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Weird Official Sonic Art

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I found you, you beautiful topic, you! Why are you only 9 pages long? Let's do something about that stat! Admitted I'm leaning more into obscure then weird but let's not split hairs.

SatAM concept art, what I affectionately refer to as: "lion Sally":

Image result for SatAM concept art


Robotnik's grimacing face unsettles me here:



This one's not remotely a bad piece but it illustrates something I've always thought looked weird. Early Archie would sometimes depict tails flight with tons of little, like, "after images" and it never quite worked for me like the swirls do. It's such a static way to depict motion. This is actually one of the better attempts at it but there's other instances that aren't as successful:



(Oh and if there's another thread that's more geared to just interesting and obscure, not necessarily weird, I'd love to be pointed in that direction. I probably could roll up myself sleeves and find it myself, but for now this where I've landed in a search for illustrations.) 

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