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Sonic Mania - Mini Boss Theme


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Ha, I tweeted Aaron & Tee about a week ago asking them to upload the mid-zone boss music.  It's my favorite boss music in Mania so far. Love how cheesy it sounds, like Sonic 3's mid-zone boss music and Sonic CD's Jp boss music.  

Danger on the Dance Floor :heart:

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This sounds like it's also been refined from the first time we heard it, similar to how the OST Studiopolis had more intricacy to it than the initial version. There seems to be more instrumental here and more flourishes than before. Although we had only heard the track during gameplay videos before so maybe all that stuff was already present and I just never noticed. 

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Cool to hear a clear version of this, sounds quite good to me. Not my favorite piece from Mania OST,  does not top Sonic 3 mid-zone boss theme, but I like this more after the refinement. I cant't wait to hear the clear version of Act 2 boss fight theme, I love that one alot!

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18 hours ago, A wreaking havoc engine said:

I love it. It fits for this game.

As for being better than the sonic and knuckles mini boss theme?



That's why we all have opions.  Honestly  sonic and knuckles was one of the worst mini themes. Sonic 3 at least was original and didn't make me think it was eggman theme with a line of sound just removed. But that's just my opinion  :)

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