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Sonic Forces shows how fractured the fanbase is.

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2 minutes ago, Plasme said:

I was trying to say that the game has shown how the fanbase is even more divided than most people give credit (for example on the dark tone of Forces; there's been a huge contrast between people who love it and people who think its cringey. A lot of the time they talk to each other seemingly without realising what the other really thinks and both assuming a level of knowledge about the other that they don't really have - the real crux), but since not one person has even engaged with my opening post I won't bother explaining what I initially said, especially when people are accusing me of saying that the fanbase is unpleasable, which I didn't even imply and is just made up.

And the incredible snark in this topic, and around the forum, has annoyed me to the point of never coming back. The cult of personality on here is pathetic; it's a circlejerk of people being assholes to fish for popularity by the likes system. And not just at me; towards people who haven't been on here as long as I have and don't have the 'SSMB street cred generally'. And I know people are going to make snarky comments that I can't be bothered to come back by saying something stupid like 'good, don't let the door hit you on the way out, because that''s exactly the kind of thing forum wanabee cool people would do.

And you know, this sentiment of forum pride keeps getting repeated around here; I can tell you are all so proud of being on this obscure forum for so long, but just because I wasn't on this forum for 15+ years doesn't mean I'm some young kid with no idea of the fanbase's fracture. I was a teenager when Sonic 2 came out, there was debate about the franchise's direction ever since then, with not everyone being on board with Tails constantly following you around and fucking things in the game up by default. That and the rehashing and general laziness it served as a sequel. I was right in the Adventure debate debacle too; I know a lot about the history of this fanbase firsthand. So just because I wasn't on this oh so holy site as long as you doesn't mean I'm somehow less qualified or knowledgable to talk about the franchise and its reception. Same for a lot of other people too.

The vast number of people on this forum who engage in this type of behaviour should all look in the mirror and revaluate themselves.

Yes and no. Yes the things you are upset about are obviously issues of maturity and what have you but this is also a fansite. You should automatically understand before coming here that this is a place for passion and discussion. Obviously hateful things and violation of community rules probably won't fly but you are to worry about your own conduct and nothing else. I'm not telling you not to be upset at other people for being immature but understand it comes with the territory. Its no different than your average middle aged man who watches the football game on Sunday and takes the result way too seriously. None of it matters, man. Its a part of life. We choose to take things as seriously as fulfills us personally and have no say over others. Really, just take it in stride. The conversations on this forum don't matter. They're done in fun and in passion and that's it. Outside of actual offensive language, if anything hurts you that much then consider a personal timeout? I'm only saying this because I've done it before in other areas of my life. Sonic actually is really important to me. He's my favorite character and game ever, bar none, but if I find myself getting too riled up, I've learned to just relax. Self control is the only control.

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We're well aware of the "fractured fanbase" idea by now, as it's been around long enough and been more blatantly illustrated by past games like ShtH for most people to be aware of it, to say nothing of how often it comes up every single time someone doesn't like something about a new game. However, not everyone is going to respond to it equally, either in the way it's been framed or whether or not it's as valid an idea as is commonly suggested, and without any leads or thorough ways towards more novel trains of thought, I'm not sure what you want us to do with this topic beyond responding to the concept of a "fractured fanbase" itself.

I'm also wondering what the hell the forum dynamics have to do with anything that's been said thus far. Aside from the tone of arguably two people, the rest of the topic has proceeded with thoughtful and respectful discussion on the subject and tangential diversions. Praytell, what kind of posts did you want people to make? Seriously, what are you upset about???

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Things always happen in the most drastic of extremes in this franchise.

I'm on the side of the fence thinking Lost World was a Rated M game in comparison to what we might get after Forces due to the company misinterpreting what the problems and demands are.

Could be wrong, but I'm waiting with a smug smirk and a pitcher of tea.


I'm expecting this. Child friendly fan service at its best.

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