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Weird Official Sonic Art

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8 minutes ago, ShroomZed said:

This is another one with a mystery artist, and I've never seen anything else with Sonic drawn in this style. The spines actually resemble a mohawk more than most western art, and he looks like a combination of western and Asian style. I actually like that Knuckles in the corner though. 

Sonic 3's EU boxart was by Duncan Gutteridge; I've got a print of the Knuckles art! 


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10 minutes ago, Pawn said:

LOL, that was a weird one. I had this poster up on my wall for years as a child. It was free with a magazine and some kid was actually thoughtful enough to give it to me.

Oh, and here's one from Sonic the Comic:


They were really hot on replicating any piece of official art they could when it came out, including Sonic 3D's rather bizarre looking European box art.

Yeah Sonic looked really strange through that whole time.  



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3 minutes ago, Tracker_TD said:


There's something very off about this art from Japan's SEGA MAGA. Those spikes, man. Guess they were still deciding how to depict Modern from the front.

I've never seen that one before! I actually kind of like it.

When it comes to ugly, poor Knuckles seems to get the short end of the stick. This mutated artwork, from a French SEGA magazine, takes the cake:



American artists weren't much better. Sonic and Tails didn't fare very well in this magazine, but Knux looks particularly constipated:



This one's not too bad, just interesting. WAY before Archie's crossover arc, this picture was in a magazine to promote a business deal between Sega and Capcom (IIRC). Mega Man looks a little deformed in 90's SOA style.





Also, American children's books of the early 90's were often "illustrated" with cut-and-paste stock art. The results can be rather amusing.

From a Sonic & Knuckles children's book, here's stock-art Knuckles punching AoSTH Robotnik in the gut.



I have no idea what's going on here. It looks like Robotnik has finally defeated Sonic and Knuckles with his flatulence.


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The Sonic Dance Power CDs were released exclusively in the Netherlands and had nothing to do with Sonic, except for some pretty strange cover artwork:

Sonic_DancePower_4_front_cover.png      Sonic_DancePower_5_front_cover.png      Sonic_DancePower_6_front_cover.png


Sonic_DancePower_7_front_cover.png    Sonic_DancePower_8_front_cover.png



As OP mentioned earlier, the American VHS artwork tends to be abysmal for some reason. Sonic's Song is probably the worst. Poor Sonic was drawn with floppy "mohawk" spikes, arms growing out of the sides of his head, and a bizarre cross-eyed expression.




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Sonic petting Tails


Sonic's.....weird fucking eye.


I don't know what this Tails is even supposed to be.


Tails attempting to get into the X-Games.



I'm glad this series has gone on long enough where there's a trove of really weird, stupid art that was produced.

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Time to revive this topic 


This one is absolutely hideous, probably one of the worst front-profile Sonics I've ever seen. 

Reminds me of this one, which is nearly as bad looking. 


Speaking of Dave Manak though, most of his art was pretty bad anyway. 

Image result for dave manak sonic profile view

Why is his muzzle streched so far out? He often drew Sonic at this awful angle too. Dave Manak's art isn't even ugly in a charming cartoony way either, it's just sloppily drawn and an eyesore. 

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41 minutes ago, ShroomZed said:

Speaking of Dave Manak though, most of his art was pretty bad anyway. 

You're saying words but it's like they don't make sense in the order you arranged them in. Did you have a stroke?

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