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When were you born and do you like 2d or 3d more


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Born in 2001. Grew up with the Adventure games, Advance games, and classics (through Mega Collection and Gems Collection.) I like the classics more than the boost games following Unleashed (I really loved the sense of speed that you had playing in day stages, and my only qualm about the Werehog is that the stages were too long (in the PS3/Xbox 360 versions.) The Adventure games are my favorite, and S3&K and Sonic Adventure have the best level design IMO. 

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1982, love the Mega drive games, don't fully like Sonic CD or Chaotix due to level design, didn't like 3D games except for Generations (and still, the modern Sonic acts were half fun for me), and love the All Stars Racing games.

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14 hours ago, UpCDownCLeftCRightC said:

I grew up playing both. I'm a late 80s baby, so I saw the inception of 3D gaming and the highest of 2D gaming in series like Mario and sonic.

To me, these type of threads tend to pop up because Modern (3D) sonic fans aren't comfortable with the idea that the 2D genesis games are widely considered great and always have been, while Modern Sonic has had a very rough go of things, especially in the "adventure" era from SA1 to Sonic '06. Arguments about this tend to run in circles and no one will ever change their mind, because we all have all bit of nostalgia for the things we experienced in our childhood days.

My feelings are two-fold:

1) Modern Sonic (Sonic Adventure-Sonic Forces), for the most part, really does suck and has largely been a failure except in a few instances. This coming from a guy who loves the original Sonic Adventure (one of my top 3 favorite Sonic games actually)

2) The Sonic series has a higher potential in 3D than in 2D, despite the 2D games generally being handled much better. A 3D game with a strong concept and focused design would put Sonic on a level that would rival the very best on the market.

It is my highest hope for 3D sonic to reach the same level of quality as a game like Mania and even surpass it. But a lot will have to change in the direction of the series for that to happen.

Nah I'm late 80s as well. I posted this for a YouTube idea and cause I see people always bashing one side or another . As you said we grew up granted were close I'm age seeing the rose of nearly every console from nes to Xbox one x. From 8 bit to whatever we call it now.  I have amazing memories of playing sonic 1 with my parents. Sonic 2 through knucks with my little sister and the growing up through the adventure games. Playing demosnin this ancient store called.........kmart

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Hi everyone, it's nice to meet you.

I was born in 1990 and I prefer 3D Sonic since I only really play 3D games. I'm not a fan of 2D games.

I loved Sonic Adventures but fell out the series after the Dreamcast. I got into games like GTA when I got the PS2 so moved onto other things. But now Mania came out and everyone is going on about how amazing it is (it looks neat I have to say) I just looked up Forces and saw Adventure nods and CHAOS!!

So I'm back to the series again after over a decade :D .

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1982 and perhaps that's tainted my bias some considering I grew up during Sonic's "Golden Age", when his 2D games were king and he was plastered on every conceivable product known to man, which was great for a kid in primary school. I've been with him since the start, own and have played every game that was publicly released, as well as used emulation for things that weren't in my country like Sega Sonic Arcade, Popcorn Shop etc. While I had a Mega Drive/Master System/Mega CD and even 32x etc via my parents and grandparents, birthdays and such, the first console I saved my lawnmowing money for was a Sega Saturn and Sonic Jam combo which was one of my proudest purchases.

I was on the hype train for Sonic Adventure and got a Dreamcast originally just for that game, while I have enjoyed a fair few of the 3D games I could never honestly say I ever liked them more or even equal to the 2D outings, especially the original Mega Drive saga which I have gone back to and played far more than any other Sonic title. I also prefer his original look more than the modern counterpart to be honest too, especially the Sonic CD style which I'm so happy they went with in Sonic Mania. 

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Born 1987.

I prefer the 2D games but I do enjoy the 3D games. I first played sonic on the megadrive and then drifted away for many years (I blame Pokemon and Donkey Kong. It got me so addicted, I didn't actually notice that sega even released any consoles beyond the megadrive during the time.=/) then came back with sonic rush. My first 2D sonic game was sonic the hedgehog 2. My first 3D sonic game was sonic and the secret rings. My first liked 3d sonic game was sonic unleashed. Then I proceeded to collect all the games I missed.

My favourite sonic games however are:

Sonic the hedgehog 2

Sonic mania

Sonic CD (japanese version)

Sonic rush

Sonic advance

Sonic Generations

Sonic Lost world (3DS version)

I admit I have a guilty pleasure with Sonic Boom ROL despite all it's issues. It has some really weird nostalgia in it that has nothing to do with sonic. Seriously you should have saw me when I saw Salty the hippo in the game. I was getting nostalgia vibes from him because he reminded me of the types of characters you get in Banjo kazooie.o_O

Yeah very weird nostalgia vibes.



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1999 and and my first sonic game was A2B on the lunchbox. i got mega collection sometime around 7 and.... didn't enjoy any of it. 

Everything changed when i nabbed classic collection on the ds, and beat every level of every game on the cartridge. Sonic 3 & Knuckles became my second favorite sonic game of all time.

as for preference: 3d... on consoles and 2d on handhelds. Classic sonic works soooo much better in short bursts of high speed. I think that's why i hated mega collection so much on the purple lunchbox, but hey that's me.

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