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Shun Nakamura Confirmed as Writer for Forces

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1 hour ago, FlameStream said:

During my playthrough, I did notice some differences between the Japanese and English script. A few of them were very different, but for the particular line being discussed...

The choice of word "torture" probably wasn't the best one to use, as blatant torture is typically 拷問する. The localization team probably thought that it needed to exaggerate his situation. A closer translation would be:

I might go play it again take down the major differences. But one particular instance is that scene where he was talking about chili dog. I remember being really confused because my friend read the subs as I was busy looking at the pretty scenes, hah. It's not an important change, and I imagine that there won't be too many, but it was different enough for me to not continue in English for the first playthrough afterwards.

I remember there being a plot hole because of a change in script for the English version.

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