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Sonic Mania SPOILERS/Impressions Thread

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21 hours ago, molul said:

Someone here asked Taxman, but no reply yet.

I personally think that they could add this later. It would be just adding some cutscenes. That would be a very light update (it wouldn't even impact on gameplay; player can do nothing during cutscenes).

I don't think Taxman would leave his "creature" incomplete in this way. They can't make blue spheres a side game and add a new bonus stage, but adding... 6? cutscenes y something totally feasible, and worth it. I wouldn't bet it's being done for the PC release, but I'm positive they won't leave the game with that flaw.

I've tried reaching out to Taxman but no response yet and (understandably) I don't think one is coming. He may be bound by an agreement with Sega not to talk about this kind of thing. Either way, it does seem uncharacteristic of him and Stealth to leave the story in this state. We're talking about the guys who rebuilt and implemented Hidden Palace Zone in what was meant to be a simple, straightforward port of Sonic 2, and wanted to add 2 new zones to the port of Sonic CD. They clearly have a great passion for this sort of thing. My guess is that they wanted to push back the release date for all platforms to add some finishing touches, but were either unable to push back any release but Steam (because of Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony), or Sega wouldn't allow it. My guess is that the Steam release will have the missing cutscenes, and they'll be patched into the console versions, along with some bugfixes. Fingers crossed at least.

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4 minutes ago, Spooky Mulder said:

Since we started revisiting Sonic stages in the last few years I've been desperately hoping for a Sunset Park remake. It seems unlikely to happen given that Triple Trouble isn't that well known outside the fanbase and that Sunset Park itself really isn't that extraordinary of a Zone. The music really makes it, but I still hope it happens eventually. 

That's actually why I think it would be neat to see. For most people it would be something completely new, but at the same time it would also be a nice dose of fanservice for those who actually grew up playing the MS/GG games, kinda like the Knuckles' boss in Mirage Saloon Act 1.

Although I'll admit that I'm more interested in seeing how the Mania devs handle the concept of a theme park/train depot level than seeing a super faithful recreation of the original zone. Having Tee Lopes compose two remixes of Sunset Park's bgm would just be a beautifully added bonus.

But yeah, it's really unlikely. Of course, a couple years ago I also would have said something like Mania was extremely unlikely to happen, so I guess almost anything's possible at this point.

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1 hour ago, Jack the Rookie said:

I wish they didn't make Mirage Saloon Act 1 a tribute to Sky Chase, couldn't they have done it in a returning zone? Why waste it where there could have been a brand new stage?

Same, if it weren't for the second half of the level I'd have felt that space was wasted. 

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