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The Sonic Musical Spectacular 2 Event - Celebrating Sonic's 26th, Motobug's 2nd, and SSMB! - Airing Saturday 22nd July @ 5pm GMT/12pm EST!

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Hot dog.

I wasn't around for the memo updating the start time, so I ended up missing the first 45 minutes. But the remaining 8 plus hours? Oh boy, was it was a joy. There were some staples in the jukebox to be sure, but you guys picked a lot of varied and unexpected goodies! Shout out to all the remixes made specifically for our listening pleasure, absolutely delicious stuff. Coupled with a lively chat and a lovely staff, Motobug provided a gobsmackingly good party that I was proud to be a part of. Thanks to all the organizers for their hard work. It couldn't have been easy trying to keep everything afloat. 

Here's to those incoming Celebration Videos, and another great year of Motobugs. Congrats guys, you've done well.


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Gee it was a blast, I even managed to stay awake the whole thing! :D When it started it was bright outside, when it ended it was bright again. I'm still a bit tired but I had a blast, so thanks to all of those who participated in it. Especially thanks to the Motobug staff. Also big thanks to @PaulyBFromDa303 for those amazing remixes!

I probably laughed more than I should've had, though luckily no police came to arrest me for disturbance over those hours... ^_^

Thanks guys, I was really in a dire need of some good laughs and some good music.

All that's left to wonder though is why was pizza and pasta so liked in our midst? :huh: I smell conspiracy.

Also, if someone manages to find a way to deliver refreshments via stream before next celebration feel free to enlighten people around here. :D 

Last but not least, sorry if I was too crazy in the last hours, I was quite sleep-deprived at that point. I hope I didn't annoy anybody at that point...

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