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What would you think about a Sonic cartoon based off the Sonic Universe comics?


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That would mean making a cartoon based on Archie Sonic, since Sonic Universe is a spinoff of that. And that would basically be SatAM but way better.

A Sonic Universe cartoon would be a fun series, but not all too much a focused series. One thing I believe a cartoon must have is a focused status quo, instead of hopping between different main characters every episode. I'd watch a Sonic cartoon written by Ian in a heartbeat, though.

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Yeah I really want a Sonic cartoon based on the comics. I'm sure everyone who's a fan of the comics post-issue 252 would love one. It'll never happen, but it should, and it certainly deserves one more than Sonic Boom does. The rebooted comic was just a really good blend of good story, decent writing, wonderful characterization, and intelligent continuity and canon nods up the wazoo. A cartoon would be fun as hell.

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13 minutes ago, Soniman said:

Then just don't even make a archie cartoon at that point lol

Sounds good to me. I like the general style, tone, world that the Archie comics went for and the many characters and ideas it had so they should just make something like that. The Freedom Fighters were just holding the entire thing back is all

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Honestly I'd love it but what I'd love to see is something of a SatAM revival set in the universe of the Post-SGW Archie Sonic Comics. Season 1 could be a mix of original stories and remakes of Episodes of the original Cartoon. Maybe End Season one with what the Freedom Fighters were doing during the events of Sonic 1 in the Archieverse and have Season 2 be Nagus as King Acorn trying to undermine the Kingdom of Acorn While Eggman is working on the Death Egg or something Maybe set it Before During and after Sonic 2.

Try to get the Original Voice Actors for the Freedom Fighters and Snivley obviously Bunnie would need to be Replaced maybe keep Jaleel White as Sonic (I personally don't think he's bad and he can do a more caring Sonic like in AoSTH so he could do a more game accurate Sonic) and obviously Coleen Villard and Mike Pollock would be Tails and Eggman.

I mean with the current revival craze that's going on I could see someone at least trying to pitch something like that to Sega.

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