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"Fun is Infinite"-- Impressions, Predictions, and Ideas About Sonic Forces's New Villain

Mad Convoy

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1 hour ago, Azure P said:

Problem with this theory lies with Sonic Mania. 

Spoilers for Mania of course.

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Let's look at another clue. Compare the Sonic Mania intro for Sonic/Tails and Knuckles. You see in Sonic/Tails intro that the Egg Robos transform into the HBHs. Yet if you look at Knuckles' intro, the same Egg Robos that were just off to the side where Sonic/Tails were, are still just normal Egg Robos.

Conclusion: The HBHs don't exist. What else is just an illusion? It's pretty obvious and staring you in the face.

Quite evident when you fight the last boss when Eggman distorts the world every time he 'sends' you to battle a HBH.

Another thing is at the super boss. When the boss ends after another world distorting flash. You'll notice only Eggman is always there to get the phantom ruby from. Every time.


This is Infinite's power.


Follow up regarding Mania Spoilers


Not sure if it's safe to count seeing HBHs change twice from Sonic to Knuckles as potential canon material. There is no secret characters so a player can choose to play as Knuckles first, so maybe they showed them change for both characters so the player doesn't miss an important plot point. Then there is Sonic Heroes. In terms of timeline and events taking place...it's anyone's guess.

Are we sure that shot you see of Infinite and the Avatar is the latter attempting a fist bump? I'm convinced you'd be able to see his/her other fingers in the shot if he/she was holding up a fist. I think he/she is pointing at Infinite.

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