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Sonic Mania Competition Mode Revealed


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I'm pretty sure Sergio said that they wouldn't be revealing anything else until next week, but I guess not, lol. Looks great! I'm very, very nostalgic for the stretched split screen from Sonic 2.

We also get one more look at the final game's UI. Guessing that means they dropped the Mega Drive styled UI from last year:


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Sonic basically this truly is a grabbag of things from the first three games. Sucks it l9cal play. I'll have no use of it living and no kids

4 minutes ago, Ming Ming Hatsune said:

No online multiplayer.... =(

...unless you have a PS4. Thank you Share Play! =D

Ah share play hmm hmm!

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It's always nice to have a couch co-op mode. Now I can take my laptop (or Switch if I ever get that version) over to a friend's dorm and play it there.

Though, I'm going to be pretty disappointed if there isn't an online option. That's a feature that even the Sonic 2 remake had so it'd be a pretty big oversight not to have it here.

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I am so amazed how this game has yet to fail me ONCE. Like... what the fucks going on here? Why is this so perfect for me!?

On another note though, I'm not sure if I'm missing something here, but where are you guys finding where it says this isn't online? I'm reading the Youtube description and it's kinda implying it is with that whole "play with your closest friends anytime you want" line. Unless this was clarified elsewhere?

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3...2...1... Go!


Time, Score, Rings, Total Rings & Items. My favorite 2-player vs mode is back. I'm so fucking happy! I knew they'd include it.

Took a screenshot of the results screen:

Posted Image

Oh look, it was a tie :P

Also, here's the Famitsu article I mentioned in the status updates which shows 2-player screenshots of Studiopolis, Mirage Saloon & Chemical Plant. Unfortunately the image is too small:

WF 0831 _ 120 _ 121

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Super happy to see Competition Mode is back. One of the best things about Sonic 2 that wasn't replicated as good in later Sonic games w/ multiplayer. (SA2:B came the closest.) Hopefully we have online races in addition to local, even Sonic 2 Remastered on mobile devices had that.

Not a fan of the game replicating Sonic 2's flattened aspect ratio, though. skullomania on NeoGAF posted an image edit that shrunk the screens to a more natural aspect ration, like in Sonic 3's Competition Mode (or if you're going for a more obscure example, the multiplayer display option in the emulated Sonic 2 release in the Sega Smash Pack 2 compilation).


Hopefully this or something similar is in the game as an alternate display method option. At least the multiplayer won't chug in framerate like Sonic 2 did, at least.

Only one week away...!

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