present

2. special stage

3. tidal tempest present

4. collision chaos present

5. stardust speedway present

that's gotta be 20 total, right!?


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Totally forgot about the deadline today lol. Figured I'd atleast get all my favorite soundtracks done.

Knuckles Chaotix:


1. Speed of Sound (This one's great! I feel like it's overlooked)

2. Door Into Summer

3. Midnight Greenhouse

4. Evening Star

5. Seascape

Sonic Colors:


1. Special Stage (DS)

2. Aquarium Park Act 1

3. Planet Wisp Act 1

5. Speak With Your Heart

6. Nega Wisp Phase 2

7. Tropical Resort Act 2

8. Reach For the Stars

9. Terminal Velocity Act 1

10. Asteroid Coaster Act 1

Sonic Generations (Consoles/PC):


1. Rooftop Run (Modern)

2. City Escape (Classic)

3. Rooftop Run (Classic)

4. City Escape (Modern)

5. Collection Room (Door Into Summer)

6. Vs. Shadow (For True Story)

7.Mission (Ballon Park)

8. Vs. Metal Sonic (Stardust Speedway Bad Future)

9. Mission (3D Blast Theme)

10. Mission (Emerald Beach)

Sonic Generations (3DS):


1. Big Arm (YESSSS)

2. Emerald Coast (Modern)

3. Special Stage

4. Tropical Coast (Modern)

5. Water Palace (Modern)

Sonic R:


1. CAn YoU fEel tHe SuNshiNe

2. Livin' In the City

3. Diamond In the Sky

4. Back In Time

5. Super Sonic Racing

Sonic Advance 2:


I still thank God everyday for this soundtrack is this awesome


1. Leaf Forest Act 2

2. Music Plant Act 1

3. Hot Crater Act 1

4. Sky Canyon Act 2

5. Ice Paradise Act 1

6. Techno Base Act 2

7. Boss

8. Demo 1

9. Zone Select 2

10. Time Attack 1

Sonic Advance 3:


1. Nonagression (True Final Boss)

2. Sunset Hill Act 3

3. Route 99 Act 3

4. Twinkle Snow Act 2

5. Chaos Angel Act 3

6. Demo

7. Toy Kingdom Act 1

8. Ocean Base Act 1

Sonic Battle:


1. Chapter End

2. Emerald Town

3. Emerald Beach

4. Club Rouge

5. Amy's Room

6. Battle Highway

7. Central City


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Settling for Espio! It took me an hour and a half from nine o' clock to do the soundtracks I was actually interested in. xD

Sonic 1 (Mega Drive)


1. Final Zone
2. Spring Yard Zone
3. Scrap Brain Zone
4. Starlight Zone
5. Labyrinth Zone

Sonic Spinball (Mega Drive)


1. Lava Powerhouse
2. Toxic Pools
3. Boss
4. The Showdown
5. Bonus

Sonic 3 (Mega Drive)


1. Mid Boss Theme
2. Hydrocity Zone Act 2
3. Chrome Gadget Zone
4. Special Stage
5. Angel Island Zone Act 1

Sonic Adventure


1. Open Your Heart
2. Tornado Scramble
3. The Dreamy Stage
4. Twinkle Cart
5. Run Through the Speed Highway
6. Goin' Down!?
7. Egg Carrier- A Song That Keeps Us On The Move
8. Skydeck A Go Go
9. Azure Blue World
10. Be Cool, be Wild & Be Groovy

Sonic Adventure 2


1. For True Story
2. Vengeance is Mine (Radical Highway)
3. Rhythm and Balance (White Jungle)
4. Can't Stop, So What? (Metal Harbor)
5. Throw It All Away
6. Mr. Unsmiley (Sky Rail)
7. Won't Stop, Just Go! (Green Forest)
8. Keys The Ruin (Pyramid Cave)
9. Dive Into the Mellow (Aquatic Mine)
10. Supporting Me (Biolizard)

Sonic Heroes


1. Special Stage: Type B (Emerald Challenge)
2. BINGO Highway
3. Frog Forest
4. Mystic Mansion
5. Grand Metropolis
6. Final Fortress
7. What I'm Made Of (Vs. Metal Overlord)

Shadow The Hedgehog


1. I Am (All Of Me)
2. Blue Falcon
3. Cosmic Fall
4. Prison Island
5. Lost Impact
6. Digital Circuit
7. The Ark
8. Final Haunt
9. Lava Shelter
10. Mad Matrix

Sonic Riders


1. Theme of Digital Dimension
2. High Flying Groove
3. Theme of SEGA Carnival
4. Catch Me If You Can
5. Theme of Metal City

Sonic The Hedgehog (360/PS3)


1. Aquatic Base- Level 1
2. Wave Ocean- The Water's Edge
3. Town Mission 4
4. Kingdom Valley
5. White Acropolis (Snowy Peak)
6. Tropical Jungle (Jungle/Swamp)
7. Crisis City - Sonic the Hedgehog
8. Flame Core (Volcano)
9. Mephiles Phase 2

Sonic and the Secret Rings


1. The Palace That Was Found
2. Let the Speed Mend It
3. Unawakening Float
4. Seven Rings In Hand
5. High and Broken
6. The White of Sky
7. No Way Through

Sonic Unleashed


1. vs. Titan & Big Mother
2. Cool Edge Night
3. Arid Sands Night
4. Rooftop Run Night
5. Skyscraper Scamper Day
6. Chun Nan Night
7. Jungle Joyride Day
8. Dragon Road Night
9. Dragon Road Day
10. Savannah Citadel Day


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Sonic 3k collection:

1. Launch base zone act 1

2. Launch base zone act 2

3. Ice CAP zone act 1

4. Ice cap zone act 2

5. Carnival night zone act 1

6. Carnival night zone act 2

7. Unused theme

8. Endless mine zone

9. Desert palace zone

10. Azure lake zone.

Sonic advance 2:

1. Leaf forest zone act 2

2. Sky canyon zone act 1

3. Egg utopia zone act 2

4. Techno base zone act 2

5. Hot crater zone act 1

6. Knuckles boss theme

7. Eggman boss theme

8. Egg utopia boss theme

9. Music plant act 2

10. Ice paradise act 2

sorry if I messed up anything. I cobbled this up at the last minutes:wacko:


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Since I'm waaaaaay late on this I decided to post some songs just for fun

Sonic 1


1. Starlight Zone

2. Spring Yard Zone

3. Marble Zone

4. Green Hill Zone

5. Scrap Brain Zone 

Sonic 2


1. Mystic Cave Zone 2 player

2. Death Egg Robot

3. Emerald Hill Zone

4. Aquatic Ruin Zone

5. Chemical Plant

Sonic 3


1.Hydro City Zone

2. Angle Island Zone

3. Big Arms

4. Character select

5. Credits theme

Sonic & Knuckles


1. Sky Sanctuary

2. Doomsday Zone

3. Flying Battery Zone

4. Ice Cap Zone 

5. Mushroom Hill Zone

Sonic Adventure 


1. Open your Heart

2. Red Hot Skull

3. Tricky Maze 

4. Be Cool, Be Wild and Be Groovy

5. Egg Carrier A Song that Keeps us on the move

Sonic Adventure 2 


1. Pyramid Cave

2. Metal Harbor 

3. Green Forrest 

4. Supporting Me

5. Throw it all away

Sonic Heroes(fuck this is a hard one)


1. Hang Castle Zone(both)

2. Grand Metropolis 

3. Egg Fleet 

4. Frog Forrest Zone

5. Rail Canyon

Shadow the Hedgehog 


1.Black Comet 

2. GUN Fortress

3. Lava Shelter 

4. Lost Impact

5. Cosmic Fall

Sonic 06


1. Solaris Phase 2

2. Kingdom Valley 

3. Radical Train(The Abandoned Mine)

4. Aquatic Base level 1

5. Soleanna New City

Sonic and the Secret Rings


1. The Palace That was Found

2. Night Palace 

3. Sand Oasis

4. Seven Rings in Hand

5. Ifrit Golem

Sonic unleashed 


1. Dragon Road Day

2. Shamar hub day music 

3. Egg Dragon

4. Roof Top Run

5. Crimson Carnival night 


Sonic and the Black Knight


1. With Me 

2. Misty Lake

3. Fight the Knight 

4. Knight of the Wind 

5. Battle Menu 

Sonic Colors 


1. Planet Wisp Act 1

2. Asteroid Coaster Map

3. Aquarium Park Act 2

4. Terminal Velocity 

5. Save Screen

Sonic Lost World


1. Sea Bottom Segue(duh)

2. Dragon Dance

3. Honey Comb Highway 

4. Midnight Owl

5. Dr. Eggman Showdown


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Sonic the hedgehog  (gensis)


1. Marble zone

2. Green Hill

3.spring yard

4. Labyrinth Zone

Sonic 2 ( genesis)


1. Chemical Plant zone

2. Casino Night Zone

3. Mystic cave ( 2 player vs version)

4. Wing Fortress 

Sonic 3 


1. Launch Base Zone

2. Angel Island Zone

3. Carnival Night Zone

4. Hydrocity zone

Sonic & Knuckles 


1. Fly Battery zone act 1

2. Sandopolis Zone Act 2

3. Lava Reef act 1

4. Death Egg act 1

Sonic Adventure


1. At Dawn - Speed highway

2. Azure blue - Emerald Coast 

3. Windy Hill windy valley 

4. Open your Heart 

Sonic Adventure 2


1. Vengeance is mine- Radical Highway 

2. This way out - Prison Lane

3. Rumbling Hwy- Mission Street

4. Rhythm and Balance- shadow white jungle 

Sonic Heroes 


1. Grand Metropolis 

2. Final Fortress

3. Seaside Hill 

4. Hang Castle

Shadow the hedgehog 


1. Sky  troops 

2. Lethal Highway

3. Cryptic castle

4. Central City

Sonic Riders


1. Metal  City

2. Egg factory

3. Sand Ruins

4. Digital Dimension 

Sonic Colors 


1.astroid coaster

2. Tropical resort

3. Starlight Carnival


Sonic Boom Shattered Crystal 


1. Robot Facility 2 

2.Lyric Boss boss music

3. Ancient city

Sonic Boom fire and Ice


1.Bucanner's Cave

2. GOTHIC castle

3. Tarpit Death

Sonic Generations 3ds


1. Big Arms

2. Water Palace act 1

3. Radical Highway act 1

4. Supporting me - Biolizard boss

Sonic lost World


1. Windy Hill Zone

2.tropical coast


Sonic Mania


1. Fly Battery zone act 2

2. Green Hill zone act 2

3. Chemical Plant act 2

4.studiopolis act 1

Wow broke a sweat but here is mine by the deadline.

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Sonic Unleashed: The underrated Adventure that has one of my favorite soundtracks.



1: The World Adventure - Piano Version (played in Professor Pickle's library/lab)

2: Boss Battle - Day

3: Dragon Road - Day (self explanatory)

4: Rooftop Run - Day

5: vs. Dark Gaia

6: Super Sonic vs Perfect Dark Gaia

7: Jungle Joyride - Day

8: Cool Edge - Night

9: Jungle Joyride - Night

10: Eggmanland - Day


Honorable Mention:

1:Endless Possibilities

2: Werehog Battle Theme (yes as annoying as it is in the game, it's not too bad outside of it)

3: Results Screen - E Rank (Come on, this was hilarious XD)



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I managed to cobble together twelve ballots at the last possible second xD

SSMB Music Ballots

Sonic the Hedgehog (GEN) 1991



1.       Star Light Zone

2.       Green Hill Zone

3.       Spring Yard Zone

4.       Scrap Brain Zone

5.       Final Zone


Sonic the Hedgehog (MS/GG) 1991



1.       Sky Base Zone

2.       Bridge Zone

3.       Jungle Zone

4.       Ending

5.       Boss


Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Gen) 1992



1.       Aquatic Ruin Zone

2.       Sky Chase Zone

3.       Metropolis Zone

4.       Casino Night Zone (2P)

5.       Boss

6.       Hilltop Zone


Sonic CD (SCD, US) 1993



1.       Tidal Tempest Present

2.       Collision Chaos Bad Future

3.       Palmtree Panic Good Future

4.       Quartz Quadrant Bad Future

5.       Special Zone


Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (GEN) 1994 – This is one of the ballots where I deliberately went against my usual instincts to show love to some of the more overlooked tracks in the higher ranks. I still had to throw Icecap Act 1 in there, though xP



1.       Act 1 Boss (MD)

2.       Staff Roll (MD)

3.       Chrome Gadget Zone

4.       Desert Palace Zone

5.       Hydrocity Zone Act 2

6.       Icecap Zone Act 1


Sonic & Knuckles (GEN) 1994



1.       Lava Reef Zone Act 1

2.       Knuckles’s Theme

3.       The Doomsday Zone

4.       Sky Sanctuary Zone

5.       Mushroom Hill Zone Act 2


Knuckles’ Chaotix (32X) 1995



1.       Evening Star

2.       Seascape

3.       Midnight Greenhouse

4.       This Horizon

5.       Soda Pop


Sonic R (SAT/PC) 1997 - Figured I'd just rank all of them, though I like the entire soundtrack across the board.



1.       Work it Out

2.       Livin’ in the City

3.       Back in Time

4.       Number One

5.       Super Sonic Racing

6.       Can You Feel the Sunshine?

7.       Diamond in the Sky


Sonic Adventure (DC) 1998/1999



1.       Dilapidated Way

2.       At Dawn

3.       Theme of “E102y”

4.       Crazy Robo

5.       Bad Taste Aquarium


Sonic Adventure 2 (DC) 2001- Tried to go for a few less obvious choices--SA2's is another soundtrack I like pretty much across the board.



1.       Supporting Me

2.       Won’t Stop, Just Go!

3.       Opening (SA2B version)

4.       Mr. Unsmiley

5.       Suitable Opponent


Sonic Heroes (Multi) 2004



1.       Casino Park

2.       Grand Metropolis

3.       Ocean Palace

4.       Bullet Station

5.       Egg Emperor




Shadow the Hedgehog (Multi) 2005 - Wanted to show Shadow some love as it's another one of my favorites



1.       GUN Fortress

2.       Lost Impact

3.       Final Haunt

4.       Sky Troops

5.       Lava Shelter

6.       Never Turn Back

7.       Chosen One

8.       The Last Way


EDIT: Fuck it, snuck one of my other favorites on here while I had a spare minute.

Sonic and the Black Knight (Wii) 2009



1. With Me

2. Dragon's Lair

3. Through the Fire

4. Deep Woods

5. Crystal Cave



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After being tied up with for weeks and for pulling a near all-nighter (I only got ONE hour of sleep!) to wrap up the Sonic 25th Anniversary Questionnaire Event and just coming home from my nephew's graduation party I'm really cutting it close! Better late than ever I suppose so let's do this!

Sonic the Hedgehog (Mega Drive)


1. Scrap Brain Zone

2. Spring Yard Zone

3. Special Stage

4. Marble Zone

5. Green Hill Zone

Its excessive use in the series aside, I have to give love to the iconic track that started it all of my favorite character of all time :)

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (Mega Drive)


1. Chrome Gadget Zone

This was my jam back in the day and still is. It wasn't until I came across Planet Wisp Act 1 from Sonic Colors that this was my favorite Sonic song of all time.

2. Special Stage

This track gets blasted CONSTANTLY in my car speeding down the highway. It's the perfect combination ;)

3. Act 1 Boss

4. Icecap Zone Act 1

5. Marble Garden Zone Act 1

Sonic 3D Blast (Saturn)

I feel like this soundtrack is definitely a sleeper in the series as it definitely has some hidden gems in it!


1. Rusty Ruin Zone Act 1

My favorite Sonic track in the ENTIRE series! This track makes me all kinds of emotional as I find it very moving. I can and have listened to it for HOURS NONSTOP. Out of all the songs in the my ENTIRE library-Sonic and non-Sonic-this track has been played more than ANY of them and by a significant margin :)

2. Rusty Ruin Zone Act 2

3. Green Grove Zone Act 1

This track has stolen my heart for the moment. This captivating and adventurous track is constantly played on repeat for me currently.

4. Gene Gadget Zone

5. Special Stage

Sonic Unleashed

I feel like this soundtrack is the absolute hardest to rank as there are so many precious gems in it!


1. Savannah Citadel (Day)

2. Apotos-Day

3. Gaia Gate

This track is absolutely gorgeous. When I need to relax, this soothing track NEVER fails to calm me down.

4. Super Sonic vs. Perfect Dark Gaia

5. Dear My Friend

My favorite vocal track in the whole Sonic series. Me being a sentimental sap aside, this song really resonates with me as I highly esteem my friends :)

Sonic Colors

My favorite Sonic soundtrack! All 82 tracks are an absolute joy to listen to ^_^ 


1. Planet Wisp Act 1

Talk about a beautiful track! I was almost brought to tears when I first heard it as I was that touched by it. It is currently my second favorite track after recently being overthrown by Rusty Ruin Act 1 Saturn

2. Planet Wisp Act 2

3. Tropical Resort Act 1

4. Terminal Velocity Act 1

5. Aquarium Park Act 1

And that's about all I have time for. Wish I could of done more as the music in the Sonic series is definitely one of the franchise's most valuable treasures. And per looking at and listening to some of the tracks listed here in this event clearly tells me that there are much more treasure to seek and discover as I've missed a lot due to my 15 year hiatus from Sonic! I will definitely be going back through this topic and make it a point to listen to every track listed here as well the others among the 1300+ songs listed as I had no idea the Sonic franchise has so many tracks altogether!

@Nepenthe you really outdid yourself with everything from your diligent planning to the awesome badges and everything in between. I wish I could of engaged more in this event but I definitely forgot how tedious and time consuming participating in 2 events simultaneously can be. Thank you so much for putting this event together and while my participation was short it was definitely sweet :).

While I'm definitely hoping for Sonic to keep running, I'm definitely hoping that the excellent music continues to be produced as well (and Sonic Mania is a very strong indication of that!). Keep on rocking (and rolling and running for that matter), Sonic! ;) 


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I managed to completely forget the musical ballots last year but I sure ain't missing them this year!

Sonic Battle

  1.  chaos ruins stage
  2. crater Arena stage (normal ver.) 
  3. Battle highway
  4. emerald beach stage
  5. amy's room stage
  6. tails lab stage


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Oh, there's not that much time left for this...



Sonic the Hedgehog (Mega Drive)


1. Starlight Zone

2. Marble Zone

3. Spring Yard Zone

4. Green Hill Zone

5. Special Stage


Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Mega Drive)


1. Ending Theme

2. Final Boss Theme

3. Chemical Plant Zone

4. Casino Night Zone

5. Hill Top Zone


Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles


1. Big Arm Boss Theme

2. Doomsday Zone

3. Ice Cap Zone

4. Carnival Night Zone

5. Sky Sancturary Zone


Sonic CD JPN


1. Cosmic Eternity

2. Stardust Speedway Bad Future

3. Boss Theme

4. Collision Chaos Present

5. You Can Do Anything


Sonic CD USA


1. Sonic Boom

2. Closing Theme (Sonic Boom Reprise)


Sonic Adventure


1. Theme of E-102 Gamma

2. Azure Blue Coast

3. Pleasure Castle

4. Theme of CHAO

5. The Air


Sonic Adventure 2


1. It Doesn't Matter

2. Live and Learn

3. Escape from the City

4. Mr. Unsmiley

5. Chao Race


Sonic Unleashed


1. Rooftop Run Day

2. Endless Possibility

3. Cool Edge Day

4. Windmill Isle Day

5. Apotos Day


Sonic & The Black Knight


1. Knight of the Wind

2. With Me


Sonic Colours


1. Planet Wisp Act 1

2. Tropical Resort




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