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Sonic Mania Giant Ring Special Stage Locations (zone name spoilers etc)


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9 hours ago, superman43 said:

I´m curious whether there is a Giant Ring on the upper path of GHZ1... it was visible here: 

 but probably it´s now the one placed closer to the end.

It's no longer there. The path after he hits the red spring to get to the upper route is quite a bit different now, though it eventually leads to the same area, the spot in the wall is now occupied by a cluster of rings and a 1up.

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With Encore Mode we get about 80% new special stage ring locations. So I decided to do a video showing-off all the special stage ring locations I've found in the first six zones.

Hope this is helpful:


Special Stage RIng Locations:
GH act1 #1 3:05 
GH act1 #2 6:02
GH act2 #3 9:55
GH act2 #4 12:10
CP act1 #5 15:58
CP act1 #6 19:00
CP act1 #7 21:37
CP act2 #8 25:45 
CP act2 #9 26:50
CP act2 #10 27:40
SP act1 #11 30:25
SP act1 #12 31:10
SP act1 #13 32:40
SP act2 #14 37:00
SP act2 #15 38:30
FB act1 #16 39:50
FB act1 #17 43:00
FB act1 #18 43:25
FB act2 #19 45:50
FB act2 #20 47:35
PG act1 #21 52:35
PG act1 #22 55:10
PG act1 #23 56:25
PG act2 #24 58:00
PG act2 #25 58:50
PG act2 #26 1:00:10
SS act1 #27 1:02:40
SS act1 #28 1:04:00
SS act1 #29 1:05:20
SS act2 #30 1:09:20
SS act2 #31 1:10:40
SS act2 #32 1:11:40  


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