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Sonic Forces E3 Trailer "The Next Generations" *Huge Spoilers in OP

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OHMYGOD!!OHMYGOD!!OHMYGOD!!OHMYGOD!!OHMYGOD!!OHMYGOD!!OHMYGOD!!OHMYGOD!!OHMYGOD!!OHMYGOD!!OHMYGOD!!OHMYGOD!!OHMYGOD!!OHMYGOD!!OHMYGOD!!OHMYGOD!! That is what I was doing after I just saw that trailer. Speculation:So Shadow has betrayed GUN, Eggman took Chaos back from the Dead, Metal Sonic has returned from Sonic Heroes (Could he go rouge Again, Probably not) and Te Deadly Six are here...:Speculation


EDIT: Seems It had the New "Amazing SEGA" Eye at the end. Seems they really believe in it.

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I never expected the Zeti to return though. And why is Shadow evil again? And what's the "Powerful new evil"? Ultron Sigma?

EDIT: Well when I said that I didn't see the new villain literally showing up again. Didn't see that one coming. 

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I like this showing, but I'm a tad salty Zavok got in over Mecha Sonic, Mephiles, or even Rouge. (Well, Mephiles has been seemingly ruled out by Izuka's interview, but maybe there's more we haven't seen yet).

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