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Shun Nakamura Confirmed as Writer for Forces


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So Nakamura, the producer of Forces, has recently been confirmed as writing for Forces in a tweet he posted:


How do you guys feel about this?

Personally, I'm not freaking out over one of 06's writers working on the story for this game. There were numerous factors that had caused 06 to fail the way it did, and I don't mind giving Nakamura a chance. We don't know who is handling the localization besides Graff yet (although Ian Flynn has hinted at potential involvement a few times now over Twitter,) so I hope the story is faithfully translated over here. 

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15 minutes ago, Soniman said:

Wtf is pontaff doing then? Just translating? 

I mean, they mostly only do localization work anyway.


Not sure how I feel about this, though. Maybe with this supposedly clearer vision SEGA has for Sonic it won't be as off the rails as Nakamura's directorial debut. I am kinda glad the writing on the Japanese side isn't from whoever was responsible for the last few games, and I do like some of what's been presented for the story so far. Hopefully they stick the landing this time.

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I'm amazed by how some I would point them out act as if the stories are super bad. No one here I'm sure expects Shakespeare writing but at the same time there not so bad one loses sleep. From edgy to I hate rick music while prasinf  mania as perfect some sonic fans are are confusing

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On one hand I actually like 06's story despite its flaws...

On the other hand this is Forces which very well could be a big mess (AKA I think 06 had a better idea of what it wanted to be, even if it didn't succeed as well as it hoped.)

...I'll take this over Lost World for sure, but that's not saying much! :/

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I feel like this story is much more simpler and since it's not gonna be multiple stories like 06, it can be done well. I have faith in him as a writer and despite 06's story not being, well, that good, I think that he can possibly redeem himself here!

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I won't assume this story will automatically be terrible because someone involved in 06 (a game people can't get over) is writing.

If anything, this gives me a real boost of confidence in the way the story will be handled.

06 was a different situation, the universe it set place was a total mess with it's elements such as romance, time travel, death, etc and the uncanny characters visuals didn't help.

Forces on the other hand is our main post Unleashed modern universe where everything is much more fluid and tamer so I can imagine the dark tone will handled a lot better so we could see them take a better approach for what 06 did wrong. 

Who knows, maybe this could be less of 06 and more Unleashed/SA2 tone wise.

While I hated Mephiles, I do like how Infinite is similar to him so it's possible Nakamura made him as a bit of a callback hate him or not. 

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That'd explain why Mephiles is retuning then...

Infinite is wearing a mask. (Evidence, he pushes it upwards to his face in latest trailer.) Yellow to green eyes. Mephiles always created multiple, infinite copies of himself. Mephiles juggled Chaos Emeralds, symbolising infinity with a lazy eight... (Just like Infinite's logo.) Has dark, ominous voice. Is very manipulative. He controls others. Has suggested some kind of history to Sonic. (As if they've fought before...) Shun Nakamura is writing Sonic Forces. Guess who his character was in 06, Mephiles! Mephiles and Infinite are one and the same.

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5 minutes ago, Meta77 said:

You'll always have some fans with genesis wedged deep in them that think anything not 2d from the 90s is crap . I'm hopeful this story is on. I'm not looking for uncharted.  Just a fun fast story

Sonic purists are morons and always will be.

Also, irronically Uncharted is a fun fast story...

The games are practically only 5 to 6 hours in length.

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