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Do you think Sonic Forces or Mania will have an online functionality besides online leaderboards?

Detective Kaito

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At various interviews, Aaron Webber was asked about online in Sonic Forces and Mania, and from what I recall, all he had to say is that they'll talk about that later.

Seeing as Aaron also confirmed that Sonic Forces is only a single player game and anytime someone asks about multiplayer in Mania he only talks about how a second player could control Tails.

From what I could gather, this means there won't be any sort of local multiplayer for the 2 games (besides 2nd player controlling Tails), let alone online multiplayer. Now I could be wrong about all this, but I won't expect any sort of split-screen or whatever like Sonic 2 had.

With that said, do you think these 2 games will have any online functionality besides online leaderboards?

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Forces will have a dating sim where you can RP chat with other people and swap fanfic ideas. (Among other things)


Jokes aside, I doubt there will be any other online features. Only things I can think of are uploading replays and maybe trading Gadgets/Accessories for Custom Heroes.

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Mania is a possibility for multiplayer thanks to multiple playable characters but it wouldn't work in Forces due to both Sonic's and the avatar being limited strictly to their own stages/play styles.

I guess you COULD have online multiplayer in Forces by allowing folks to use their custom characters...

But that's why I see a feature like multiplayer absent from Forces, don't think there's a reason for Mania though besides "Don't want to"

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