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IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog - Megathread


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Damn this came out faster than I expected. I guess IDW has more licensing money anyway. Wait a minute.. don't tell me they canned Duck Avenger for this. >:U

Well I'm still glad anyway, since they seem to be the most responsible and respectful when it comes to handling licensed properties. Also this probably means Ian can get on the writing again since he wrote some TMNT Nickelodeon comics for IDW. Yeah this is actually pretty good news. Yay!

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Hell yeah! This actually made my day. So glad they gave the license to a competent publisher, and hopefully the OG staff can come back to start where they left off as well. We might even be able to get cool crossovers with series like TMNT and Transformers.  

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This is certainly interesting. Expected it to happen, though. I'm curious to see more.

While I would definitely like to see some of the old crew carried over, I really do hope they bring some new talent on board for this. 


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12 minutes ago, Flyinpenguin117 said:



... now we just need confirmation that there isn't a reboot and the original creative team is back.

 I would bet IDW will want to do their own thing like they have for TMNT & Transformers.  But this does signifigantly improve the odds of the FF and forgotten game characters like Mighty/Ray/Nack/Honey still being used in some capacity as IDW actually respects the Legacy/Histories of the franchises it makes comics for!


And they could still continue the old canon in a seperate book down the line like they did with Transformers ReGeneration one for the Marvel TF comics after they have established theirs.


Edit: Them talking to "established favorites" and saying "Sonic & his friends". Gives me so much hope!


Please let dreams come true in 2018 IDW!!

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I'm pleased about the publisher (The TMNT comics are great), but I wonder if the SatAM characters that were in Archie will be carried over into these new series. That's what I liked about Archie in the 1st place, because it felt like a continuation of SatAM well after the cartoons ended.

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