Bojack Horseman - Back in the 90s....(Netflix Original - Upcoming - Season 4)

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"Back in the 90s, I was in a very famous TV show..." 

So, if you're an animation fan, you might've heard about Bojack Horseman, a Netflix Original series that is heavily praised for it's realistic portrayal of serious issues such as depression, self-destructive attitude, and a serious look at how damaging Hollywood can be for actors. It is also one of the funniest adult cartoons out, with a unique wit, some great cultural jokes, and a lot of brilliant deconstruction of popular tropes, and a great examination of modern culture. 

The show stars Bojack Horseman, a washed up actor, primarily known for his role as lead of a Full-House parody called Horsin' Around. Because of Bojack's shitty childhood and past, he has developed a self-destructive attitude that tends to hurt the people around him, even when he tries to fix things. Bojack has an idea that real life is like a sitcom. That after 30 minutes, the main character learns a lesson and everything is back to normal and hunky dory. He tends to get up into hijinks surrounding his friends, including Mr. Peanut Butter, an optimistic and friendly actor of a rival show who ends up having some personal issues of his own, Todd, Bojack's best friend, and roommate who Bojack took in, Princess Caroline, Bojack's agent and on-again, off-again girlfriend, and Diane, one of Bojack's best friend who relates to him in a lot of ways.

To be honest, I believe Bojack is one of the best animated series to date. With a masterful balance between laugh out loud comedy, and serious hard hitting drama, and the very realistic portrayal of issues that don't tend to get spotlighted, there's a good reason Bojack is now heading into his forth season and still remains one of the most praised animated series despite it's rocky beginnings. It's hard to really talk about Bojack because a lot of what makes it brilliant is wrapped up in spoiler territory, but regardless, I would definitely give the show a watch if you haven't already. All three seasons are currently on Netflix with a forth incoming. 

For me personally, I'm just hoping Season 4 comes out on time, rather than being a case of F is For Family which ended up taking a year and a half to come out with it's second season. Especially with the cliffhanger that Season 3 ended on. 

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Season 4 is allegedly supposed to air in August so if that's true we can watch it alongside playing Sonic Mania. Wouldn't that be great?

I wish Adult Swim would start producing content like this instead of whoring themselves out to Fox and Seth McFarlane.

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3 hours ago, Ernest-Panda said:

The episode where


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Sarah-Lyn dies


was some of the most heartwrenching television I'd ever seen.

I know, right? One of the best episodes of the show in general is Season 3 Episode 4 "Fish Out of Water". It doesn't have a whole lot of dialogue, but gives you a huge emotional punch to the guy! Heck the whole series in general is one emotional punch to the gut!

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I think Season 3 as a whole could go down as Bojack's biggest gut-punch to date, seeing as the entire season was not only showing what'll happen when Bojack is flung back into his life as a mainstream actor again, but also went about systematically breaking everyone of Bojack's friends and family because of his depression and self-destructive attitude. Even in Season 2's finale, the gut-punch happened in the second to last episode while Season 2 ended on the note of him winning an award, saving Todd from the improv cult, and creating something in Herb's memory.

Season 3 just ends with Bojack's life completely destroyed, one of his closest friends and co-stars is dead because of him, and he was ready to give it all up and kill himself until he saw the other horses living life.


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