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If Sonic was human, how would his spin attack/dash work?


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There are two potential answers and both of them are boring.

1. Sonic as a hedgehog clearly has super abilities since... it's the kind of franchise where the characters have super abilities.  Thus we can assume Sonic the human would also have super abilities and thus he'd perform it in the same way, but it wouldn't be as effective because he doesn't have spikes.

2. If Sonic the human is an ordinary human... the answer is it wouldn't work.

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Long hair.


That's probably more justification than is even necessary given that (as Jez said) it's basically a superpower, or at the very least a cartoony abstraction. It's not like there's all that much reason to how regular old hedgehog Sonic does what he does either; sure, hedgehogs can curl up, but they typically don't roll around at high speeds, smash through robots, or spin in place and then suddenly dash off. Having a human do it is only slightly more ridiculous.

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5 hours ago, Jovahexeon Joranvexeon said:

Probably the same way Samus can contort her body to do the screw attack.

...Heh heh. That makes me giggle.

5 hours ago, Tails spin said:

Mario, who is a human, can do a spin attack so why wouldn't sonic the human do it.

They see him...


They hatin'...

1 hour ago, Monkey Destruction Switch said:

Maybe this is why Sonic isn't a human.

Actually... There was that one time...


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5 hours ago, Acoolsonicfan said:

You guys forgot about this guy. He looks pretty powerful enough to pull off a spin dash  with no problem with the right momentum.


I wonder if those memes from Sonic CD were an inspiration for Forces...

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