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Polk's Dumb Sketches And Doodles, And Occasionally Good Art

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I drew some new shit:


Fursona. He's a dingo. Drew him on a late night. I wanna make more of this bloke now.



Toei Sonic. Ripe with errors, thanks to me not focusing while highlighting, but what are ya gonna do. Can always digitalise it to fix some issues!


i'm up for a request or two if you want a pic from me, i need to release my creative juices somehow

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7 minutes ago, Monkey Destruction Switch said:

Wow, I totally love your original characters. They just have such a super cool Cartoon Network style.

A Cartoon Network style, huh? I must watch far too much of that channel! :P

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"Oh, I want those colouring pencils, there's so. many. colours. Aw, but I'm saving up for other stuff..."

"Don't worry, I'll get them for ya. I like your artistic talent."

"O-oh?! THANK YOU, DAD!!"

And at the end of that story, the best colouring pencils I've ever gotten so far. They're magic to work with, especially considering they're store-brand.

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I made a new drawing. And I LOVE IIIITTTTT!!!!! :DDDDD

May contain Mania spoilers, sorry:


Wherever this droning sound was in this forest, the black fox was definitely getting closer. He was going to find out what that odd drone even is, once and for all.

This droning noise, it only started this week. One day, the forest just began droning randomly. Well today, we get the answer as to why.

He came incredibly close now, the droning drilling into his ears... Looking around for the source, the black fox found a purple glow in a bush. How odd. Curious as to what it could be, he peeked into the bush, and found some kind of gem, some ruby. He reached in and picked it up...

The gem would glow in time to the drones... Was this it? The source of the sound, all the droning? What even IS it? It's definitely not a Chaos Emerald...

But the fox did not have the time to wonder, as the gem suddenly glitched in his hands. There was no time to react, as the world around him went negative and froze... And he felt his very soul being touched by a magical power.


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