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IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

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6 minutes ago, Sonictrainer said:

Why is Dodon Pa in the Zombot side?

Is he threre?

Just now, StaticMania said:

Because he's a villain in this alternative universe...

Also...Captain Whiskers but no Johnny?

Him too?

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15 minutes ago, DabigRG said:

The involvement of other villains that raise the stakes above what Eggman generally wants. 


15 minutes ago, DabigRG said:

The one about her and Dodon Pa being designed to have a lasting presence in the series. 

With the gemril information, it legit seems the bar is It kinda just seems like bias because Sonic Boom wasn't a thing he was directly involved with.



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26 minutes ago, Forgetful Panda said:

Cover art =/= actual in-comic events

Yep exactly this. While I don’t expect every character to get infected, for those who don’t it’s cool to see what they would look like as a zombot :) Curiosity satisfied!

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12 hours ago, StaticMania said:

Dodon Pa is right on the moon and Whiskers is...right behind metallic Espio's head.

Oh okay, I see them. And the latter is above a signpost Zavok jogged past.

What are the creatures above him though?

12 hours ago, Shadowlax said:


With the gemril information, it legit seems the bar is It kinda just seems like bias because Sonic Boom wasn't a thing he was directly involved with.



Wasn't Sticks designed by SonicTeam in conjunction with the TV show crew, hence her easily being the most on-brand of the originals and showing up outside of it?

11 hours ago, Ellipsis-Ultima said:

Holy shit thats a lot of characters.

Didn't think I would see Marine and DodonPa out of all of them! And Captain Whisker!

Yeah, I really like these covers, though the sheer level of detail hidden in them tends to be a bit much.

6 hours ago, Marco9966 said:

Whats dodonpa doing here??

Making a cameo because of the tie-in and also being the most recently introduced character in the series.


6 hours ago, Marco9966 said:

Can someone name all the characters? there are even some obscure villains I don't recognize


Yeah, I'm wondering that myself.

One looks vaguely like Tundra, for example, but I doubt it's him.

9 hours ago, StaticMania said:

The Wisps don't turn.

I like that...there aren't enough flickies compared to wisps, so they just had to use random robots.

Probably because the Wisps can't really evil, not to mention it'd just be a bunch of Nega Wisps.

In which case, they were explicitly said to be furious mutations that are just as eager to help Sonic in the name of getting revenge on Eggman. Plus, later games seem to make Nega-Wisps their own subspecies.



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2 minutes ago, Marco9966 said:

The only one missing was Mimic

Well him, Scruffy, and maybe Lanolin, but he's the big one.

Also, the Zeti, but they haven't debuted as of yet and Zavok at least get's a reference.

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I just got back from Orbital Comics in London where Jack Lawrence was doing a signing.

First off: Jack is a lovely guy who was an absolute pleasure to chat with. I learned some fun tidbits like how one of his main inspirations was the Sonic CD opening and ending, and how he’d jump at the chance to do a classic Sonic spin-off.

Secondly: a bunch of his original artwork was on display and being sold off. Including a slightly earlier version his issue 18 cover


I loved meeting him, and I hope I get to meet him again someday ^^

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Its been 70 pages since I last checked in. Only read the last 10. Anyway, my copies of #18, #19, #20, and #1 and #2 of Tangle and Whisper have come.

After losing Charmy in #17, I was half expecting to see Cream or Vanilla get taken in this episode. I was expecting a pattern where every issue in this story arc would see a character taken by the virus, but that didn't exactly happen in this or #19. Alright, Chao and Chocola get taken, but they are such minor "characters" I'm not too sure I count it. Still, as something that hurts cute innocent Cream, I suppose it still isn't a little shocking. Kids and cute pets aren't off the table from the virus it seems.

Still, it is nice to see the seeds of the future put into play. The virus is spreading worldwide, people are panicing, and Eggman is more concerned with hurting Sonic than having the virus work properly, with seeds of Starline's doubt sinking it. It's also nice to see Ian introduce and write for Cream, Vanilla, and Gemerl, all of whom feel nice and grounded. It's kindof cool seeing Vanilla get a bit annoyed at Cream actually, I remember in Sonic X how she always seemed extremely calm and patient. I like how much Cream is shown as such a positive character, both here and in #20. Gemerl is a character I know so little about since I havn't played the Advance games or Battle or remember anything from Sonic X's Battle arc. (Was he in that?) But I do enjoy him here, even if his schtick is perhaps a bit one note. Honestly with how he is contrasted with the blood thirsty Omega in the next two issues, I think it would be a wasted opportunity not to have him and Omega team up at some point during this arc.

#19 and #20 make for a nice two hander, something that hasn't happened too much in the IDW run when you think about it. As much as we are having these long arcs, each issue is pretty isolated from each other, the only parters we've had so far are #5 and #6, #9 through to #12, and now #19 and #20. It is interesting seeing Team Dark portrayed in this dark manner, Rouge being emotionally cold, Omega at his most ruthless, and Shadow being very pissed off. The two issues could of fitted into a scene from a Shadow the Hedgehog game.

But it does work. It is kindof refreshing in an odd way to see Omega state to Sonic that they are not friends, and just how blood thirsty Omega is. Even if his bloodthirsty is played for laughs and amusement, it is still slightly disturbing for Omega to basically be trying to commit genocide against a civilian population. Thank goodness they're invincible. I do like this comic's turn of having Rouge, being the real leader of Team Dark, in the sense that she is the one who has to try and reign in Shadow and Omega. I like Rouge in this series, rather than her often having her being set on flirt more for alot of games recently.

I have mixed feelings on Shadow. I do think him getting angry at Sonic is justified and a nice bit of continuity. But him getting reckless and getting taken by the virus does seem a bit stupid of him. (Is it bad that when I read that, I immedietly thought "oh some people on this thread aren't going to like that.") I don't mind him getting a bit reckless, but I feel like it would of been better if he did to try and save a specific civilian in immediete danger or something like that, rather than him seemingly getting taken because he was so overconfident. I'm also not sure I understand why he thought he would be immune to the virus, is the Ultimate Lifeform stuff meant to be illness proof? (Showing how many eons it has been since I've been Shadow the Hedgehog or Heroes.)

Otherwise, I really like this. It's slowly getting darker, and I also appreciate the fact that the survivors are getting wary of Sonic himself. It feels like a unique way to take Sonic and his friends. I think it was said in this thread a while ago that the whole Zombot arc was going to last past #24? If that is the case, I am very interested to see how this goes. With the tease of the Deadly Six being introduced I think this could be very interesting. Personally my hope is that with different random characters taken by the virus, this will lead to interesting team ups of characters who don't tend to interact with each other that much. I think this is a good arc, and hopefully will keep going with full steam. I'm also very excited to see 2 issues with Sonic barely in them, which should be refreshing, especially to see my fav Tails up front next issue.

As for Tangle and Whisper, I don't really have much to say about it. Rather like the start of the IDW run, this mini-series does seem to be fairly simple. Only 2 characters to focus on, with Jewel being a cool new side character and Mimic being a villian. But still, I don't see anything neccesarily wrong with that. And with the main comic deciding to do these long arcs for the time being, I think it's a nice change of pace to have a simple 4 parter, with Tangle coming to terms with becoming a new hero, and Whisper coming to terms with her survivor's guilt, as well as a new original villian that may turn up in the future. I like these characters.

I don't see a problem with Whisper's origin being obvious. I don't think the comic has ever tried to make a big deal of Whisper's origin story, like trying to make the readers guess it. Neither do I think it would be a good idea to try and stretch out revealing it. Whisper may of only been introduced last year, but I think now is as good a time as any to see what her deal is, which will presumably see her become damaged thanks to survivor's guilt, and her friendship with Tangle helping overcome that. And I think for kids, that is a good story.
I look forward to the next could issues, and I hope that this next mini series Ian Flynn has asked to be approved won't take too long after T&W wraps up.

I'm looking forward to the future of this series, and I do hope that we eventually get a second book running alongside the main book one day. But I suppose constant mini-series would be cool too.

(As a side note, as it turns out, the reason my books keep taking so long is because I'm only subscribed to the one comic from Forbidden Planet, and they didn't want to keep charging me P&P for just 1 issue every month. So I took the opportunity to subscribe to a couple more books, IDW's Star Trek: Year Five and the first issue of the new run of X-Men. Will be interesting to see what those are like.)

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