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Sonic Mania SPOILERS/Impressions Thread


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Aww yeahhh!

I know a lot of people have been trying to avoid spoilers, and I totally respect them for that, but I've been waiting for this! I badly want to see more zones and hear more music. It won't ruin my excitement for the game when it does release either; I'm still going to happily play through it all, and have a blast doing so.

Bring on the spoilers! :D

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6 minutes ago, Zippo said:

I can't today.

You've been bamboozled

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5 minutes ago, Zippo said:


I don't even know what the fuck to say.


...is that Ronald McDonald's and MARIO Flintstone? Also freaking Bubsy.

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Matt was being sarcastic Zippo lol. But really tho people have had review copies for a little while now I mean let's be real the game comes out in a week from now. I'd say that the major news outlets like IGN, Polygon would of had their copies as late as the day they revealed Time trials, Blue Sphere and the new special stage.  Also


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Real or fake, it's only a matter of time before the real, substantial early infimation hits. People who think this isn't being leaked in some sort of way before Tuesday are fooling themselves, as much as that sucks for the developers. This stuff always happens. 

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20 minutes ago, DiamondX said:

Someone on Reddir found this on 4Chan:

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Oh course the first leak is Hydrocity zone and not something else.  I'm not 100% convinced. I want to see a completely new level first.


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4 minutes ago, Joseph Henry said:
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Doubts are real in this leak, but Ristar in Mania would be really cool....?


That one is so hard to see that it's difficult to say anything but about it. 

Also, you guys don't have to use spoiler tags. It's a SPOILER thread.  Spoil to your heart's content haha. 

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  • Remy changed the title to Sonic Mania SPOILERS/Impressions Thread

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