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The Sonic Musical Spectacular 2 Event - Celebrating Sonic's 26th, Motobug's 2nd, and SSMB! - Airing Saturday 22nd July @ 5pm GMT/12pm EST!

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Whoo! Glad to be on the crew for this spectacular! Time to roll out my requests!

Sonic 3D Blast: Rusty Ruins Zone Act 1 (Genesis)

Sonic Lost World: Hidden World

Sonic Generations: City Escape (Classic)

For remixes, I say-


"Why hello there, SSMB! Sorry to intrude but your favorite bear Monokuma has a little request for you!"


"A little bit of despair is needed for your little stream, don't you think?"


"So I'm submitting this little mashup in your Sonic CD section!"

[Mashup] DANGANRONPA Speedway Bad Future JP SUPER MIX



"That's my part! See you laaaaaater~

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Can't believe it's been nearly a year since the first one you guys did. Time flies!

Okay, lets do this!

1: Tee Lopes' updated version of Studiopolis!


2) Love me some cheesy shit!

Sonic 3 mini-boss:


3) Emerald Coast SADX



Does this count?


This track is called "Sonic Stream" and is from the album: "Sonic the Hedgehog Remix" by Artist: Masafumi Ogata which featured remixes of Sonic CD JP music.


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I think I was working when this was going on last year, but I should be able to make it this time. =] Here are my picks:


Generations 3DS - Boss Battle: Big Arms


Sonic Adventure 2 - For True Story


Sonic CD JP - You Can Do Anything


Congrats on another year, Moto-peeps!

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3 minutes ago, Spin Attaxx said:

Hm, more tough choices. I think I'll say:

  1. Spring Yard Zone (Sonic 1)
  2. I'm a Spy/Security Hall (Sonic Adventure 2)
  3. Eggmanland Day (Sonic Unleashed)

And for the remix slot:

Dead Batteries (Flying Battery Zone):


This man has good taste in OSTs :U

Everyone's updated so far btw.

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1. Seascape (Marina Madness) ~ Knuckles Chaotix

Like most Sonic games, Chaotix's music is its saving grace - Seascape in particular is a highlight for its slow and relaxing melody, contrasting not just the rest of the game's soundtrack but classic Sonic soundtrack in general, and instrumentation that perfectly sets the mood its zone is going for.

2. End of the Summer (Tropical Coast) ~ Sonic Runners

I can definitely see where people are coming from when they refer to Runners's music as unremarkable or generic, but in retrospect, it makes sense for Ohtani to take the idea that Sonic is just one big parody of 90's anime and bring it to its logical conclusion.

3. What U Need (Dead Line) ~ Sonic Rush

Sonic Rush's soundtrack is a strange one in that its tracks are completely unfitting for the levels they play in. There's absolutely no reason for a fast, EDM-esque track to play in the "Evil Eggman Space Station" level of a Sonic game. But there's something about the way they're composed, something about the way they compliment the game's overall "stylish" vibe, that makes it wrap right around and become fitting.

RMX. Sonic3 MegaD Mix ~ Sonic the Hedgehog 3/Sonic Gems Collection

No typical player would expect Gems Collection, a rather run-of-the-mill Sonic game compilation, to have a vast selection of completely new remixes - Much less for those remixes to be actually good. This track in particular was done by Naofuma Hataya himself who you probably know as the composer for Sonic CD, so if you liked CD's Japanese soundtrack you'll like this.

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I got three for ya!


Theme of CHAO! (Sonic Adventure)


Cosmic Eternity! (Sonic CD)


And Endless Possibility! (Sonic Unleashed)


Meanwhile, this has given me a reason to get back into my music making... Yep, I'll go and make a neat lil' remix!

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Let's have ourselves a go at this!

1. "vs, Orcan & Skullian - Sonic Colors (or COLOURS for all you brits!)

2. "Rooftop Run - Modern" (Sonic Generations)

Last but not least!

3. Hyper Potions - Time Trials (Sonic Mania Pre-Order Trailer Song) - Sonic Mania

And now for the remix-



"Just one moment! Your honor. SSMB! The defense has something they'd like to submit! Got it Nick?"


"Got it! Ahem! The defense will now submit a pretty keen mashup with the eponymous hedgehog!"


Remix Slot:

Pyramid Cave (Sonic Adventure 2) - Phoenix Wright Arrangement by NastCF


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Ok so back to good old home Wi-Fi.

Thanks again to @Ryannumber1gamer for adding Mystc cave 2p version while I fixed my internet issue.

So my  choice is this

Sonic & Knuckles

Lava Reef zone pc version


Sonic Heroes grand metropolis

The person's name for the video's channel is  Shun Hishigake

And for a repeat of last year 

Sonic Boom Shattered Crystal robot facility 


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Oh! It's this event again. Really liked the other one last year, so why not go for a second round. :)

Sonic and The Secret Rings: The Palace That Was Found

Sonic Unleashed: Dear My Friend

Sonic Mania: Mirage Saloon Zone

Remix Slot: Bubble Junkie(Labyrinth Zone Remix - Sonic The Hedgehog) - Ben Briggs:

I love these events! The music in the Sonic series is god tier.

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Oh boy! This sounds like fun! Let's see what we've got here:

1. Red Moon...For Storm Station Act 3 - Sonic After The Sequel

Funk Fiction + Falk  = Deliciously Good Combo. Those strings are godly, I tell ya!

2.) Theme of Molten Mine - Sonic and the Black Knight:

One of my favourites from Black Knight, full of some absolutely fantastic guitars.

3.) Leading Lights...for Lost World - Sonic Adventure

Let's throw a curveball in for the third one, shall we? It's short, but it's groovy all the same. I'm sure it would be a nice intermission song of some sort.

As for the remix, let's bring in an oldie but goodie. Courtesy of the legendary Daniel Baranowsky: 

Knuckleduster (Marble Garden) - Project Chaos!

If we can get a sing along to this song, that would be hilariously heartwarming.

Now then. Let's make like Professor K and get to hearing those sweet sweet songs!

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On 6/24/2017 at 7:55 AM, Fusion Force said:

Okay, let's see...

Park Avenue Custom Character (Sonic Forces)-

Chemical Plant Zone Act 2 (Sonic Mania)-

Aquarium Park Act 1 (Sonic Colors)-

As for a remix? Journey Underwater, which is a remix of Aquatic Base Level 1 (Sonic 06) ft Nekkosu and @Faseeh


Mania slots are all taken up, you mind picking another song please?

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On 6/24/2017 at 8:13 AM, Fusion Force said:

Wait it is?


Oh it is. Alright in that case, I'll go with Blizzard Peaks Act 1 from Sonic Rush Adventure-


Alright, it's been added.

All songs requested thus far have been updated and added to the OP's list. Please ensure you look through the list in the OP so you know which slots are taken and which aren't everyone!.

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Ok so I'm about to go to sleep and I'm on my tablet so I'll make this quick so I won'tmiss out on potential slots being taken while I sleep.

Normal songs:

Sonic Heroes: Special Stage ~ Bonus Challenge

Sonic Advance 3: Sunset Hill Zone Act 3

Sonic Generations (P(C)S360): Crisis City Modern/Act 2

As for my remix choice...since no one chose a peice of music from this particular animation, allow me to do so.

Sonic the Movie/Sonic OVA: South Island (JD Harding Cover)




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