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[Stream] The Pink Cat Room! SSMB's Game Show!

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Man, I am bad at keeping promises


I'm bringing a type of RP a lot of SSMBers have seen before because they watched the show and the pun of this topic is a roleplay a lot of Sonic voice actors were in

Anyways, welcome to CUTEikal Role, a RP with a different set of rules than others, what makes this different?


This, the game is a game of chance, kinda like a board game than a written story but still a collaboration effort

Who rules 1 decides who gets to be the dungeon master (Or should I say DOGgeon master?) and what's the story

2 lets you move location

3 lets you talk it out

4 lets you dodge

5 lets you use your power

6 lets you use a team blast! ... It's a team attack, basically

We'll be using these sites  for dice, remember just to set for one so you don't roll anything higher than a 6 https://www.random.org/dice/

Here is where you'll get the name of your puppyhttp://rumandmonkey.com/widgets/toys/namegen/392#.WSoQRLhJnIV

Mine is Her Holiness Lavender Gardener the Overwhelmingly Gleeful  or Lavender for short


Here is where you'll get an idea of how your puppy will look like


Isn't she cute?

This is where you'll get your power, feel free to reload if you feel underpowered or overpowered

I got Crystal Imprionment

Since this requires a lot of work than a regular RP, it won't be hosted 24/7, instead it will start every Friday at 5:00 PM (Arizona Time) (Feel free to ask for to covert that to your timezone)

and we are looking for staff to make sure this go swimmingly, hope I have a lot of fun with you people!

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To prevent cheating by just claiming you rolled a specific number, we are hosting the game on Rabbit, the live streaming service, don't worry, guest sign ups are a thing. 

By the way, while you only have full control of your puppy, you are free to create side characters, the catch is that anyone can use them, not just you, they do have to get your consent for certain things though.

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Bad news Cuters, due to my laptop inexpensively going blank and Rabbit not working on mobile, Cuteikal Role is delayed till I get a new one, sorry about that, this actually really hurts me, I really wanted to do this.

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Hey hey hey! Let's make some adjustments!

I'm revamping this and my Dark Witch game to be SSMB's game show night! You are the star and you make the progress!

Let's go over the schedule

Namco High:
What starts us off, this has the least interaction, a simple walkthrough of all the routes till we cover all of them. will be replaced with something else once it's done


One lucky person selected at random will get to play Akinatior, wither they win or lose, they play a part in our next game!

Guess That Line!

The people in the stream have to guess what the member that has won will say next or if the member loses, they have to guess everyone else lines, such varying challenge!

Hunger Games(And occasionally Big Brother and Survivor)  Sim:
One enters at least one character and see them fight for survival! The character that wins has their poster pick the random toon at the end of the show


The big game of the show, it's rules are said as above, if sessions aren't able to conclude before the day ends, it will continue next time

Random Toon:

The member who wins the Hunger Games sim gets to pick one random cartoon(SFW one of course, it's not like my computer can even visit hentei sites anyways) to conclude the show!

Sounds fun? I am looking for staff to make sure this all goes well, and due to my unpredictable luck, I am starting the event on my birthday, September 20th, let's have fun and go crazy!



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