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Sonic Mania SPOILERS/Impressions Thread

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3 hours ago, molul said:

IMO, that doesn't matter at all. I'm tired of trying to tie all Sonic stories when it's clearly impossible. The game is awesome, story is fine. I don't want Taxman to spend time on writing the great story but on developing the great gameplay.

Well I'm going to headcanon that, in this universe, the island doesn't float anymore and Knuckles is okay with that. Because it needs the Chaos Emeralds to float, but Sonic needs them more. (Unlike the SA universe where only the Master Emerald is needed.) A flying island is less important than letting Sonic save the world, yada yada.

Not this "the Phantom Ruby suddenly sank it" nonsense that was clearly made up after the game was released. I'll give that as much credence as "the Death Egg suddenly sank it when it crashed" rigmarole made up years after S3 came out. :P

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4 minutes ago, RedFox99 said:

I know I already asked this, but for the PC players, is the DRM still an issue for Mania?

I haven't played it in quite some time. So I recently tried playing it again, only to find it doesn't work. All because of that damn DRM which needs you to be online or something like that.

So yes, it very much is.

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