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The Sonic Musical Spectacular 2 Event - Celebrating Sonic's 26th, Motobug's 2nd, and SSMB! - Airing Saturday 22nd July @ 5pm GMT/12pm EST!

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Right, I'll give a few suggestions!

SONIC the Hedgehog (2006) - Solaris Phase 2

Sonic Generations (3DS) - Radical Highway

Sonic Lost World Tropical Coast Act 3 


Remix Slot goes to 

Sonic Unleashed Endless Possibility (Rockestrate my World) Cover by Falk


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So this awesome event made a comeback, huh?


Great as first event was absolutely awesome! I'm sure this will be the same :) 

Now, aside from being the mod sponsor and giving out badges I should definitely do that contribution thing so let's get to it! ;)

Sonic 3D Blast/Flickies' Island (Saturn)-Green Grove Zone Act 1

My love for the Sonic 3D Saturn Soundtrack Continues! This time I am going with Green Grove Act 1 as I am absolutely loving this track :)

Sonic Mania-Stage Select

First of all, thank you so much Ryan for accepting this request from me :). Sonic Mania's soundtrack so far has been nothing short of stellar but this track is my absolute favorite and I feel that it is a sleeper among such other excellent tracks from Sonic Mania and is absolutely gorgeous.

Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM)-Season 1 Medley 

It should be no surprise to the SSMB that I am a sucker for SatAM. That, and the fact that the Shows category has returned for this event I had to jump on this again after requesting the Intro song/"Fastest Thing Alive" last year :P 

As for my pick for a remix:

Sonic Colors-Plant Wisp Act 1 feat. Dave Harris (Piano/Sequence Cover)

Planet Wisp Act 1 is up there among my favorite Sonic tracks of all time and this remix is absolutely outstanding. It also includes a nice surprise/Easter egg at some point that is very recognizable. Overall it is Good! Great! Awesome! Outstanding! AMAZING! ;) 

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On 6/24/2017 at 3:22 PM, PaulyBFromDa303 said:

One more remix by me, by me, by Pauly B (Sonic 1)


Sonic 1 Remixes are already full and you've already used your remix slot. Only way to get another remix in now is creating one for the event.

On 6/24/2017 at 11:17 PM, NikoS said:

Egg Fleet, from Sonic Heroes:

And for the Remix, a hidden gem from the past, a Toxic Caves remix from virtual sonic:


Heroes is full and remix slot for Spinball is full, you mind picking other songs? 

On 6/25/2017 at 2:50 AM, Adamabba said:

Sonic Adventure - Windy and Ripply (from the Sonic Adventure Music Experience)


Sonic Adventure's remix is already taken. You mind picking another remix please?

Alrighty, other than that, I've finished up adding the new submissions. At this time, I do wanna thank everyone who's taken part so far. The list seems to be really different than last year and that's pretty good! Keep the submissions incoming!

Additionally, another slot has been added to Colours due to the DS/Console versions being in one.

Also, as a quick reminder, I do wanna point out I might not be around to add submissions as soon as they're requested here, so please make sure to read the latest few posts in case a game has been taken but hasn't been updated on the list yet. 

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Apologies.  I was so rushed to get my answers out there i didn't pay attention to every detail. 

So it appears i need one more OG track. And looks like Advance 1 is completely open

Ice Mountain Zone Act 1

As for another remix i can always work on one. The contest cut is today. If i survive round 1, I'll have two weeks to compose my round 2 entry. Perhaps I'll dedicate it to SSMB and this event

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Alright I'm going to step in as Ryan has had to say something of a repetitive nature a few times too many. 

It is the responsibility of each participant to check the OP to see which Sonic games have slots available for song requests as Ryan is trying to be up to date as much as possible updating the requests as will I when he is unavailable to do so. However, this isn't guaranteed to always be up to date due to the fact we are both very busy people and we can't have an eye on this topic 24-7 as that isn't reasonable let alone feasible. That said, we ask that you take a look at a few recent posts to ensure that remaining spots haven't been filled by these recent posts.

Also, please be sure to follow the instructions to submit only 3 Sonic songs and 1 remix for a total of 4 requests. Nothing more so there can be a fair chance for everyone to submit their requests per what's available. 

This project created some fantastic results last year and in order for the same to happen this time around everyone's cooperation is needed and that includes following the directions and requirements as indicated in the opening post of this event to guarantee its success and fun for all involved.

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Let's see if i got this right. I hope the list hasn't updated while i was typing:

1)Midnight Owl (Sonic Lost World)

2)Chemical Plant Zone (Sonic 2)

3)Carnival Night Zone Act 1(Sonic 3)


Remixed) This remix of Can You Feel the Sunshine (Sonic R), from Sonic Gems Collection (Can You Feel the Sunshine? ACID mix)


If there are any problems with any of these, tell me

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Awesome, I loved last year's Music Spectacular.


Song request 1



My Favorite Sonic song of all time, it's been stuck in my head for twenty years.


Song request 2

SONIC THE FIGHTERS - Sonic vs. Knuckles ~ North Wind

I've said it before, but this series needs more eurobeat.


Song request 3

Sonic R - Livin' in the City

Sonic R's soundtrack is one of the best, and Livin' in the City is my favorite from it.



Remix request 3

SONIC 3D BLAST (Genesis) - Diamond Dust Zone Act 1 Remake by TechnoMichaSDL


The original was fantastic, and this remake is also very good. It gives it a bit of a different sound, but doesn't stray to far from the original, and I like that.  

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Ah, I remember looking in on this last year. Can't remember much about last year, but this is looking to be better.

As for the songs -

Tropical Resort Modern - Generations 3DS

Wave Ocean: The Inlet - 2006

Race to Win - Rivals 2

As for my remix slot, a Forces remix of the song people had the most gripes about.

Green Hill Classic - Forces

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I reckon it's time I contributed:

1: Sonic Underground:  Intro Theme (AKA The only good song from that show)


2: Sonic Colors:  Tropical Resort Act 3

3: Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed: Sanctuary Falls


Remix Request: Sonic 4: Ep. II: Strange, Isn't It? (Vs Metal Sonic)


(Sonic OVA fans might recognize the musical Easter Egg in this remix)

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